Neesh Perfumes PikPack Review

Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvelous
    – Estee Lauder

Who doesn’t likes perfume ? Everyone does but only few of them love it. I love perfumes because its like a finishing touch on a dress. I have many perfumes but i always look out for brand new scents. I was kinda excited when the brand neesh perfumes send me an entire box set of 12 perfumes. Today in this post i am going to share my experience with the neesh perfumes.

About The Brand: Neesh is a competent company with a wide range of Fragrance Products. The company ensures the use of natural & fresh ingredients to offer the customer a delightful & aromatic experience through their products. A unique company with international packaging for their fragrance brand Neesh. The company is launching the brand in all states of india. Along with perfumes Neesh has also created the most fabulous jewellery. Do check out their entire collection HERE

I received 12 perfumes from the brand Neesh out of which 6 are for women & 6 are for men. Neesh perfumes pikpacks are so designed that they can easily be carried in pockets. They contain high quality fragrance which lasts upto 12hours.

Packaging: The Neesh perfume pikpack has a plastic body. The body of neesh perfumes is slim and comes in a size that of a credit card which makes it easy to carry in pockets. It has a dispenser at the top center. The pikpack comes inside a cardboard box. The cardboard box & pikpack both has the same design & colour. The design on womens perfume and that on mens perfumes is different. As you can make out from the above picture. The names of the perfume and designs on it reminds me of mughal period. Due to their classy packaging they also make for a perfect gift.
Price: 340rs for 20ml
Best Before: 3years from mfg date
Availability: You can buy from Amazon, flipkart & snapdeal

Let me tell you in detail about each perfume. So i am going to start with women’s perfume 🙂

Neesh Perfumes for women


1) Zaafran E hindustan: The aromatic notes of Zaafran E Hindustan characterize the Man of Today as self-confident, knowledgeable and his nature to live in harmony with the natural world. Wear it to any celebration and make it memorable!Imbibing the characteristics of all things Indian, Zaafran E Hindustan by Neesh is a unique and organic fragrance. Its essential ingredients like musk, dark rose, pink rose and Iran saffron are exponentially exotic.
Top Note: Iran Saffron, Pink Rose
Middle Note:White Wood, Dark Rose
Base Note: Musk, Amber

2)Sultana: Looking for the perfect gift to make her feel special? Sultana by Neesh will make her feel like royalty and be the perfect measure of your love.It has the finest ingredients of perfumery and it will give you a warm breeze of amber and tea rose which is extensively heady and aromatic.
Top Note: Indian Saffron, Tea Rose
Middle Note: Castoreum
Base Note: Agarwood , Amber

3)Rose E Mohabatt: Confess your love with this fragrance. Rose E Mohabatt has an innate ability to always be confident and sexy!Admire the freshness and the arresting quality of the rose? The Rose E Mohabatt by Neesh will leave him completely amused. It is our most enticing fragrance because of its luxurious components such as honey-suckle, rose and lavender.
Top Note: Honey-suckle, Saffron
Middle Note: Rose, Lavender, Myrrh, Styrax
Base Note: Musk, Amber, Labdanum

4)Oud De Venice: Oud De Venice is a fragrance designed for lovers as it has an intense and regal composition. Oud De Venice has a floral, spicy as cinnamon and a deep scent of amber which is absolutely aphrodisiacal and thoroughly aromatic.The perfect fragrance for a romantic evening, the Oud De Venice by Neesh is the best pick for anybody who appreciates subtlety.
Top Note: Citrusy, Cardamom, Cinnamon
Middle Note:Rose, Saffron, Myrrh
Base Note: Musk, Amber, Patchouli

5)Belle D Oud: A tantalizing fragrance for a beautiful you… Wear it on your Wedding Day and feel uncompromising. The striking scent offers a modern composition that combines power of musk and dark amber, delicacy of honey and berries, expressing luminous floral facets and a sensual, magnetic resonance.Belle d Oud by Neesh enhances all your lovely qualities.
Top Note:  Honey, Berry, Iran Saffron
Middle Note: Indian Rose, Exotic Prune
Base Note:   Musk, Gark Amber.

6)Amour De Oud: First day of college? Amour de Oud is the best choice for you. It will give you a fresh, clean and a profoundly smoky smell to create that first day impact. It has a striking balance of timeless musk and dark amber aromatic notes and resolutely innovative elements that liberate the senses, offering a singular statement of determination.Feel fresh and rejuvenated any time of the day with Neesh’s collection of Amour de Oud. It is a fragrance which defies convention.
Top Note:  French Rose, White Lily, Mimosa
Middle Note: Honey Rose, Gardenia , White Jasmin
Base Note: Musk, White Amber.

Neesh Perfumes for Men.


1) Attar E Nazaket : Enhance your first date experience with Neesh’s collection of Attar e Nazakat, a perfume that combines the right amount of grace and vitality. It sets the tone of elegance and modern sophistication. Make your date unforgettable with Attar e Nazakat which has an unmistakable graceful and dry honey and Arabian agar wood smell.
Top Note: Arabian Agarwood, Dry Honey
Middle Note: Castoreum, Patchouly
Base Note:Dry Amber, Musk.

2) Moha-beau-t : Long lasting and the perfect choice for any given hour, the Moha beau t by Neesh is almost addictive. It is a bang on scent to wear to amuse your partner.It has an extra-ordinary radiation with a fiery intensity. It has a captivating and voluptuous top note of French-rose and saffron. It also has an iconic charm which is impossible to define.
Top Note: French Rose from South of France (Grass)
Middle Note: Saffron
Base Note: Musk, Patchouli and Leather, Agarwood (Oud).

3) Oud-e-Khaas : Something special, for a special someone, the Oud e Khaas is the best choice for the most valuable person in your life. It has a lingering base note of musk and agar wood which transforms into sharp sweet wood with Indian saffron in the top notes. This bottle of perfume has the desired lavishness, eccentricity and glamorous spirits.We call it our ‘Red-Carpet’ fragrance because of its modern interpretation of luxury.
Top Note: Sharp Sweet Wood with Indian Saffron Note
Middle Note:Agarwood, Patchouly
Base Note:  Agarwood, Musk.

4) Eau-de-Mehfil : Are you a party animal? Try Eau de Mehfil and become the center of attention with this bold and distinctive fragrance by Neesh. The essence of the scent is to enhance your occasion to the extreme and make your personality unforgettable. Eau de Mehfil has an intoxicating base and a powerful beloved top note.
Top Note: Arabian Bakhoor
Middle Note:Black Rose, Patchouly
Base Note:Castoreum, Agarwood.

5) Attar – E- Ishq : Have you been trying hard to get your crush’s attention? We have just the right perfume for you. Attar e Ishq has a crisp and clean, warm and sexy, almost impossible to resist fragrance. It has a base note of sweet vanilla and a top note of nutmeg, bakhoor and cedarwood. Make yourself more desirable with Neesh’s attar e Ishq – A fragrance that will keep you coming back for more. Get what you want!
Top Note: Nutmeg, Cedar wood ,Bakhoor
Middle Note: Agar wood, Amber
Base Note:Powdry Musk, Vanilla.

6) Attar-E-Neesh : Attar e neesh is the perfect gift for that special someone. Its infinitely sensuous fragrance will add to the mystery and depth, making it more desirable.A perfume that takes over all your senses, it has a delicately sparkling and an endlessly romantic smell. Attar e Neesh has a top note of Indian rose and saffron with a base note of Blackwood and amber.Gift it to the one you love!
Top Note:Indian Rose, Iran Saffron
Middle Note:Indian Shamama
Base Note:Blackwood Amber.

My Experience: As i said i love perfumes & always look out for brand new scents. I was totally amazed when i tried the neesh perfumes. Because they are something unique something new for me. I tried all the 6 perfumes for women. Each of it had a unique smell. Amongst the six Amour De Oud & Oud De Venice are my favourite. These two have mild fragrance. To be honest i am not a fan of strong fragrances. The least i liked is Zaafran E Hindustan. When i sprayed the perfume once on both sides of my body it lasted for about 8 hours(This is as per my use & experience).  I made my brother try the rest 6 perfumes for Men. He loved Moha E beau T , Attar E Ishq & Attar E Nazakat. Unlike me he loves strong fragrances. The fragrances of all the perfumes are truly of high quality. When i and my brother were trying these perfumes our entire living area was full of Neesh Perfumes Fragrance. I totally recommend these perfumes. They are superb.

Rating: 5/5


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