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Think Frill : La Coffer ( Period Subscription Box) Introduction & Review

Hey Girlies, i am back with something exciting for you all. Well its related to those days which we really hate. Yes i am talking about PERIODS. I know how much we all girls hate those days and what all we have to go through during those days. But there is no running from this awful thing 😦 But i have something for you all that can make your period FUN. Well its the La Coffer.

What is La Coffer?
Thinkfrill(dot)com has introduced a period subscription box known as La Coffer. Its a monthly, subscription-based, menstrual care package, which takes care of all your sanitary and hygiene needs. This also includes an assortment of goodies every month! These include body products, beauty supplies, snacks and some great deals every month to make your period happy and hassle-free! ☺

They have 3 boxes Duchess Coffer, Princess Coffer, Queen Coffer.

Duchess Coffer – This is the coffer for all the minimalists out there – no frills or overly fancy additions. Just the simple menstrual care box. It starts at 150rs per month. You get goodies worth 310rs for just 150rs

Princess Coffer – Not the minimalist, but not the overly fancy kind either? Don’t worry, this coffer is just right – with all the bare necessities, plus a little extra something every once in a while.
It starts at 300Rs per month. You get goodies worth 480rs for just 300rs

Queen Coffer – Two words – Treat yourself. Go overboard with the pampering with the most extravagant of our coffers, and be the Queen that you are. Starts at 600rs per month. You get goodies worth 1150rs for just 600rs.

How does this works?

Step 1– You will have to choose your sanitary supplies (Pads, pantyliners ,tampons) plan depending upon the heaviness of your flow ( For eg – Light –10 pads/PL/Tampons. Medium – 15, Heavy – 20).
You also get to choose brand and size of the pads/PL/Tampons which you can do in the 4th step.

Step 2– Choose the box you want. Duchess or Princess or the Queen coffer.

Step 3–Β  Choose your plan
(1Month, 3Months or 6Months)

Step 4– Customize your Sanitary supplies.
Here you get to choose the brand ( sofy, whisper , stayfree) of pad/pantyliner/Tampons and the size of pad/Pantyliner/tampon.
Also you have the option to choose the Number of Pad/PL/Tampon ( For eg: If you have choose Light plan ( 10sanitary suppiles) in step 1 then here in the 4th step you can select 5pads and 5tamponsΒ  OR 4 Pads ,2pantyliners and 4tampons and so on.)

Step 5- Choose Delivery Date

Thats it. Now sit back and relax and wait for your box πŸ™‚

Note- Now let me tell you that the prices of the box is excluding the price of sanitary supplies.
For eg – If you want the duchess box for 1month you have to pay 150rs + price of sanitary supply planΒ  you choose ( 99, 149, 199)

—>So now if you are choosing Light plan (10 sanitary supplies for 99rs) and the duchess coffer for 1month subscription then you have to pay 150rs + 99rs = 249rs

Just mentioning all this so that you dont get confused πŸ™‚
The box is totally worth subscribing. You get more and pay less.

I am reviewing the Duchess coffer and the princess coffer in my next blog post. So stay tuned for that πŸ™‚

Whats More ??? (Apart from the box)
From ThinkFrill You can buy body products, beauty and grooming supplies from internationally recognized brands be it Maybelline or Urban Decay from the store. They also offer a wide selection of body products and grooming supplies for men including beard oils, shaving supplies, hair products and fragrances.


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