So many clothes in the wardrobe and still nothing to wear. This is the main problem with girls now a days. Thats because we girls dont like to wear the same outfit again & again or repeat the outfit. There is nothing wrong in repeating a outfit i say but We all want something different, something unique, something classy everytime we head out. If you also have wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, well dont worry girl because THE STYLE DOOR (TSD) is here for you. Now you can rent your dream outfits from TSD. TSD has something for both Men & Women. Be it a party or a wedding TSD has got that perfect outfit for you. The bridge between dreaming of a fabulous outfit and wearing it should not be ownership, but access and that is where The Style Door steps in. Open the doors to sport a stylish, fresh look at every occasion. Let’s all say no to repeat, and yes to style.

How it works?

Choose any outfit that catches your fancy, from our collection. You can have the Indian outfits for about four to seven days, and the western outfits for three days.

To the right side of the screen is the scrolling feature, using which you can tell us the size required for the outfit. As promised, the dress will be altered before being delivered to you. In case there’s any confusion, you can always call for a sizing expert at your doorstep for extra charges. If you have a doubt about the dress size that will suit you the best, we also provide home trials! To avail this styling consultation, call +91 9167-662-444 in advance and get your perfect fit.

The fresh, boxed outfits will be delivered at your doorstep on the chosen day, before 3 PM. We’ll pick up the outfit on the day of return before 1 PM. Don’t worry about the dry-cleaning; it’s on us. 😉

Every time you rent an outfit you will be asked to pay the rent + a security deposit listed on the website. The security deposit amount is just a security that we keep while you have the outfit and will be returned to you in full once the outfit is returned on time and in good condition.

Suppose after receiving if you dont like the outfit then You can return the garment(s) with the delivery boy at the time of delivery or in case he has left, please intimate us within 24 hours of delivery for free return. 
You can choose any other outfit from the catalog or if you don’t like anything then we return you the money in full. ✌

My Experience With TSD: i choose a ethnic wear, a pink embroidered gown by yuti shah from TSD having a rental of 1100rs which is pretty much decent. I got the gown on 8th march at around 5pm. Have a look at the gown as shown on their website


When i got the gown i was totally in aww of it. It looked same as shown on their website. More prettier than it i would say. You will notice a slight colour difference due to editing and the lightning.



The fitting of the gown was on point. It was as if the gown has been made only for me. I always dream of wearing such gowns but never got a chance before. However with TSD i got my dream fullfilled. Apart from the outfit i totally love the way TSD deals with it customers. I got instant replies and got an answer to all my queries. The outfit was picked up from my house on 11th march at around 12pm. The security deposit amount was transferred imto my bank account within 48hrs. I had a nice experience with TSD and would rent more outfits with them in future. Currently TSD is only for Mumbai people. I wish it opens in other cities too. 🙂

If you wish to rent outfit from TSD visit their website You can also use the coupon code REFER100 to get a 20% discount on your first order.

Thats all. Hope you find this post helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries do comment below.


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