Patanjali kesh kanti milk protein hair cleanser for dry hair

I had done a haul post of patanjali products few days back and few of you had asked me to do a detailed review on patanjali hair cleanser. So here i am with the review. This particular hair cleanser which i am reviewing today is specially for dry and rough hair. So if you are facing dry hair problems this review is going to be helpful for you:)





Packaging- It comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip cap. I kind of dont like the packaging of this. The flip cap is very fragile. And you need to press it hardly while closing it.

Ingredients- See the above picture where all Ingredients are mentioned behind the bottle. One thing i did not like is that it contains diazolidinyl urea. I have heard that one must avoid products that contains urea. However while googling i got to know that it is safe to use in cosmetic products at a max concentration of 0.5%. 

Texture, colour & smell – Its white in colour and has a  smooth and soft texture and a nice fruity kinda smell.


Price – 95rs for 200ml (They only have 200ml bottles not bigger than this nor smaller. I wish they had a bigger one )

My Experience- What i usually do is fill the mug half with water and then put hair cleanser as required in it. This way i require less amount of hair cleanser and it lathers very easily. It gets easily spread. As i applied the fruity scent kept emerging throughout and it remains even  after i have washed my hair. In one wash i find my hair soft and smooth. It did not make my scalp oily. It makes my hair manageable. However my hair stays clean, soft and smooth only the day i wash my hair and the other day. The day after that my hair again feels dry. So i have  to shampoo my hair after every two days. Overall it is good.

Decent price
Effective for dry hair
Give smoothness and shine to hair
Good scent
Easily available

Bad packaging
Contains urea

My Rating -3/5


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