The Natures Co Lavender Body Lotion Review

Hello Readers:) i hope you all are doing good. I have been MIA from my blog for past few weeks thats because i was out of the town to attend my cousins wedding. Now that i am back i will be updating back to back to reviews for you all πŸ™‚

Today’s post is all about a Lavender Body Lotion from TheNaturesCo (TNC). I happened to get this product in their march ‘office beauty stash’ beauty wish box. What i got is a sample sized product. Have a look

TNC Lavender Body Lotion Review

You can view the actual packaging of the product HERE

What the Product claims? Indulge in a soft, smooth sensuous encounter with our Lavender Body Lotion. Dry, sensitive and mature skin will greatly benefit from Lavender’s antimicrobial, anti inflammatory & skin regenerative properties. Apply it liberally and evenly, both in the morning and night. It is especially effective when applied after bathing on moist skin.

Included in the Atmospure Range of TNC this body lotion has calming, soothing and refreshing effect on the skin. The body lotion is white in colour and has runny consistency. It has a nice mild lavender smell. Its loaded with lavender extract, olive oil, kokum butter, vit E, vegetable glycerin, lotion base & Natural preservatives. The product is natural and doesnt contains any chemicals, nor it is tested on animals. Its priced at 545Rs for 250ml. If you have dry skin you are going to love this product.

TNC lavender Body Lotion Review

My Experience: i have extremely dry skin and many of the lotions which i use end up making my skin oily. I always have had a hard time finding a perfect body lotion but the Lavender Body Lotion from TNC is just perfect for my dry skin. I apply it immediately after bath on my moist skin. It gets easily absorbed into my skin without making it heavier & oily. Its very light weight and i dont feel as if i have applied the lotion. This makes it perfect for the summers as it wont make your skin chip chip. It moisturises my skin well giving it the much needed hydration and i totally love the feeling it gives to my skin. My hands stay soft & hydrated for around 4-5 hours. Since i have extremely dry skin i need more amount of the lotion to keep my skin thoroughly hydrated. I love everything about this body lotion. I am glad i came across this product. Would recommend this product to you all.

Works well on dry skin
Perfect for summers
Light weight, non oily, non greasy
Gets easily absorbed into the skin
Nice mild lavender smell
Not tested on animals

A lilttle bit pricey

Rating 4/5

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