Clairestrinklets- An online accessory store.

Hello Readers🙋. I am back with another post in collaboration with clairestrinklets – an online accessory store based in pune. You can check out their website http://www.clairestrinklets.com OR you can find them on instagram @clairestrinklets .

They have very nice collection of accessories. Recently i received a dior pearl earrings and a pretty double finger ring that spells PEACE.


A lovely pair of pearl earrings is the epitome of classic style. When you wear pearls you will look beautiful and feel beautiful no matter what.They can instantly add some spark to your outfit. They go well with wide range of styles and clothing options. Wear yours with jeans and a tee  to add some warmth and style to your daytime outfit. I feel that the simple beauty of the right accessory can transform even the simplest of outfits into a special ensemble. You can see in the pictures below ( without earrings and with earrings)

Without earrings
Without earrings
Wearing pearl earrings
Wearing pearl earrings


                    Double Finger Ring 

Double finger ring that spells PEACE
Double finger ring that spells PEACE

Make a statement with this fashion and on trend double finger ring. You can wear it on middle and ring finger or middle and your index finger. Pair it with your tees and destroyed denims and you are ready to rock and roll.( The material of the ring is metal)

Peace out
Peace out

So thats all for now. Hope you liked my post. If you like the accessory and want one for yourself then you can go on their website http://www.clairestrinklets.com and use the code “ektablog” to get 15℅ discount on anything 😃 Note- the offer is valid till 5th sept only .


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