Jolen creme bleach Review

Hello Girls, i know i am bit late in posting this review. But my skin was not behaving these days and so i couldnt test this product. Now that i have tested it i am here to review it for all you lovely girls. Its an awesome product from JOLEN. If you dont know what jolen is then let me tell you that JOLEN is almost 57years old skincare brand. Jolen is a pioneer to a very famous and widely used product called as CREME BLEACH( which i am reviewing ). Its the most popular skin care product  with every women in the world. JOLEN  is the number 1 selling bleach brand for facial & body hair in the world. JOLEN is now a household name and with that it has also brought a more wider range of skincare products.

Coming back to the review 🙂
Dealing with unwanted dark hair on your face/body can be daunting. But dont you worry girls. Jolen creme bleach comes to your rescue. Its the safe, quick & gentle solution to blend your hair with your natural skin tone making it virtually invisible. This creme bleach is suitable for all skin types. So let me start with the packaging.





The pack  contains Creme , accelerator , spatula and a note which  has information regarding directions of use. The packaging is pretty much decent and the product is easy to carry while travelling.



Price– 90rs

Wt– jolen creme bleach -28gm,
        Accelerator -7gm.

Shelf life- 2years

Directions of use


Some important things to keep in mind while starting to use this product-

➡ Before using test a small patch on your hand to see if your are allergic/sensitive to the product
➡ The quantity of the powder should be slightly less than the creme
➡ Mix the powder and the creme and blend it well so that there are no bumps in it
➡ Use only plastic bowl  to mix the creme and powder
➡Dont keep the mixture on  your face for more than 10-15 minutes


My experience- So i applied the mixture and kept it on for 10 mintues. I felt a  little burning sensation when i applied it. But it was only for a few minutes. What i noticed is that the product not only lightens the dark hair but also makes your face look clean. After applying it my hair colour turned to a lightish golden brown which matched with that of my skin tone and made the hair appear invisible. While applying the product emitts a chemical like smell which i did not like. But the smell vanishes in a few minutes. Almost all bleaching products have a chemical like smell. Its a quick, easy & effective way to get hair free look.

I absolutely love this product and recommend it to all you girls out there.☺

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this you can comment below and i will reply asap 🙂

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Instagram handle – @jolen_india
Twitter handle – @indiajolen
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