Ethicare Remedies : Caladew Calamine Lotion Review

Hello Readers πŸ™‚
We all are familiar with Calamine Lotion. It is widely used for protecting skin against minor infections like itching, pain, insect bite, rashes, sunburn and even acne.
Recently i received a calamine lotion called Caladew from Ethicare Remedies.


What the product says ?
Caladew lotion with its balanced formulation offers soothing- cooling action and gives relief in skin conditions like prickly heat, insect bite, itching, sunburn, nappy rash etc

Zinc oxide
Cucumber extract
Aloe vera
Silicon oil

Price 81rs for 75ml
Best Before 36 months from mfg date



The packaging is simple and pink tube with screw cap looks very pretty.
The lotion is pastel pink coloured and has a runny consistency.


My Experience: I have used calamine lotion before but they had thick consistency as compared to this caladew lotion which is quite runny. So when i was using the caladew lotion i ended up with excess lotion on my palms. Without even squeezing the tube the lotion comes out. When i applied the lotion it was easy to spread it but it takes a while to get completely absorbed into the skin. It gives a whitening effect to the skin, a matte finish.


Just two drops of the lotion are enough for the entire face. When ever i head out in sun i apply this because it prevents my face from getting tanned and oily. Many a times i use it as a base under my makeup so that my face doesnt looks dull and shiny. The lotion contains zinc oxide which helps in treating acne. When i am at home i just apply it on my pimples it reduces the redness of it. Overall a good product. People with oily skin are going to love this. Though people with dry skin may not like it much.

Totally Recommended
Rating 4/5


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