Hello Readers 🙂 Hope you all are doing 🙂 Sorry for posting the review late.have been really busy these days.

Well today i am writing about my views on a product which i have never used before- A NIGHT CREAM. Seriously i haven’t used any night cream before. At night I moisturize my skin with the same cream which i use during the daytime. Recently i have been using this night cream from Fuschia for more than week and would have reviewed it earlier but i thought of giving this product a little more time as i was using a night cream for the first time.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DAY CREAM & NIGHT CREAM (in case you  don’t know OR want to know) : While Day Creams are meant for hydration and protection against sun damage; Night Creams heals the skin and helps in restoring the skins energy.The difference is in the ingredients present in the cream and how they act at a particular time.


PACKAGING–  It comes in a rectangular tub with a screw cap. You get  two small paper notes in blue colour along with it which contains info regarding the ingredients and the directions of using this cream and why to use this cream.PhotoGrid_1442141908698PhotoGrid_1442141992203




PRICE- 425 for 50 gm ( as mentioned on their site http://vkarebiosciences.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=234&search=fuschia+night+cream)

My Skin type – Sensitive, combination, acne-prone

MY EXPERIENCE –  As soon as i opened the cream,i was greeted with soothing ,fresh and pleasant smell of Jasmine. The smell is very relaxing and not very strong. It was as if i was smelling fresh wet jasmine flowers. Can you just imagine yourself holding jasmine flowers in your hands and smelling it 😀 . The cream is off-white in colour. It has thick consistency.Night creams mostly have thick consistency for deep penetration .Due to its thick consistency,it takes a little time to get absorbed in the skin.But once it gets absorbed, it allows deeper hydration and keeps the skin firm. My skin feels fresh and nourished. It did not make my skin feel heavy at all nor did it make my skin oily even though there are so many variety of oils present in it. I never felt so comfortable with my skin before as much as i did after using this night cream. Whenever i woke up my face looked so fresh. After using it for weeks i did find improvement in my skin. My skin did look a little fairer and healthy. i cant comment on the anti ageing thing. All i can say is using this night cream daily can prevent wrinkles and fine lines which occur as you grow older. i love that this cream is free from parabens & artificial tints & synthetic perfumes.The rich ingredients present in this night cream will help in healing your skin. Also during night we don’t apply any makeup so night creams works the best in healing  your skin as compared to day cream when you have makeup applied all over your face. So invest in this night cream and apply daily half an hour before going to bed for maximum results. Make sure you wash your face properly before applying a night cream. Also i would like to say that  give a product a proper time to see its effects on your skin. Just using for 2-3 days wont give you any expected results. i myself have used this cream for more than a week. This night cream has worked for me.

DO I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes….i definately recommend this cream to my readers and friends. Everyone above the age of 20 should start using a night cream. i loved everything about this night cream.Right from smell to packaging and how good it works on my skin:) Yes while some of you may have problem with the tub packaging i am pretty comfortable  with the tub packaging. After all a tube or a tub you have to apply the cream with your fingers only 😀 Also i wont comment on the price as its an all natural product handmade with love ❤ 🙂 Shell a bit if u want a good & natural product.


Instagram handle of fuschia – @fuschiavkare OR @gomcoite2                                                        Site – http://www.vkarebiosciences.com



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