Born Pretty Store Accessory Review

Hello Friends, hope you all are doing good and i wish you all a very happy & safe holi. πŸ™‚
Today’s post is all about an accessory item from Born Pretty Store (BPS).
About BPS – Its an online store which sells almost everything. Whether you are a nail art addict or a jewellery junkie BPS has got it all for you. They sell nail art items, makeup & beauty, jewellery & accessories , watches, clothing & apparel and much more. You can check their site HERE Their products are of high quality & affordable at the same time. They ship worldwide & guess what shipping is free. Yayyyy !! They have excellent customer service & 30 days money back guarantee.Β  Woahh !! Its safe, secure & easy to order things fron BPS. Girls if you are born to be pretty then shop from BPS πŸ˜€

Coming Back to the review.
We all love accessories…Right? No outfit is complete without accessories. But its very important that you choose the right piece of accessory for your outfit. BPS has many pretty cool & fashion forward accessories. Check out their entire accessories collection HERE
Few weeks back i received 3 accessory items from BPS. However today i am only reviewing one item. Its the key shape necklace retro style heart pendant. Here have a look at it.




Details about the pendant.
Material: Alloy
Chain Length: 72cm
Pendant length: 8.5cm

My Experience: I totally & honestly love the quality of the pendant. I love it for it matches on almost all my outfits. It looks stylish on wearing & gives me that ‘CLASS’ feeling. Just look at the shape of the pendant. It looks like a real golden key. It can also make for a perfect gift for your lover. You can gift to your love and say you have the ‘key to my heart’ πŸ™‚ You can buy it HERE

Here are few more pictures of me wearing the pendant



Thats all. Hope you loved the key pendant. Dont forget to shop from BPS. You can get 10β„… discount on your order by using my coupon code ‘POUK31’ Happy Shopping πŸ™‚

Accessory- Born Pretty store
Outfit – Zara

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