Aroma Essentials: Pomegranate Soap Review

Hello People. How you all are doing ? Remember i had introduced you guys to the brand Aroma Essentials in my previous blogposts wherein i had reviewed a face wash from their range. If not then please click HEREto know everything about the brand Aroma Essentials. (Do read about the brand)

Today i am reviewing a Pomegranate Soap from their range. Let me start with the packaging.


The soap comes wrapped inside an intact paper. It has the brand name, soap name written on it. Other information like price, wt, mfg date, Ingredients were not mentioned. However i asked the brand about ingredients and price and they told me the soap has pomegranate seed powder n pomegranate pulp and is priced at 250rs. The soap is brown in colour and has a cubic shape. It looks like a chocolate. πŸ˜€ It has a nice soothing smell.Not at all overpowering.


My Experience: The soap Doesn’t lathers much on the skin since its free from  chemicals. Which means it wont dry out your skin. It cleanse the skin well giving it a soft n smooth feel.I love this soap since its free from chemicals and feels good on my skin. Its long lasting and doesn’t melts much. The soap is good.

You can buy the soap by contacting the brand on their Facebook page


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