Nature’s Destiny Pink Cookie Lip Balm Review.

I am one of those people whose lips dry out easily no matter what i do. So i always need to keep a lip balm with me wherever i go.

Currently i am using this handmade ‘pink cookie lip balm’ from Nature’s Destiny

The lip balm is mixture of oil, butters and wax (unrefined shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, vitamin E oil and rice bran wax).

The lip balm is pink in colour but its non tinted. It glides easily and is non sticky and feels light on the lips. It instantly softens the lips. Since i have extremely dry lips i have to reapply it after every 2-3 hrs. It keeps lips Moisturized for an hr or so. This is so good for night time when you need something light for your lips. Regarding the smell, it doesn’t smells like a cookie but has a faint smell of some oil.
The packaging is also quite simple. Transparent stick lets you know how much product is still left.

Priced at 125rs for 5gms. Available on their website HERE

Pros –
No nasties.
Pocket friendly.
Instantly softens lips.
Non sticky.

Have to reapply after every few hrs(in case you have extremely dry lips)

To know more about the brand check them Here


Yeka Herbals Moringa and Green Magic Herbal hair oil review

Hello Readers,

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much as i love sharing them. Today i am going to review a herbal hair oil.

Moringa and Green Magic herbal hair oil from YEKA HERBALS

Did you know??
the iron content in moringa brings oxygen to your hair roots. Its zinc content stimulates hair growth. The essential amino acid in moringa builds healthy hair strands and its omega 3 fatty acids nourishes your hair.

The oil is 100 % natural and a blend of cold pressed sesame oil & virgin coconut oil along with 27 native indian ingredients. (see the picture below)

This herbal hair oil helps with dry and lifeless hair. It calms the frizz and fights dandruff. It also reduces Hair Fall. Prolonged use will make your hair strong and shiny. It feels a bit greasy after applying so wash it off after 30 mins of applying. You can also leave it overnight. It has got a herbal smell.

I just don’t like that the bottle is opaque. As it makes it hard to tell how much product is still left.
Priced at 350rs for 100ml.
Totally recommended💯 Especially for those who have dry damaged hair.

If the product doesn’t works for you, try changing your shampoo or give at least a month to the product to see the results.

Natures Destiny ‘Touch And Melt’ Body Butter Review

Body Butters are perfect for dry winter days when your skin needs that extra hydration. Body Butters prevents the loss of moisture from skin thereby providing long lasting nourishment to the skin.

Today i am going to review a handmade body butter from a brand called NATURE’S DESTINY Its their ‘Touch and Melt’ body butter.

This handmade body butter is enriched with oils and butters such as olive oil, shea butter, kokum butter, vitamin E oil, almond oil, coconut oil which deeply Moisturises and repairs dry, rough skin.

It has a mild scent and thick consistency so it doesn’t budge from the container.

When you put it on your skin its like a butter and then it slowly melts like a oil. And hence the name touch and melt.

I use it directly after bath so that it locks in moisture. It takes a while to get completely absorbed. You have to massage it a little. At first it may feel oily/greasy but once it gets absorbed the skin feels smooth and nourished. This is perfect for winters days when your skin feels extra dry. I use it twice on my extremely dry areas such as elbows and knees.

The product is-
✔️Chemical free
✔️Preservative free
✔️No synthetic dyes
✔️No animal testing.

Shelf life 12 months. (The shelf be less since no preservatives are added)
75g for 200rs.
This could also make for a perfect gift. Isn’t the jar so cute 🙂.

Body butters are good but they are best when they are handmade.

Support Indian and handmade 🙂

Visit nature’s destiny HERE to check out more products from their range ✌️

Pavitra Bio Skincare Oil Review

Hello Readers,

I am back with a review and this time its a bio oil from brand PAVITRA.

About the brand – True to its name, pavitra aims to offer purest and best from mother nature to enhance overall well being. Most pavitra products have undergone long periods of research, trials and testings to ensure they are effective and fullfill the purpose.

Product Claims –

  • Rapid improvement in strech marks
  • Reduction in acne, blemishes itch or dry skin
  • Complete skincare routine for 24 hours
  • Natural, mild smelling oil
  • Natural colors derived from herbs
  • Non greasy

Packaging – The product comes in a plastic bottle with screw cap. It also has a stopper as well as pump dispenser. The bottle comes inside a cardboard box. All information has been mentioned both on the bottle and the box.

Ingredients / Directions of use –

Price – 425rs for 50ml

Best before 30 months from mfg date.

Texture/ Colour/ Smell – The oil is red in colour and has a faint oil smell. The oil is non greasy and gets absorbed easily into the skin.

I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and my current skin condition is dehydrated, acne prone and oily and so my views will be clearly based on that. I will clearly mention for what issues this oil has helped me. Read on to know my experience.

My Experience – I use it twice in a day (mostly at night)…. Thank god its non greasy, light weight and fast absorbing 🙂

The skin around my lips and chin is dry and due to this i get black patches there or you can say my skin turns black. I am applying this oil on that area daily at night and i have noticed a slight improvement. The black patch / mark has slightly reduced. And i love how my skin feels there when i wake up. So yes it does helps me with dehydrated skin and that black mark. And i can say its extremely moisturizing. So if you have dry skin go for it.

I also have black spots on my hands. I apply the oil on my hands after bath and no i will not say that it has deleted the spots but…but yes the spots are visibly reducing. Also, my hands don’t feel sticky or greasy what so ever. So i love using it after bath.

I also like to use it on my cuticles and love how immaculate my cuticles look.

I also have acne marks and i am applying it there too but haven’t seen any improvements there till now. I think may be after using it for a longer period i will get some result. So i will keep you guys posted on that for sure.

Honestly i cant comment on the stretch mark thing… all i can say is since it improves skin elasticity it will help to prevent the occurrence of new stretch marks 🙂

I personally feel it does helps to heal scars/mark if they are new.

In my case it helped me with dry skin and that black mark around my lip area is reducing slowly 🙂 I also didn’t notice any irritations.

Overall i think its a good product. It is suitable for all skin types. It also contains moroccan argan oil and sea buckthorn oil.

I am loving this product for a few more reasons….. No mineral oil, no animal testing, paraben free 🙂

If you are interested in buying this product here is a discount for you guys. Buy from HERE to get discount of 10%. Use code EKTA10.

BornPrettyStore Stamping Nail Art Plates review & BPS 8th anniversary discount offer

Do you like Nail Art?? Well, i love it even though i am not perfect at it. Because nail art doesn’t needs to be perfect it just needs to be you.. Right? 🙂

Since i love doing my nails i always look out for new polishes or nail art tools and i shop for all my nail art needs from BORN PRETTY STORE. Because they have so many options and pretty stuff.

If you also love shopping for nail stuff then keep reading and look out for discount coupons and Free gifts at the end of this post 🙂

Last week i got 4 Nail art stamping plates from BPS. Here have a look..

2 plates are rectangle and 2 are sqaure. Lets see what designs are in there 🙂

Born Pretty Happy Thanksgiving Stamping plate

Size 12cm × 6cm

Priced at 273rs. Buy from HERE

Born Pretty Nail art flamingo pattern and tropical punch stamping plate. L002

Size 12cm × 6 cm

Priced at 246rs. Buy from HERE

Born Pretty Halloween Day Stamping plate S002

Size 6cm × 6cm Approx

Priced at 150rs. Buy from HERE

Born Pretty Flower yarn Stamping plate

Size 6cm × 6cm

Priced at 136rs. Buy from HERE

I absolutely love the quality of these stamping plates.

I did a nailart using the tropical punch stamping plate. Have a look below

Born Pretty store will turn 8 on October 10. To celebrate they are having a number of offers from Oct 10- Oct 16.

Check out discount offers in the image below 🙂

Whats more?

If you MENTION my code POUK31 you will get a free gift. ( you just have to leave my coupon code in the order comment. Just write my code in the comment section while ordering to get surprises ). More order amount, more gift 🙂 Free gift offer is only from Oct 10th – Oct 16th.

Thats all for now 🙂 If you have any questions do comment below and i will reply asap 🙂

Finding your G Spot in Life – Book Review

Book Review – Finding Your G Spot in Life by Geetika Sehgal.

Genre – Self Help.

Published – April, 2018.

Honestly i am not into self help books but what made me pick up this book is the Title. I was attracted to the title and hence i picked it up.

Introduction – The book starts with the main focus on how life should not only be happy but also meaningful.
The combination of happiness and meaningfulness that leads to ‘a life well lived’ is what the author calls life’s G Spot.

The book is divided into 4 parts.
Part 1 – Takes you on an epic journey of finding ‘YOU’.
Part 2 – How to minimize the negative energy and achieve your goals.
Part 3 – Creating right environment for ourselves.
Part 4- Congratulations, You have found the Real YOU.

Altogether there are 20 small chapters in the book.
Each chapter features a ‘DO IT FOR YOURSELF(DIFY)’.

Why you should read the book? –
The chapters are packed with clear, no nonsense, simple and most importantly realistic advice.

The DIFY will help you understand yourself a lot more better. The book teaches us How to value yourself,How to give meaning to your life, It will help you to be the person you really want to be and a lot more…

DIFYs makes the book more engaging. I love how the author has explained everything by giving examples that are easy to understand in one read. The author also mentions many of her personal life experiences in the book.

Its beautifully written and with a little bit of humor i love the unpretentious tone of the book.
Well with this book i have found a new obsession. A great book for those who hate self help books.😁 This book also makes for a perfect gift ✌️ .
An excellent read.

If you want to start reading self help books i say start with this one.

You can buy the book from Amazon, Flipkart.

Aegte Onion Hair Oil Review

Hello Readers,

Recently came across a hair care product ‘onion hair oil’ from the brand Aegte. The word Aegte means Authentic. If you are not aware of this brand then you can read about the brand HERE

Onion oil has a number of hair benefits. To name a few – nourishes hair, minimize breakage, reduces hair fall, prevents greying, fights dandruff….

Lets talk about Aegte Onion hair oil and read on to my experience 🙂

Product Description –

Packaging – The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black flip cap. The bottle comes inside a cardboard box. All information has been mentioned on the box and the bottle.

The oil is red in colour and has a mild fragrance like that of rose oil.

Ingredients And Directions of use –

Price, Mfg date –

Quantity – 100ml.

Availability – Flipkart, Amazon

I have a oily scalp and the ends of my hair are dry and rough. My review will be based on this.

My Experience – Talking about onion hair oil the first thing that came to mind was how its going to smell. Well, this product has a nice mild smell of rose oil which i absolutely love. The packaging is also good. It is travel friendly. I have been using this oil for a week now. The oil is non sticky so it doesn’t makes my hair greasy which i like the most. Even when i apply it to my oily scalp it doesn’t feel greasy. It nourishes the hair providing shine and strength to the hair which in turn reduces breakage and hair thinning. I actually started see the results on a single use. By results i mean, my hair breakage was kept at the bay and it nourishes the dry hair ends. Sometimes when i feel my ends are too dry, i apply a little qty of this hair oil to my ends and there it works like a serum. According to me the hair oil is suitable both for oily and dry hair. I would totally recommend it.

Can’t comment on the hair growth thing as of now.

Rating – 4/5

If you are thinking why i rated it 4 inspite of amazing instant results, well than that 1 point less is for the higher price.

Thats all for now 🙂 If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Thanks a lot to the brand for lovely packaging and sending a pair of earrings along with the product 🙂

Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel Review

Pimples have been my constant friends 😁 So i have been dealing with pimple/acne since 7-8 years. No matter what i do they (pimples) always pop up now and then. I always look out for products to get rid of pimples.

Recently i got an opportunity to try the ‘Zero Pimple Gel‘ from Roop Mantra. The product is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and not a cosmetic or toiletry preparation.

The product comes in a tube with screw cap. The tube in turn comes inside a cardboard box. All the information has been mentioned on the box as well as tube.

Priced at 136rs for 15g.

Availability – Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, Purple,

Best Before 3 years from mfg date.

The product is a transparent gel and has a medium consistency. Not thick and not runny either. The product smells like that of an essential oil. The smell is very soothing.

The product is a rich blend of herbal extract of Rosemary, Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera, Marigold, Nimbu, Fruit Peel, Green Tea, Tulsi, Neem, Cucumber, Fruit pulp, Onion, Mentha.

It also contains methyl paraben sodium and propyl paraben sodium. Both these ingredients are used as an antimicrobial preservative and are said to be non toxic.

Directions of use – Apply over properly cleansed affected area or whole face twice a day. Can be used by both men and women.

My current skin condition is oily and live acne. My review will be based upon that.

My Experience – I was very curious about this product. So i started using it as soon as i got it. Being a gel its extremely light in weight and non sticky. On applying it takes time to dry completely. I apply only on my pimples though it can be used on entire face. As soon as i get a pimple i apply the gel on it and by the next day it reduces. The gel helps in drying out the pimple and thereby helps to prevent the acne marks. However you need to apply it 2-3 times a day to get the result. You wont get any results on single use. Use it for 3-4 days twice a day then it will definitely help with the overall look of the pimple. With soothing smell and unique blend of ingredients the gel feels so good on the skin. The product is nothing like Zero Pimple but it does makes a difference. The pimples will shrink and go away but the product doesn’t prevents the pimples from popping again… It just heals them. Overall a good product.

Pros –

  • Light weight
  • Soothing smell
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Dries out the pimple
  • Pocket friendly
  • Good Availability


  • Contains parabens

Kala Drishti – An Eye For Art.

‘ART’… For some of us its a mere 3 letter word while for some its a huge part of their life.

Art in India is slowly disappearing or is given less importance. Artists in India are often find struggling for work. Very limited opportunities are available for artists in India and there are fewer platforms that are willing to promote artists.

To keep the Art alive, ‘Kala Drishti‘ a delhi based NGO is providing platform for all the aspiring/upcoming artists to showcase their work. The NGO is set up by Anjali Jain in 2011.

Kala Drishti helps the artists, who despite of their amazing talent, are finding it difficult to showcase their work. They also encourage the young minds to take interest in art.
It is primarily an artist- run trust with support of upcoming artist as their primary agenda. The programs and initiatives are wide and varied, venturing into all realms of the artistic sphere, including advisory, camps, residencies, art awareness programs, outreach programs, seminars, symposiums, art appreciation programs, corporate gifting and so on.

Kala Drishti has a store in delhi where artists work are displayed and sold.
They also make home-made decor items for decorating home. Items such as table mat, coasters, Tote bags, mugs, cushion covers…..

Here are some of the things i received from Kala Drishi..

Kala Drishti Set of 6 wooden digital printed Coasters –

Add art to your home with kala drishti’s coasters collection. You can see there are 3 coasters with animal print and the other 3 with tribal art work. The coasters have wooden base and upper glossy finish. I love their look and quality. Size – 3×3inches.

Kala Drishti Canvas Tote bag –

Availability – Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues

Website –

Kala Drishti is doing a wonderful job by keeping the art alive and helping the artists out there. Do check them out and support them. Share this with your friends who love art.

Thats all for now. Hope you liked the post and thankyou for reading 🙂

Debon Herbals Vitamin E Cream Review

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to review Vitamin E cream from a brand Debon Herbals.

Vitamin E has numerous skin benefits…

  • promotes healthy skin,
  • softens the skin,
  • protects skin from sun damage,
  • prevents skin aging and wrinkles…..

Vitamin E’s main role in cream or lotions is as an anti oxidant.

Here on the packaging of this cream you can see a picture of Avacado. Avacado’s are a good source of vitamin E.

Natural vitamin E provides anti oxidants that encourages healthy growth of new skin cells….

Avacado oil nourishes the skin and helps with dry skin conditions.

About Debon Herbals Vitamin E Cream – Made from natural Vitamin E. Has softening qualities, minimises wrinkles, blemishes, crows feet, rejuvenates and preserves youth.

Key Ingredients – Aloevera juice, vitamin E oil in cream base.

Price – 132rs for 100gms.

Size Available – 50gms /100gms/ 500gms

Availability – Flipkart, Amazon, purplle…

Directions of use – Apply little quantity of cream on the face or all over body and massage gently upon the applied area. Then wash off with plain or luke warm water.

My experience –

Packaging, Colour & ScentFirst of all the cream comes in tub packaging which makes it kinda messy to use. I wish it had tube/pump packaging. The cream is white in colour and has a thick consistency. The scent of the cream is like face powder. However after applying, the scent wears off.

What i feel after using this cream is, its suitable for people with dry skin. Current situation of my skin is dehydrated and i have live acne. So First when i applied on my entire face, the part of face where i have acne felt a bit greasy. Thereafter i concentrated only on dry areas. It felt quite moisturizing on the dry areas. Though the cream has a thick consistency, after applying it doesn’t feels heavy on the skin. It instantly softens the skin and keeps it hydrated very well. A little amount of cream goes a long way.

You can massage the cream on your face and wipe your face with wet towel to instantly get soft skin. You can also use it as a moisturizing cream however make sure you take little qty. Dont overload your face with it.

Do i recommend it? I recommend it for people with dry skin. I wouldn’t suggest it for oily skin.

Overall the product is good in terms of usage and price. Just one con of this product is that the brand hasn’t mentioned the entire ingredients list on the product.

I hope you guys liked my review. If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to comment below. You can also get in touch with me on INSTAGRAM