Fuschia handmade Natural LipBalm- strawberry passion

Hello lovely people🙋 hope you all are having a lovely day.

We all love lip balms and use it almost daily to get rid of chapped lips. Seriously nobody likes chapped and dry lips. They are not only painful but also embrassing. We all need a good lipbalm  that smells oh-so-lovely and moisturises the lips well. You may be having many lipbalms lying in your drawer but have you ever noticed whether its natural or not?

Recently i tried and tested this handmade natural lipbalm in strawberry passion flavour from Fuschia.


Packaging ,Ingredients, Price, Colour.


It comes in a tub like packaging with a screw cap and you may want  to use your fingers for applying it. The ingredients & what the product claims are listed on separate labels that comes along with the lipbalm.However they havent mentioned the price and i have to search on their site for the same.its priced at 200rs.

Whats in the lip balm?
Whats in the lip balm?

Colour – light pink coloured tint


What the product claims?


       My Experience with this lipbalm

Let me tell you that i have used & tested this lipbalm for a good 7days and guess how do i find it? A-H-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G ☺👌. My lips stay moist and hydrated for  say 2-3 hours. I love how it feels on my lips. My lips feel so softer and lighter. The soft feel makes me want to touch my lips again and again. It doesn’t makes my lips heavy. On applying it gives a slight pink colour tint to your lips and a very little shine effect. I often it use it as base under my lipstick. However i dont like the smell of this lipbalm. Its not that the smell is bad , the lipbalm smells lovely but i am not very much a fan of strong smell products. The smell is bit strong but vanishes after half an  hour of applying. Without a doubt my lips stay soft and smooth  and hydrated.☺

Now say GOODBYE  to chapped lips…..!


  1. Its natural
  2. Hydrates and moisturises the lips well
  3. Its handmade with love
  4. Light weight
  5. Non sticky
  6. Paraben free
  7. No artificial tints & synthetic perfume


  1. Tub packaging

If you guys are thinking why i havent mentioned PRICE as the con. I would like to say that this lipbalm is handmade with love and care. Just think how much love , care and time one puts in to make a handmade thing and thats what makes it special.Also its a natural product. If you want a natural product all free from chemicals and that animal testing and stuff you have to shell a bit. This is what i think ☺

You can buy the fuschia products from here http://vkarebiosciences.com/index.php?route=common/home

Search them on instagram by @fuschiavkare OR @gomcoite2


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