Bloomsberry Minute Manicure Jar Review

Not everyone has the time to hit the salon every now and then in this so called busy life and for a thing like manicure a busy person will never ever think of going to a salon at least not me.  Trust me i haven’t got a manicure done in my entire life. Poor me 😦 But we all do sometimes feel  like getting a manicure done when you want to attend a party, wedding or going on a date. After all your hands says a lot about your personal hygiene to those around you. I have got a quick fix to this issue. Now you can get manicure done at your home instantly in one minute flat with the Bloomsberry Minute manicure jar.
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Bloomsberry has launched a new spa range of manicure & pedicure jars. They were kind enough to send me these products for reviewing them on my blog.
Today i am reviewing the Minute Manicure jar. Its a instant manicure hand scrub with sugar.


The Instant manicure hand scrub comes in a transparent white plastic jar with a screw cap. On opening you will find that the jar is sealed with foil paper


Only on tearing the foil is when you can smell the product. It smells like a bubblegum to me. I wish the smell was something slight strong & refreshing. The product is candy pink in colour and looks yummy. It has a sand like texture and has medium consistency (not very thick & not very runny).




It is priced at 549rs for 150g.

Best before wasn’t mentioned on the jar only the mfg date was mentioned.

How to use ? Massage it into wet hands for full one minute paying special attention to dry & rough areas and cuticles. Rinse clean to reveal hands that look baby soft. Finish off by applying  hand cream or lotion & reveal hands that look as they have spent whole day at spa.

Availability: Bloomsberry products are available on Flipkart and Amazon and other sites like , shopo.inin

All Bloomsberry product are available at discounted rates and combo offers on AMAZON & FLIPKART

My Experience: I start by taking a little product on my palm and massage it gently on my hands paying special attention to my fingers and cuticles. It feels like melted sugar. Not sticky at all. A little amount is sufficient for both the hands. After massaging i wash my hands (only with water) and feel them so soft and ofcourse cleaner than before. I love my hands a little more after using this product. It does makes my hands look cleaner in first use.I then pat dry my hands with the towel & apply hand lotion. The hand scrub doesn’t leaves behind any smell on my hands.
What i feel is the product doesnt provide long term benefits/results. But its a super quick fix to your ugly hands when you have no time to hit the salon. Also i wish the brand should have provided a mini scoop. I have to dip my fingers inside the jar which is kind of unhygienic and creates a mess.

Makes hand soft and smooth.
Makes hands look cleaner on first use.
Gives instant results.
Right price as per the product.

Contains SLS
No scoop for removing the product
Smell is ok types
Best before not mentioned on the jar

Rating: 3/5

Overall its a good product to use when you have no time for salon.

That’s all. Hope you guys find my review helpful. I have been totally honest while presenting my views on this product. If you have any queries or suggestion please comment below and i will reply asap. ☺💜

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