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Paper Boat Drinks Chilli Guava Review

Heya guys 🙂 Have you heard of the new chilli guava flavour of paper boat drinks ?? Well last week i received this flavour chilli guava and i was so excited to try it out. I got the drinks neatly packed in a pink coloured tin box. I love this tin box way too much. Paper boat drinks sure knows how to make #bloggergirls happy 😁 I got not only drinks but a box full of childhood memories. I love paper boat drinks not just because of their drinks but also their concept behind it. Aptly named Paperboat – drinks & memories.


This particular flavour will take you back to those childhood days where you use to have guava sliced into four pieces and sprinkled with red chilli powder on it during your school recess time.


               CHILLI GUAVA
The restless few minutes before the school bell. The thap-thap-thap of your black shoes running down the school steps. The old school guard pushing open the gate. You rushing to the aunty with her basket of guavas perched on her cycle.
Our chilli guava is like we took that memory, squished it, and put it in a pack just for you. And hey, here are more slow-mo shots for you to savour –
Imagine the way she slices open the guava and dunks in all that masala. Imagine you having to bite the collar of your uniform just so you don’t salivate. Imagine hitching your lunch basket between your knees so that you can partake in this glorious feast with both hands. Yaaas. That’s what we’re talking about.

Whats inside chilli guava ?


Priced at 30Rs for 250ml.


When i got the drinks i simply couldn’t wait to taste it. A single sip and i was taken back to my childhood. The drink tastes exactly like the guava sprinkled with chilli powder on it. It tastes so real.. And perfect. Its tangy and spicy and everything nicey 😁. No added colours, no preservatives.. Just the good old goodness 🙂 The best thing about this drink is that its not harmful like other drinks such as pepsi & coke. You can have it Kahin bhi & kabhi bhi. Also if you are too Lazy to make juice at home  just store this paper boat drinks in your fridge.


If you have tried out this flavour do lemme know your experience in the comments below 🙂


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