Handcrafted soaps from Soap Factory- Introduction & Review

Recently i came across a brand called SOAP FACTORY on facebook which sells handcrafted soaps. I am very fond of handmade soaps especially when they look extra cute and smells wonderful. Soap Factory is a brand based in Mumbai and owned by jayshree Rukhana. They have the cutest handmade soaps in different sizes, shapes and colours. The soaps are totally free from parabens & sles. So there is less of foam. They use a lot of olive oil..castor oil…coconut oil..grapeseed oil…along with Shea butter n cocoa butter. Colors are either cosmetic colors which are skin safe…but mostly edible colors are used…due to which they turn duller if kept for long. Fragrances as well as essential oils are used wherever possible. Their price range starts from 50rs for a bar of 75gms. However prices may vary depending upon the size and shape of soaps. They also make customised soap hampers for baby showers, return gifts, wedding favours etc.

I received few soaps from Soap Factory in different variants like strawberry, lavender, green apple, neem, almond, peach, orange, lime and few more. All of the soaps smells just amazing. The smell is not overpowering. Each of the soaps have their own unique smell & colour. Have a look

Out of all these the soaps i have used Green Apple, lavender, orange & Strawberry. I am yet to use the remaining soaps.

Green Apple soap

Lavender, strawberry, orange soaps

These soaps comes wrapped inside intact paper and has the brand name and the soap name written on it. No other information regarding price, weight, ingredients, expiry has been mentioned.

My Experience These soap feels extremely smooth on my skin and doesn’t lathers much as it is free from chemicals. It cleanse the skin very well. It did not dry out my skin & is very gentle on skin.
I kept these soaps near my bedside table and whenever i sat there i could smell their amazing fragrance all the time. Totally loving these soaps.

You can place your order on their facebook page


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