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Paper boat drinks: A se Anar flavour review

Hello Readers, hope you all are doing good. Today i bring you my first food blog post in collaboration with Paper Boat Drinks. We all are familiar with paper boat drinks. And they are easily available at almost all grocery stores. Neeraj kakkar, James nutall, Suhas Misra & Neeraj Biyani are the four people behind paper boat drinks. Paper boat drinks are available in 11 flavours Anar, chilled rasam, ginger, lemon tea, tulsi tea, aamras, jaljeera, kokum, jamun, aam paana, golgappe.
A few weeks ago i received Paper Boat Drink in Anar flavour for reviewing it on my blog. I got the drinks neatly packed in a cute pink tin box filled with hay. How i love this cute pink box. Girls and pink things know 😛 Here have a look at the box of drinks & memories 🙂


You can see from the pic above there are pictures printed on the top of the box which reminds me of my childhood days.
A half – moon button from my school uniform, An earring that misses it twin, My first tooth to fall, Ma’s photo when she was 10, A butterfly’s wing, A marble that almost ran away, The stub of my lucky pencil, Stamps from yesterday. In a box, I saved My riches, bit by precious bit.
I totally love the idea behind this packaging. Aptly named Paperboat – drinks & memories. Which means these are not just drinks but also which brings back the memories of childhood days☺


Pomegranate. Loved by all. Misspelled by all. Precious rubies of respite on a hot day. Powerhouse of nutrients. Ma’s best friend. And your white shirts’ worst enemy. Originally from Iran, this princely fruit descended the Silk Route to our short break’s tiffin dabbas. And today, its nectar has been painstakingly collected and presented to you without fuss, frills, pollutants or preservatives.
It would be disservice to call it a mere drink. Anar, is elixir.

Whats Inside the Anar Juice?
Pomegranate juice, A little bit of sugar, A little bit of Water, Ginger powder, Pepper Black powder & Black Salt and Natural & Nature identical flavouring substances.
No preservatives & No Added Colours …Just the Good Old Goodness.

Packaging: The drink comes inside a tetra white and red pack with a screw cap. Which means you can sip a lil and the rest you can store it. No need of finishing the drink in one go. Also no need of using a straw. You can sip on the drink just like you drink water from a bottle. Its a travel friendly packaging.


Priced at 35 rs for 250ml.
Best Before four months from mfg date.
My Experience: After shaking the pouch well i tasted the drink & it tasted exactly like the pomegranate fruit. What i mean to say is that the taste was nothing artificial. The taste was perfect and the drink was refreshing. After having a sip i just felt like finishing the entire pouch in one go. The colour of the juice is deep dark red. Forgot to take a picture of the drink in hurry to drink it.😜 The best thing about this drink is that its not harmful like other drinks such as pepsi & coke. You can have it Kahin bhi & kabhi bhi. Also if you are too Lazy to make juice at home  just store this paper boat drinks in your fridge.

Everything about the paper boat drinks is amazing right from price to packaging to taste.

Rating: 5/5

Find PaperBoat Drinks online at:

Twitter Handle: @paperboatdrinks

Hope you enjoyed reading my very first food blog post. I will be coming up with many more food reviews. Stay tuned for it.


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