Moha Nourishing herbal soap review

We all need something good, natural & luxurious for our skin. Something which looks & smells lovely and at the same time is skin friendly. Be it shampoo , facewash, creams, soap etc. However these days mostly natural/herbal skin products  in the market today have a very low concentration of natural herbal actives. These makes them less effective & hence less likely to completely tackle the health & beauty problems they are targeted at. This is when the MOHA product range is being introduced by CHARAK. Charak is renowned for the high quality of its products.

Today i am going to review a herbal soap from their Moha product range.


About the soap as mentioned by the brand : Moha soap is rich luxurious herbal soap enriched with oils of neem, basil & aloe that  nourishes & moisturises skin leaving it soft, supple & infection free.






Price: 68rs for 100gms
Shelf life: 2years from mfg date

My Experience: Firstly i must say that the packaging is so beautiful & colourful. I totally love it. It has a nice refreshing smell like that of fresh flowers. Even without opening the box i could smell it. Its rich fragrance will make you feel fabulous. The pastel yellow colour of the soap is enticing. I enjoy the soft & smooth feel that it gives on applying. It forms a nice, rich,  good amount of lather. It cleanse the body well leaving it oh-so-soft. I have dry skin but I did not feel any major dryness on my skin after using it.
What i feel is this soap is perfect for summer season when we sweat a lot and want something thats scented and refreshing. ☺Overall the soap is good.


You can buy their products from this link

If you have any queries or suggestions please do comment below and i will reply asap ☺


2 thoughts on “Moha Nourishing herbal soap review”

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using african black soap from long for my hairs and its really effective. SheaMoisture’s Best Loved Bar Soaps are the perfect dry skin recipe. All bar soaps are formulated with certified organic shea butter and other good-for-you ingredients that soothe, soften, and promote healthy skin.


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