Casual Affair with

Hello Readers,
Recently i came across a new brand RoughApple.
RoughApple is a brand name of a small dedicated team aimed at delivering high quality apparel at economical rates to the youthful,trending group out there dying to make a fashion statement.
At you will find Casual Tshirts for both Men & Women. Apart from this they have cool stuff like Posters, Mugs, laptop skins, Mousepads, Notebooks with beautiful sayings/quotes.  They provide free shipping on all the orders and have an amazing service.
Check out their website Here

So last week the brand sent me a Tshirt from their collection. Here have a look

A 100% Cotton half sleeves round neck tshirt which has a design of elephant wearing pants and which reads ‘elepant’ .This adds a comedy element to the tshirt. I find this tee kinda cute and the red colour looks sexy. The material is good and the tshirt fits properly. Its a UniSex tshirt.
Buy the T-shirt HERE






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