Seduction Las Vegas

Seduction Las Vegas (SLV)  lipstick Review in shade 08- Brick Nude.

I have already Introduced Seduction Las Vegas to you guys in my previous blog post. Still if you don’t know about them you can check it here About Seduction Las Vegas

Recently SLV launched many New Lipstick Shades and one of them is this shade 08- Brick Nude.
The packaging is black in colour  with Seduction las vegas written on it and the shade number written on its bottom. The lipstick closes with a click sound. The colour of the lipstick is a mixture of both red and the browns but more on the brown side. Just like the colour of a brick. I think the name of this lipstick should have been Brick Brown instead of the Brick Nude. The shade is a perfect brick colour.




How the shade looks on a single stroke⬇


After spreading the lipstick⬇

After spreading the lipstick it looked like this

My views on this lipstick 💄

I mostly use the shades pinks and the purples so this is  a New shade for me and to be honest when SLV send me this shade i was like.. this shade wouldn’t look good on me. May be its too dark for me and wont look good on my skin tone. But i totally love this lipstick shade. It goes well with my wheatish skin tone. And i feel it will suit almost all skin tones.It delivers creamy texture and the perfect brick colour. It glides effortlessly and smoothly and hydrates the lips well…The fact that it contains white beeswax. It doesn’t dry out my lips. So i didn’t feel the need to apply lipbalm underneath the lipstick. I don’t have fuller lips but  after applying this lipstick my lips appear fuller and perfectly defined. I totally love how this lipstick feels on my lips and the colour lasts pretty well. The lipstick is flattering and wearable. A shade which you can wear at work place or even college or party nights. This lipstick shade alone made me feel like a bombshell even when i didn’t apply any makeup apart from this lipstick. Also their lipsticks are super affordable. Just for 180rs. So go grab one for yourself☺ i love lipsticks that are super affordable and works well on my lips.



I had also reviewed lipstick shade 04 from their collection in my previous blog post. In case you want to check it. SLV lipstick Shade 04

If you have any queries or suggestions you can leave your comments below and i will reply asap ☺

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Facebook ➡ https://www.facebook.com/SeductionLasVegas

Instagram handle – @seduction_las_vegas

Note – If you want to make a purchase you can either DM them on instagram or write them a mail on customercare@seductionlasvegas.com

Also mention my name to them to avail free shipping 🙂

Thankyou ! Hope you enjoyed reading this and find it helpful ☺


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