NELFusa – Fabulash Mascara (Black) Review

Heyyy Girlies πŸ™‚ Recently i came across a makeup brand called NELFusa. They sell quality cosmetics at affordable prices & this has made them the fastest growing cosmetic company in india. Many of you might not be aware of this brand. Even i am new to it. You can read more about the brand HERE

I am pretty bad when it comes to exploring new mascaras & kajal. That’s because when i find the right product for me i stick to it & pretty much wear the same thing. But a few days back the guys at NELFusa sent me a Mascara from their collection. I have been using this mascara since then and here i am reviewing it today.


The Mascara is called Fabulash Mascara. It has a cylindrical body which is black in colour and screw cap wand which is silver in colour. I love the simple yet classy packaging. The Mascara is priced at 375rs for 7ml.



What the product claims?
β€’ Smudge Proof
β€’ Dramatic Length
β€’ Blackest Black

My Experience
I applied two coats of it on my eyelashes. The brush wand is pretty good. It makes the lashes look longer, separating & defining  each lash. It brings out the length of eyelashes but not as much as i expect it to be. The mascara dries out quickly when applied & doesn’t cause any irritation but i noticed a little clumping. But i have experienced this with almost all the damn mascaras i have used so far. The mascara stays true to its smudge proof claims but its not waterproof. It gets easily washed off with water. Also i dont agree with their blackest black claims. Its a normal black. This mascara is a good option for everyday wear  if you want  little/ decent coverage without making a big show of it.

My Personal Rating  3/5


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