The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Refirming lotion Review

If you have read my previous blog posts you might be knowing how much i love this brand TNC. Because their products stay true to its claims. Moreover their products are cruelty free and this makes me love them even more.
Today i am reviewing a product from their Aquaspark range. Its the Sea Fennel Refirming lotion.


What the product claims ?
Sea Fennel is brimming with minerals and vitamins that gives it natural refirming abilities. This lotion provides wholesome skin sustenance, giving your skin a worked-out, firm, toned look. Use it daily to moisturize and tone. Massage into your skin using circular motions. For best results concentrate on problem-prone areas like the thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and upper arm or use after a work-out.

The lotion comes inside a transparent tube with a flip cap. The lotion has a runny consistency. Without even squeezing the tube the lotion comes out. The lotion has a dazzlingly fresh fragrance. Its loaded with sea fennel extract, olive oil, kokum butter, vit- E and is priced at 495rs for 125ml


I don’t really workout. So when i got this lotion i decided to ask the TNC team whether it can be used as a normal lotion and they said yes. I use this after a bath on my hands & back. The lotion on massaging gets easily absorbed into the skin giving it a luxurious and rich feeling. It makes my skin soft and supple & imparts a healthy glow to it. The lotion being very light doesnt feels heavy on the skin nor does it makes my skin oily. I love smelling my hands again and again after applying this lotion. But the smell remains only for half an hour or so. I love everything about this lotion. Its just perfect.

Do i recommend this ?
Yes totally.

Rating 5/5


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