Pajjama Party: Pajamas All Day

Now make stylish & funky pajjamas a part of your wardrobe in various designs and bright & fun colours. Dont let your pajjamas be boring. Let them be as stylish as they are comfy. If you are looking for some cool pajjamas then you got to check out Pajjama Party.
Pajjama Party is a brand offering a range of funky, stylish, and wonderfully comfortable pajjamas in a variety of designs and patterns. They have something for every taste and preference possible. They sell pajjamas and comfort-wear that are a must-buy for all ages. Pajjama party have paid attention to the latest styles and trends and offer a range of pajjamas at unbelievable prices. Their collection reflects modern tastes and has the oomph and attitude that would make it attractive to the youth of today. They have a manufacturing unit in Delhi. The price range starts from Rs 399/- Pajjama Party has an android app with the same name. One stop solution for all the Pajjama needs. They also have leggings and are soon gonna launch shorts also.

Recently i received a pajjama from PP (pajjama party). Here have a look.


I totally love the bright yellow colour. It has designs that of moon, stars, rockets, satellite, planets all over it. Feels like i am in space πŸ˜€ The material is 100β„… cotton and the quality is superb. I spent the entire day in PP pajjamas reading a book & it felt damn good. Its comfortable, pretty & fun. Everything is better when you are in your pajjamas. So hop to the android app of PP and get yourself some cool pajjamas. They have so many designs and colours. Go check it out ✌☺



Lazying around in pajjamas

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Find Pajjama Party online:

Instagram handle : @pajjamaparty
Android app link:


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