Aegte Onion Hair Oil Review

Hello Readers,

Recently came across a hair care product ‘onion hair oil’ from the brand Aegte. The word Aegte means Authentic. If you are not aware of this brand then you can read about the brand HERE

Onion oil has a number of hair benefits. To name a few – nourishes hair, minimize breakage, reduces hair fall, prevents greying, fights dandruff….

Lets talk about Aegte Onion hair oil and read on to my experience 🙂

Product Description –

Packaging – The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black flip cap. The bottle comes inside a cardboard box. All information has been mentioned on the box and the bottle.

The oil is red in colour and has a mild fragrance like that of rose oil.

Ingredients And Directions of use –

Price, Mfg date –

Quantity – 100ml.

Availability – Flipkart, Amazon

I have a oily scalp and the ends of my hair are dry and rough. My review will be based on this.

My Experience – Talking about onion hair oil the first thing that came to mind was how its going to smell. Well, this product has a nice mild smell of rose oil which i absolutely love. The packaging is also good. It is travel friendly. I have been using this oil for a week now. The oil is non sticky so it doesn’t makes my hair greasy which i like the most. Even when i apply it to my oily scalp it doesn’t feel greasy. It nourishes the hair providing shine and strength to the hair which in turn reduces breakage and hair thinning. I actually started see the results on a single use. By results i mean, my hair breakage was kept at the bay and it nourishes the dry hair ends. Sometimes when i feel my ends are too dry, i apply a little qty of this hair oil to my ends and there it works like a serum. According to me the hair oil is suitable both for oily and dry hair. I would totally recommend it.

Can’t comment on the hair growth thing as of now.

Rating – 4/5

If you are thinking why i rated it 4 inspite of amazing instant results, well than that 1 point less is for the higher price.

Thats all for now 🙂 If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Thanks a lot to the brand for lovely packaging and sending a pair of earrings along with the product 🙂


Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel Review

Pimples have been my constant friends 😁 So i have been dealing with pimple/acne since 7-8 years. No matter what i do they (pimples) always pop up now and then. I always look out for products to get rid of pimples.

Recently i got an opportunity to try the ‘Zero Pimple Gel‘ from Roop Mantra. The product is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and not a cosmetic or toiletry preparation.

The product comes in a tube with screw cap. The tube in turn comes inside a cardboard box. All the information has been mentioned on the box as well as tube.

Priced at 136rs for 15g.

Availability – Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, Purple,

Best Before 3 years from mfg date.

The product is a transparent gel and has a medium consistency. Not thick and not runny either. The product smells like that of an essential oil. The smell is very soothing.

The product is a rich blend of herbal extract of Rosemary, Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera, Marigold, Nimbu, Fruit Peel, Green Tea, Tulsi, Neem, Cucumber, Fruit pulp, Onion, Mentha.

It also contains methyl paraben sodium and propyl paraben sodium. Both these ingredients are used as an antimicrobial preservative and are said to be non toxic.

Directions of use – Apply over properly cleansed affected area or whole face twice a day. Can be used by both men and women.

My current skin condition is oily and live acne. My review will be based upon that.

My Experience – I was very curious about this product. So i started using it as soon as i got it. Being a gel its extremely light in weight and non sticky. On applying it takes time to dry completely. I apply only on my pimples though it can be used on entire face. As soon as i get a pimple i apply the gel on it and by the next day it reduces. The gel helps in drying out the pimple and thereby helps to prevent the acne marks. However you need to apply it 2-3 times a day to get the result. You wont get any results on single use. Use it for 3-4 days twice a day then it will definitely help with the overall look of the pimple. With soothing smell and unique blend of ingredients the gel feels so good on the skin. The product is nothing like Zero Pimple but it does makes a difference. The pimples will shrink and go away but the product doesn’t prevents the pimples from popping again… It just heals them. Overall a good product.

Pros –

  • Light weight
  • Soothing smell
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Dries out the pimple
  • Pocket friendly
  • Good Availability


  • Contains parabens

Kala Drishti – An Eye For Art.

‘ART’… For some of us its a mere 3 letter word while for some its a huge part of their life.

Art in India is slowly disappearing or is given less importance. Artists in India are often find struggling for work. Very limited opportunities are available for artists in India and there are fewer platforms that are willing to promote artists.

To keep the Art alive, ‘Kala Drishti‘ a delhi based NGO is providing platform for all the aspiring/upcoming artists to showcase their work. The NGO is set up by Anjali Jain in 2011.

Kala Drishti helps the artists, who despite of their amazing talent, are finding it difficult to showcase their work. They also encourage the young minds to take interest in art.
It is primarily an artist- run trust with support of upcoming artist as their primary agenda. The programs and initiatives are wide and varied, venturing into all realms of the artistic sphere, including advisory, camps, residencies, art awareness programs, outreach programs, seminars, symposiums, art appreciation programs, corporate gifting and so on.

Kala Drishti has a store in delhi where artists work are displayed and sold.
They also make home-made decor items for decorating home. Items such as table mat, coasters, Tote bags, mugs, cushion covers…..

Here are some of the things i received from Kala Drishi..

Kala Drishti Set of 6 wooden digital printed Coasters –

Add art to your home with kala drishti’s coasters collection. You can see there are 3 coasters with animal print and the other 3 with tribal art work. The coasters have wooden base and upper glossy finish. I love their look and quality. Size – 3×3inches.

Kala Drishti Canvas Tote bag –

Availability – Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues

Website –

Kala Drishti is doing a wonderful job by keeping the art alive and helping the artists out there. Do check them out and support them. Share this with your friends who love art.

Thats all for now. Hope you liked the post and thankyou for reading 🙂

Debon Herbals Vitamin E Cream Review

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to review Vitamin E cream from a brand Debon Herbals.

Vitamin E has numerous skin benefits…

  • promotes healthy skin,
  • softens the skin,
  • protects skin from sun damage,
  • prevents skin aging and wrinkles…..

Vitamin E’s main role in cream or lotions is as an anti oxidant.

Here on the packaging of this cream you can see a picture of Avacado. Avacado’s are a good source of vitamin E.

Natural vitamin E provides anti oxidants that encourages healthy growth of new skin cells….

Avacado oil nourishes the skin and helps with dry skin conditions.

About Debon Herbals Vitamin E Cream – Made from natural Vitamin E. Has softening qualities, minimises wrinkles, blemishes, crows feet, rejuvenates and preserves youth.

Key Ingredients – Aloevera juice, vitamin E oil in cream base.

Price – 132rs for 100gms.

Size Available – 50gms /100gms/ 500gms

Availability – Flipkart, Amazon, purplle…

Directions of use – Apply little quantity of cream on the face or all over body and massage gently upon the applied area. Then wash off with plain or luke warm water.

My experience –

Packaging, Colour & ScentFirst of all the cream comes in tub packaging which makes it kinda messy to use. I wish it had tube/pump packaging. The cream is white in colour and has a thick consistency. The scent of the cream is like face powder. However after applying, the scent wears off.

What i feel after using this cream is, its suitable for people with dry skin. Current situation of my skin is dehydrated and i have live acne. So First when i applied on my entire face, the part of face where i have acne felt a bit greasy. Thereafter i concentrated only on dry areas. It felt quite moisturizing on the dry areas. Though the cream has a thick consistency, after applying it doesn’t feels heavy on the skin. It instantly softens the skin and keeps it hydrated very well. A little amount of cream goes a long way.

You can massage the cream on your face and wipe your face with wet towel to instantly get soft skin. You can also use it as a moisturizing cream however make sure you take little qty. Dont overload your face with it.

Do i recommend it? I recommend it for people with dry skin. I wouldn’t suggest it for oily skin.

Overall the product is good in terms of usage and price. Just one con of this product is that the brand hasn’t mentioned the entire ingredients list on the product.

I hope you guys liked my review. If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to comment below. You can also get in touch with me on INSTAGRAM

Cat Eye Effect Nails |Born Pretty Store – Dual ended magnetic nail stick & Cat eye gel polish review.

Hello Readers,

Have you heard about the cat eye effect nails using a magnetic stick? Well months ago i had seen it on YouTube channel of few nailart bloggers. I found it kinda interesting and decided to try it myself.

So first of all for Cat Eye Effect you need a base coat, magnetic nail stick, cat eye gel polish, black nail polish.

Since BORN PRETTY STORE has all kinds of nail art items i headed over to their website and got hold of Magnetic dual ended nail stick and Cat eye gel polish .

Born Pretty Store Dual Ended Magnetic Nail Stick – The Magnetic stick is 9.8cms long. It has magnet on both the ends. It can be used with any magnetic nail polish and gel polish.

Dual ended Magnetic Stick CHECK HERE on their website.
BORN PRETTY Chameleon Gel Nail Polish 3D Cat Eye Magnetic Gel Soak Off UV Gel Polish Nail Art – Shade 02

3D Chameleon Cat eye magnetic soak off gel polish CHECK HERE

So after i had these 2 items i began doing my cat eye nails.

Step 1- Apply a base coat. Let it dry.

Step 2- Apply Black nail paint. Let it dry.

Step 3- Apply Cat eye gel polish. Do not dry it.

Step 4- Put the Magnetic stick over the nail for 10 seconds. Do not touch the Magnetic stick on the nail. Just hold it extremely close to the nail. You will get the effect. ( you can hold the Magnetic stick in different angles to get different effects)

I totally enjoyed doing this and absolutely loving it. I wish i had long nails. Since it would have looked more beautiful on long nails.

So thats all for now 🙂

If you have any queries you can comment below and i will reply asap 🙂

BORNPRETTY Pearl Lustre series Nail Lacquer in shade ‘Lotus in Moonlight’ Review & Swatch

Hello Readers,

Today i am going to review a nailpaint from BornPretty store. Its the Pearl Lustre Series nailpaint in shade Lotus in Moonlight.

The shade name ‘Lotus in Moonlight’ is so apt for this nailpaint as it has pink undertones in it.

The nailpaint looks transparent on the nails and has a pink shine to it.

3 coats and the nailpaint still looks transparent on my nails.

This is after applying 3 coats. (please ignore the bad pic). The picture is without any filters and edit.

Even after applying 3 coats the nailpaint looked transparent. Honestly i didn’t like the shade. Also removing it was quite a task.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Rating – 2/5

BornPretty store has many more amazing nailpaints collections. You can check on their site HERE

Nitin’s 100% Natural Shikakai Powder Review

Hello Readers,

Today i am going to do a quick review of Nitin’s 100% natural shikakai powder.

Shikakai is being used traditionally for hair care since ancient times.We all know how beneficial shikakai is for the hair. It helps with strengthening the hair roots, fighting dandruff, curbing hair loss, prevents greying, adds shine to your hair.

Nitin’s shikakai powder is 100% natural. I have been using this powder for 2 weeks now. Read on to know whether it worked for me or not.

How do i use it? I take 3-4 tbsp of shikakai powder and add water to it accordingly and make a paste. The paste shouldn’t be very thick. I apply it on my hair and keep it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

My experience – While using this powder i gave up on shampoo completely. For 2 weeks i was just using this shikakai powder to wash my hair. I use to wash my hair thrice in one week with this shikakai powder. To be honest for the first few days i felt a yucky feeling in my hair because it left my hair greasy. Since the paste doesn’t creates lather. I was disappointed at first. It wont completely remove oil from hair. But then i started taking more quantity of powder (6-7 tbsp). Then as i got used to it i started liking it. It does helps with dirt & dandruff and will make your hair smooth and add a little bounce to your hair. It wont strip natural oils from your hair. What i say is give a little time to the product you are using. Then see the results. One use wont yield you any results. So after using it for 2 weeks i am quite happy with the product. This product is great for people having oily hair. If you have dry hair please don’t use this or oil your hair properly and then use.

Buy from HERE (You can Message the Brand for your order)

If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to comment below 🙂

Red Rose 100% natural Tulsi Powder Review & DIY Tulsi facepack for oily skin

Hey guys i am back with a review and facepack recipe for oily skin and also for pimples & acne marks.

I am going to share 2 facepack recipes using tulsi powder. Before that let me tell you about the tulsi powder that i have used.

Tulsi Powder from the brand red rose.

The tulsi powder is mehndi green in colour.

This packet of 100gms is priced at 165rs. It has a shelf life of 2 years.

We all know that tulsi has bundle of benefits for skin. It is commonly and widely used in herbal and cosmetic products for its purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties.

I have been using this tulsi powder for 2 weeks now. Like in 2 weeks i have used it 3-4 times on my face.

I tried using this with 2 different ingredients. One is multani mitti and the other is tomato juice.

Tulsi Powder and Multani Mitti facepack for oily skin-

1tbsp tulsi powder, 1tbsp multani mitti and little water or you can use rose water also. This facepack is beneficial for oily skin.

I have used multani mitti also from red rose brand. You can check it HERE

Tulsi Powder and tomato juice for fading acne marks –

1tbsp tulsi powder and tomato juice accordingly. Apply this paste and keep for 20 minutes. Then wash it off. It helps in reducing blemishes.

My Experience – When i used this powder At first i didn’t notice any results. But when i used 2-3 times i started loving it. I liked it more with tomato juice. My skin appears clean and fresh. But honestly i cant comment on the scar fading thing as of now. I have used just 3-4 times. May be prolonged use will help with fading marks. If in future i notice any results i will update about the same on this post.

While removing the facepack instead of washing i scrub it gently at first and then wash the rest with water. This way it feels more good on the skin.

Do i recommend it? Yes totally. Go for it. You wont be disappointed.

Tulsi powder can be used with so many other ingredients to make facepack that is suitable for your skin.

You can know about the brand and their products HERE

Red Rose Orange Peel Powder Review & DIY orange facepack

Hello Readers

Making your own facepack is so much fun and good to use on your skin. You know what you are going to feed your skin with. No matter what imported facepack you are using but the feeling of using a homemade one is entirely different. A natural one free from all that nasty stuff!

We use ingredients like multani mitti, neem powder, tulsi powder, etc to make facepacks. But many a times we find it difficult to make such powder at home. Well you need not worry as RED ROSE has got you covered. At red rose you will such powders which are 100% natural and also pocket friendly.

I recently got a orange peel powder from brand RED ROSE to make orange facepack. The orange peel powder from Red Rose is made from 100% Pure and Natural Dried orange peel. It has nothing added to it.

This 100gms pack is priced at 50rs.

Orange peel has anti bacterial properties which is great for oily skin. It also helps with marks and pigmentation and works as a skin lightening agent.

Orange Face Pack – This facepack is good for oily and acne prone skin.

I made my orange face pack using 3 ingredients – Orange peel powder from red rose brand, multani mitti also from red rose brand and lemon.

Mix 1tbsp multani mitti and 1tbsp orange peel powder. Add 3 4 drops of lemon to it. Add a little water ( you can also use rose water). Mix properly and your face pack is ready to be used. Apply and keep for 15 minutes then wash off gently with water.

I love using this. The orange peel powder from Red Rose brand is simply amazing. I can use it with so many different ingredients and make my own facepack. It feels very refreshing on the skin. I didn’t notice any irritation on my skin. Neither any major dryness. The results depends on what ingredients you are using in your facepack. I just dont like the packaging of the product. I wish it had come in some container and not in a sachet.

You can check about the brand and their products HERE

Debon Herbals Cleansing Milk Review

Hello Readers,

Today i am going to review a product from Debon Herbals. Its the Debon Herbals Cleansing Milk.

As we all know our body constantly excretes oil from its pores the skin gets clogged and deoxygenated which results in settling of bacteria and dust on our skin and causes formation of blackheads. So its very important that we use a good cleansing milk to keep our face impurity free.

Debon Herbals Cleansing Milk is a gentle milky cleanser formulated with ingredients Aloevera juice, Geranium oil and lemon oil in lotion base.

What the brand claims?

  • Cleans excess oil, bacteria, dirt and clogged pores.
  • Leaves skin invisibly lubricant and clean.

Price – 175rs for 300ml

Best Before 3 years from mfg date.

How to use?

Take a cotton swab and apply gently on face, neck and hands. Wipe off excessive dirt.

My Experience – This cleansing milk from Debon herbals is my current favourite for a number of reasons. The cleansing milk is gentle and effective at the same time. I use it to remove my makeup (not heavy makeup) and it effectively removes all traces of makeup. It frees the skin from dirt and excessive oil. Geranium oil present in it is known to balance the sebum production of skin. The smooth texture of cleansing milk makes it sure that the skin doesn’t gets harm due to friction while cleaning face or removing makeup. I love how it doesn’t leaves any oily residue behind. Its so comforting and moisturizing on the skin. Usually when i remove makeup or get home from work i first use this cleanser and then wash off my face with face wash. If i am at home then i just clean my face with this cleanser at night and skip using the face wash. It not only helps in removing dirt and impurities but also keeps the skin hydrated without a trace of stickiness.

I wish the brand had mentioned the entire ingredients list on the product.


  • Gentle yet effective
  • Non sticky
  • Doesn’t strips moisture off from skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Soothing fragrance
  • Easy on pocket
  • Product stays true to its claim


  • Entire ingredients list not mentioned on the product.

Do i recommend it? Yes totally. I love using this for its gentle, non sticky and doesn’t irritates my skin in any way.

Rating 4/5

You can find Debon Herbals HERE

Thats all 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions do leave your comments below and i will reply asap 🙂