Eyova Hair Nutrient With Egg Oil Review

We all know that eggs are considered as an effective treatment for hair problems. But many of us may hesitate to use egg directly on our hair because of how uncomfortable it may be and the smell ofcourse. But with Eyova you can easily get the goodness of eggs in “oil new avatar”. Reap the benefits of egg with Eyova, a natural egg oil for hair.If you are looking for an organic and effective solution for all your hair woes, Eyova Egg Oil is the way for you


What is Eyova? Eyova is a hair nutrient with Egg oil as its active component. This oil is derived from the yolk of chicken eggs and contains bioactives that heal and strengthen your hair naturally. Read more about Eyova HERE

About the Product- The oil comes in a plastic bottle with a flip cap. It is yellow in colour and has a medium consistency. Its not sticky at all and has a silky texture. It doesnt smells of eggs but i really dont like the smell. But the smell is not that bad. Priced at 590Rs for 50ml. It contains oleova, canola oil , fragrance. It helps fight hair problems like hair greying, hair loss, dandruff & dry scalp, hair damage.

Directions of use: Massage Eyova on your scalp and ensure it spreads evenly. Leave it on for 3 hours minimum or preferably overnight. Wash it off with any regular shampoo. Use it regularly, at least twice a week, for desired results.

My Experience: i have been using this oil for 2 weeks now. I use it twice a week at night. The oil is not at all oily and sticky. It gets easily absorbed into the hair. I usually apply at night and then wash my hair the next morning. My hair feels so soft and smooth. I have started loving my hair a little more. I cant really comment on the hair greying thing. But it does helps with damaged and dry hair. It works really well on my dry hair. You can see the results within two weeks. I also apply the oil on my hair roots sometimes but the oil being this expensive one cant really use it on the entire hair. Because you may end up finishing the 50ml bottle in just less than a month. The product though is really good and i totally recommend it. If used for long this oil will surely give positive results.

That’s all. If you have any queries please feel free to comment below πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading. Hope you find my review helpful:)


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