Navarasas Boost Shampoo with Essential oils

Hello girlies. Writing my first beauty post of 2016 with Navarasas. I am going to talk about the navarasas boost shampoo in this post. I have already reviewed a body butter & body wash from navarasas in my previous blog posts. Must say their products are fabulous. Check out their site to know more about them.

Have you ever used a shampoo which is full of essential oils…only essential oils ??  No ??  Well even i am using such a shampoo for the first time and i am so happy that i came across such a shampoo. Because essential oils not only smell wonderful they have amazing beauty & health benefits.


This boost shampoo from navarasas is enriched with essential oils. Essential oils are excellent for cleansing, nourishing & strengthening the hair and scalp.

What the product claims?


Look & smell – The colour of the shampoo is like lemon juice and smells so fresh like a lemon.

Price – 599 for 200ml

My hair type – Dry

My experience– I love this shampoo. The gentle power of essential oils in the shampoo works wonders on my hair & scalp. It cleanse my hair well & does not leaves my scalp oily. It also helps with the dandruff & reduces the hair fall. I love how it makes my hair manageable and bouncy type but it also does makes my hair a little dry. So its good for normal or oily hair types. Also the scent of this shampoo lingers on for hours after washing. Which will make you feel fresh all throughout the day.

Do i recommend this?
Totally Yes ! Its a fabulous product.


3 thoughts on “Navarasas Boost Shampoo with Essential oils”

  1. I was really worried this wouldn’t suit oily hair types as it’s an oil based product, but now after reading that it makes yours a little dry – I will definitely be giving this a go and seeing how it works for me! Thanks for the review!


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