Add a touch of QUIRKINESS to your daily life  with PROPSHOP24 🙂

PROPSHOP24 is an online store selling Quirky and Fun products from around the globe.On their site you will find fashion accessories, perennial party supplies & whimsical yet practical props for your home, workplace, bar & parties.

Recently i received few products from them which were neatly and properly packed in a cartoon box wrapped in a yellow chart paper and covered with a transparent plastic which had propshop24 written all over it. The products  were of good quality.

This is what all i received – A diary(Category -office) , Lip Balm(Category- personal), Sunglasses( Category- Fashion)Screenshot_2015-10-07-15-10-14~2

BORN IN THE 90s DIARY –  IMG_20151007_150916Plain diaries get a lil boring. So add some touch of fun and quirk to your office desk or workplace with quirky diaries from propshop24.  I love the entire collection of their diaries. However since i am born in the 90s i choose this. Similarly if you love pizzas you can get a diary which has a picture of pizza on it. Yes !! Yes !! 🙂  I know now you are going to quickly check out their site 😀 Have a look at some more products from their office category. You can view the entire collection HERE .These diaries will help you fix your messy life.PhotoGrid_1444209190443~2

Next i have here is a product from their personal category . IMG_20151007_150939 Macarons Anyone ?? 😀  Well it actually is a Lip Balm in chocolate flavour 🙂 It comes in a  plastic macaron shaped case. Looks like an actual Macaron. It Smells totally like a brownie…Makes me want to eat it. The cutest lip balm with adorable packaging and awesome smell.

I also loved these two cute stuff from their personal category -PILL BOX AND CONTACT LENS CASE.PhotoGrid_1444209900401~2Check out more items from their personal category HERE

Next and the last thing i have here is a leopard print sunglasses from their Fashion category.IMG_20151007_150815BeautyPlus_20151003221829_save

With the leopard print and the angled corners these sunglasses looks totally stylish and fashionable. Also their sunglasses offer full eye protection against harmful UV rays . They have so many more designs and shapes in sunglasses .PhotoGrid_1444209473754~2

If you loved the products from propshop24 and you want to sent presents to your loved ones , PROPSHOP24  also gifts wrap it for you and add a personal note. 🙂

So that is all for now. Hope you liked my review. You can leave your comments and suggestions below:)

Do check out their site and shop with them – http://www.propshop24.com

Follow propshop on instagram – @propshop24

Follow propshop24 on twitter – @propshop24


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