The Nature’s Co Natural Healing Liquid Balm Review

This brand The Nature’s Co …. Omg !! What can i say…. Everytime i try their products i am left spechless. I mean like how can something be so perfect. Their products are ahhmazing & deliver what they are meant for. I have used and reviewed products from TNC before and their products never fail.
Here again i am reviewing another product from their Atmospure range. Its the Natural Healing Liquid Balm. I got this product in their March ‘ office beauty stash’ beauty wish box.


What it is and What it does?
It is a Natural Liquid Balm which will give you instant relief from sinus, headache, congestion and cold. Effective on migraines too.

Packaging The liquid balm comes in a small glass bottle with a plastic screw cap and has a roll on applicator. This makes it pocket and travel friendly.


Priced at 295rs for 8ml

What does it contains?
Menthol, Wintergreen oil, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil. ( TNC products contain natural ingredients that are against animal cruelty, vegan and of best quality from across the globe.)

How Does it Smells?
It smells strong of eucalyptus oil

My Experience
This liquid balm is like a Magic Potion. One swipe on the forehead and your headache will vanish like a dream. Its 100℅ effective. On applying it gives a feeling of coolness which helps relax the mind. This is because of the peppermint oil present in the balm which has a long lasting cooling effect on the skin. Lavender oil relieves tension & stress while eucalyptus oil gives relief from sinus. Whenever i head out in the hot sun headache is bound to happen. So i always carry this Magic Potion in my purse. I totally love this liquid balm for its effective, Natural & safe, has no side effects.

Do i recommend it ?
Yes totally.

Rating 5/5

Buy it HERE


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