Skin Cafe Orange Creme Caramel Lip Scrub Review

Hello Everybody, Today i am  reviewing a lip product from a brand called Skin Cafe. Let me tell you a lil about the brand before starting with the review.

About the brand – Skin Cafe handcrafts luxurious skincare treats using fresh, natural, plant-based and organic ingredients. They sell made-to-order skin care products using fresh and wholesome ingredients. They create products after customer places an order. They make it fresh. None of the products are tested on animals. Moreover their products are paraben free.
Product Range- Their product range includes Lip Butters, Lip Scrubs, Lip Tint Balms.

So last week the brand sent me an Orange Creme Caramel lip scrub from their range. Here have a look


The lip scrub comes inside a small see through glass pot with a screw cap. The pot comes inside a thick cardboard square box. I totally love the packaging.The box looks cute. The lip scrub is orange in colour and its texture is fine grind sugar with a generous dollop of shea butter. It smells of orange & caramel. It’s delicious and smells so good that i am tempted to taste it. Well since its natural and doesn’t contains any non sense stuff i wouldn’t mind tasting it 😁 The lip scrub is priced at 950rs.

Ingredients : Caster Sugar, Shea Butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

How to Use : scrub gently, wash off (preferably with warm water) and follow with a lip butter or lip tint balm.


My Experience We all know that its very important to exfoliate the lips to get rid off dry and dead skin on the lips. A good Lip scrub can help you get soft and silky lips. I have been using this lip scrub for one week now.  After the bath when my lips are wet i dab a little of this lip scrub with my fingers and scrub gently for a minute. It gently exfoliates lips, leaving them super soft. Its not at all harsh and wont irritate the lips. I love touching my lips after using this lip scrub because it makes my lips this soft, oh and satisfys my sweet tooth at the same time 😜
Overall a good product. I totally recommend this. You are going to notice the results in first use itself. Do try this scrub. The only thing is the price which i find a bit high. Other than that the scrub works amazing. This can also make for a perfect gift for your friend. The brand has Lip Combos (lip butter, lip scrub, lip tint ) which can make for a cute gift hamper.

Buy the lip scrub HERE

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