Hello Readers, Hope you all are doing good. i have been busy with the festivities and enjoying the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival so wasn’t active on my blog.  Hope you all are enjoying it too. May lord Ganesha bless you and your family 🙂

So today’s post is all about handmade earrings from an online store ‘BLING BASKET’ . Bling basket is an online store based in Mumbai. They sell handmade accessories with lots of bling, charms & whimsy. Specialized in theme based charms and bracelets. Their price range starts from rs 40. Which is pretty much decent. Also they customize accessories as per your choice.

Recently i received these two beautiful handmade earrings from themIMG_20150923_141446IMG_20150923_141206

The first earrings are knows as hoop earrings. Made from colorful pastel beads with a wooden painted center. Since these earrings have multi colored beads you can pair it up with different colored outfits easily.  They are very much light in weight and wont pull down your ear lobes. You can pair it up with your salwar Kurtis or even with a  top and a pair of jeans like i have done. IMG_20150920_155303~2IMG_20150920_155346~2

The second earrings are called Blue Ornate Drop Earrings. Its an embossed gold plated earring. Since its gold plated  it would look good only on Traditional outfits. When i first saw the earrings i thought they might be heavy. But they are very light in weight and not at all heavy. I can carry them with ease and wear on small functions and festivals when i don’t want to wear heavy accessories but i still want to look my best. These earrings will enhance your entire outfit. Look  how i have styled these earrings BeautyPlus_20150922220550_saveIMG_20150922_162320~2BeautyPlus_20150922220500_save

IMG_20150922_162837~2 Hope you liked the handmade earrings 🙂 These earrings can also  make for a perfect gift. Gift your friend, mother or sister these handmade earrings and bring a smile on their face 🙂 So that is all for now. Hope you liked this post. Do leave your comments and suggestions below.

 You can find Bling Basket on-





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