Sheer Care : Carbon & Clay Facial Soap

Not many of you might be aware of Sheer Care. They are established around 2014s. Sheer Care sells handmade soaps, shampoos, creams, lotions, lip balms. But these are not officially out on website. They  would soon add them one at a time. At present they offer only soaps- cold processed and hot processed. Their products are natural and prepared from scratch in india.They use natural colorants, skin safe fragrance, essentials oils, herbs, clays, fruits, flowers etc in correct proportion to make their products & provide safe and healthy care and toxin free  skincare experience. Sheer care says that if you eat properly, work out daily, do not stress then you wont need any 7days magic potion , you will shine each day.

Coming back to the review.
I received a carbon clay facial soap from sheer care 2-3 weeks before . This is how it looks



It comes wrapped in an intact paper. The soap name written on one side and the ingredients ,price ,weight are mentioned on the other side. While some of you may not like the packaging i find it cute. The soap is black in colour and round in shape. Has a natural and gentle smell.


How to use?
Wet your face and apply the soap. Leave it for 1 minute and then rinse off. Use only at Morning & Night. Avoid washing your face with the soap too much.

For ingredients, price and weight please refer to the above picture.

What the product claims?


My Experience
After washing my face with this soap what i felt is that it doesnt dries out my skin nor leaves it oily & strechy. Nor does it causes any irritation. It eliminates the excess oil from the face thus helps in preventing acne. Since it contains neem oil which is very good in treating acne prone oily skin. After using it for a week i now see my skin less oily. Even when i wake up,my face doesnt feels oily as it use to before.The soap helps in controlling oil secretion & reduces blemishes. The soap lathers pretty well and has a natural smell. I would highly recommend this soap for those with oily acne prone skin. My skin  loves this soap for its free from toxins and harsh chemicals. ☺

Rating 5/5
I dont find any cons in it.

How to buy?
You can also message them on their facebook page Sheer Care


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