FASHION : Phone Case Review

Hello Everyone !!!!
Today’s post is all about Phone Case from Happoz

About – Happoz exists for only one thing..To make you Happy:)

Happoz is a design focussed brand. Their design team and handpicked designers across the globe create designs which are unique, colorful and fun, to make you feel happy. They presently manufacture mobile cases and mugs.Some more cool products like apparel, accessories etc are on the way. Visit their site as they constantly work on designs and keep adding new every week. They have a professional team making sure you get the best service and love the experience of shopping with them.

• Price Range 499rs
• Free Shipping
• COD Available
• Customizes Covers as per your choice

We all love our mobile phones so much that we cant go a day without them. If we love our phones so much why not dress them up in the most stylish phone covers. You can easily get one on HAPPOZ

Last week the Happoz Team sent me a customized phone case for my Micromax Yureka. Here have a look 🙂


Since i am addicted to snapchat i told the happoz team about the design and they got it ready for me. How cool is that ☺ I am so happy with the quality of the Print and the Phone Cover. The phone cover looks pretty and classy.
You can also get phone cover customized in your choice of design or picture from Happoz. I am sure you are going to love them. They also have many designs on their website to choose from. The Happoz Team is customer friendly and i totally love their service. 👍
Here are few more pictures of me posing with the pretty case 💜





You can contact Happoz on
Instagram – @happoz OR visit their site HERE


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