SoulTree Cleanser Review

We all know what a cleanser is and what it does. Right? However using any cleanser doesn’t mean its going to clean your face. You need to make sure you are –
✔using a cleanser that best suits your skin type,
✔using it in a correct manner and most importantly,
✔using a chemical free cleanser.
( i have written in short about this below..keep reading)

Last week i received Aloe & rose water with skin toning licorice cleanser from soul tree.


Short Introduction: Its a ayurvedic product free from harmful chemicals. No parabens & no silicons. Its a cream based cleanser which is good for everyday use and it can be used as a makeup remover too. It cools & heals skin, lightens sun tan & reduces blemishes if used daily (as mentioned by the brand). Its smell is also natural kinda nothing artificial or scented. Its priced at 295rs for 120ml. Best before 30 months from mfg date.




I totally love the tik-tok cap of the bottle: You just need to press on the PRESS button and it will open from the other side ( pls refer pic). It opens and closes with a tik-tok sound. The packaging is travel friendly. Totally love this packaging.



How does the cleanser looks?


Which cleanser suits your skin type ?
If you have oily skin  then opt for a gel or water based cleanser. If you have dry or sensitive skin opt for a cream based cleanser. This soul tree cleanser is suitable for all skin types (as said by the brand).

Correct way of using a cleanser
-Wash your face with just water and pat it dry. Make sure your hands are clean
– Take a little cleanser in your palm and massage it gently on face in circular motions
– Leave it for few seconds then wipe it off with cotton or rinse

Make sure you use a moisturiser after cleansing. If you have a toner you can use a toner first then a moisturiser.

My experience with soul tree cleanser:
Its been only a week since i started using this cleanser & trust me its already become  my favourite. It works so well on my dry & acne prone skin. It cleanse my skin thoroughly without leaving it dry and causing any iritation. It did not stretch out my skin. Infact my skin felt so smooth. It gives an  appeasing feeling to my skin. A little amount is sufficient for the entire face.Regarding lightening of tan and blemishes i cant say as of now. Though if i notice anything i will update you people. As for makeup remover it does a decent job of removing makeup. But if you are using water proof cosmetic then you might have to struggle a bit. While removing my loreal kajal i had to wipe it 3-4 times to remove it completely. But thats fine because it did not irritate or burn my eyes☺

5/5 Rating for this product

Natural & free from parabens & silicons
✔Gentle on Skin
✔Does not causes any iritation
✔Can be used daily
✔Can be used as a makeup remover
✔Travel Friendly packaging
✔Decent Price

This is a fabulous product & i totally recommend it. Comment below for any suggestions or queries. Thankyou for reading. Hope you find my review helpful☺  #SayNoToChemicals


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