Sara Herbals – Radiance D-Tan facewash Review

Recently i came across a new brand Sara Herbals through one of the contests held by them on instagram & also got a chance to win a product from their range. If you are not familiar with the brand Sara Herbals then let me tell you a little about the brand.
Sara Herbals provide a wide range of D-Tan & skin brightening products derived from purest natural sources. Sara believes in the mother nature, which knows the best when it comes to skincare, it is been formulated with natural extracts and skin brightening ingredients that nature has to offer. The formulations used in Sara helps in delivering the real benefits to the beauticians and retailers who are looking quality at a reasonable price. Their tagline is “Get #salonlikeglow at home”.

Ok so the product that i won from Sara Herbals is Radiance D-tan face wash for all skin types and today i am going to present my views on it.



It comes inside a red colour squeeze tube with a flipcap.

Directions of use & Ingredients:


Price: 195rs for 100g
Colour/ texture/consistencey:
Its transparent gel like. Its consistency is very runny.



My experience:
At first i thought that the facewash would be red in colour just like the packaging & i was kinda over excited to use it. But its a transparent gel like. I took a peanut size amount of facewash on my palm  & gently massaged in circular motions on my face for 1-2 minutes. It creates medium lather(see above pic). After washing my face i felt a little dryness on my face. My skin is dry in winters & this facewash made it more dry.  But when my sister who has combination skin, used it she did not experience any dryness. What i feel is this facewash would be perfect for normal to oily skin. And also during summer season when we mostly have oily skin and tan.  It does cleanse the skin well leaving it clean & fresh looking. However regarding even skin tone i cant comment as of now. For that a product needs to be used daily for a longer period. No product is going to give you even skin tone or the desired results overnight.
I have read many good reviews regarding this product so i aint going to say this product is bad. Its just that it did not suit my skin. Oily skin types people can give it a try. May be i will try using this product during summers and see if it does any magic on my skin πŸ™‚

Ok and one more important thing which i want to mention is There are many products labelled as organic, natural , herbal and are yet ladened with sulphates. This particular facewash contains SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). We all know sls is a very common chemical and is used widely throughout the cosmetic industry. As far as possible one must avoid products containing sls n parabens. You can read the entire thing about SLS on this link

Final Thoughts: Overall a good facewash. However it May not suit dry skin type & it contains SLS.

Find Sara Herbals here—>
Website –
Instagram- @saraherbals_india

Have you used this or any other product from sara herbals then share your experience by commenting below. I would love to know.



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