My Top 4 lipbalms


Last Night i was arranging my makeup drawer when i noticed that i have  so many lip balms some even lying packed & unused. I actually love collecting lipbalms more than using them LOL. I have used so many lipbalms from various brands but only few of them have managed to be in my favourites lists. I love other lipbalms also but i dont use them on regular basis. So in this post i am going to talk about my 4 favourite lipbalms which i use on regular basis & are effective on my lips.

I use these 4 on regular basis
-Maybelline baby lips
-Lipz from ethicare remedies


1. EOS –


In my favourites list tops the EOS. This lipbalm though a bit expensive has been my all time favourite. Firstly because of its cute packaging & secondly that extra instant smoothness that it gives to my lips. It moisturises my lips well & keeps them hydrated for long hours. Its light & doesn’t feels waxy or heavy on my lips. Sometimes i use this under my lipstick. The smell is soothing & sweet. Also it lasts very long. This one i have been using since  december 2014 and its still haven’t run out. EOS are natural, paraben & petroleum free πŸ™‚

2. Maybelline BabyLips-


Maybelline never fails. I have used so many variants of babylips & all of them seems to work well on my lips. They give an instant shot of hydration to my lips. Heals chapped lips making them soft & smooth. If you have extremely dry lips use babylips for a week and you will see the results. Also its infused with SPF 20 to protect lips from UV rays and its packaging is to die for. Also its pretty easy to carry them. You can slip into your pocket or wallet. And yes they are pocket friendly too. Full marks for babylips 😁

3. Vaseline


Right from childhood till my school days i have used only Vaseline. It does moisturises my lips but i dont like the waxy feeling that it gives so i use this only during bed time. I also use it on my eyebrows to make them look neat and thick. I also use it on my cuticles while applying nailpaint so that that nailpolish doesnt creates a mess on my cuticles.

4. LIPZ from ethicare remedies


I never knew that this lipbalm existed untill i won this in a contest. Its fragrance free, color free, preservative free, no waxy feel, heals cracked lips fast, easy on your pocket. Reasons enough to love it. Its colour/texture is just like vaseline. Its effective on lips & heals them super fast. I use this at night as i prefer colour free & no fragrance lipbalm at night.

Share your lipbalm favourites in the comments below and you might just get lucky. Tell me which lipbalms are your favourite & If i like your favourites you might WIN lipbalms. ☺

Hope you liked this post & if you have any questions or queries you can comment below.


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