Ethicare Remedies Akmasq (Pimple care complexion mask) Review

While we all love to wake up looking as fresh as the celebrities do when they wake up, At some point  we have to deal with acne and breakouts. Waking up and realising that you blessed with a pimple. Wow congrats😁 Just imagine how annoying it can be. Acne is a bigger problem than injuries for we girls  LOL..  Well dont you worry girlies. Because today i am reviewing a product from ethicare remedies which will help you deal with your acne. Its the Akmasq. Which is specially meant for acne and oily skin.


What the product claims?
Clears pimples by its advanced sebum absorbing formula
• Improves complexion instantly
• Helps to enhance results of cosmetic products
• Will give you freshness & freedom from oilness through out the day.

The face pack comes in a squeezable tube with a flip cap. Its loaded with Tea Tree oil, Chandan, Turmeric, Cucumber, pro-vit B5. The face pack has a smell of cucumber. (Some may find the smell strong). It is priced at 199rs for 75gms. The Tube comes inside a cartoon. The cartoon contains all information regarding ingredients, price, direcrions of use etc


Directions of Use
Clean your face and neck.
Apply Akmasq all over the face avoiding area around eyes and mouth.
Let the mask dry.
Keep it on for 10-15mins.
Wash off with water & pat dry.
For best results use daily once.


My Experience
Since Ethicare products are dermatologically tested i did not hesitate to use this face mask on my pimples. I applied a thin layer of mask all over my face and kept it on for 10min. The mask gets dry as soon as it is applied. It did not cause any irritation. After washing my skin feels so refreshed and clean. It helps the skin get rid of dirt and oilyness. It also does helps with the pimples. But for that you have to use the mask regularly. Overall a good product for people with oily skin. Also i love the key ingredients of the mask. I totally recommend this product.

Rating 5/5


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