BEAUTY, Makeup – Online Shopping Experience & Website Review

We all love online shopping… Its easy, convenient, you can shop from the comfort of your home & when the order arrives its like a gift from yourself to you. I love online shopping so every now & then i keep looking for new online stores & sites.
Recently i came across this website . Its a Online Personalised Beauty Store where you can find skincare, haircare, bath & body, suncare, eyecare & a rainbow of makeup products & Baby Care Products too. With ‘personalised beauty’ what i meant to say is that Aplava has a ‘beauty profile’ feature. Its like a personal quiz where you have answer few questions about your skin/hair type, skin/hair concerns like acne, wrinkles, dry hair etc. Based on your beauty profile Aplava will then recommend you products that are best suited for your skin/hair. So Aplava is a great place to try something, which suits you ! They have something for both Men & Women.
Remember that it is not compulsory to take the quiz. If you want to just shop random products you can skip the quiz.

Aplava at present ships only in india. On Aplava you will mostly find International brands which are hard to find at regular e-commerce platforms. All products on Aplava are 100% authentic & genuine. Aplava also has a Prestige Loyalty programme where you can earn points when you shop. These points dont expire and they can earn you discounts on your next shopping. They also have ‘Ask the Expert’ thing where you can get in touch and post your skin concerns to their beauty experts. You will get a response within 24hrs. Aplava also give free samples with every purchase above 999. They also have a 10days return policy and 24hrs customer service.

How it works?
As soon as you open the website you will see this box ( Refer the picture below)


If you are ready to take the personal quiz click  on ‘start here’. You will see these 3steps. ‡.


Complete all these 3steps and then place your order.

Payment Methods: – Visa, Master Card & Amex (All Major Indian Bank Cards Accepted), Netbanking, COD.

Delivery Charges: They provide Free delivery for the following order amounts in India: Orders of Rs. 999 & above. Below that amount fixed Delivery charges of Rs 50 is applicable per order. These rates may vary as per company policy changes.

My Shopping Experience with Aplava– As i browsed through the website i came across 100s of international brands that i am not even aware of. There were only few brands on the website with which i was familiar like maybelline, loreal, garnier etc. What i noticed is they dont have all the products from a brand. i looked for Maybelline Nailpaints but i did not find any. The next i searched for Garnier’s recent launch – Ultra blends shampoo that too wasnt there on the website. I guess they have only selected products. So when i placed my order i had ordered the following items‡
🔷 Maybelline colossal Pen Liner
🔷 Natural Bath charcoal & Lime face scrub
🔷 Faces Sheer Radiance liquid foundation.
I was later informed that the faces liquid foundation is not in stock and that i should buy another product in place of that. I then opted for faces sheer radiance pressed powder. Once again to my disappointment i was told that the entire faces sheer radiance range has been discontinued. When the product isn’t in stock they should have mentioned it on the site as ‘ out of stock’. Later i choose a faces lipstick & coloressence makeup remover in the place of that. So i got my order in a week. However let me tell you that throughout this thing the customer care replied to my mails very fast. They weren’t ignorant. I was informed via email and text messages about the order status from time to time. At last when i received my order i found the collosal pen liner to be leaking and i emailed the team to replace it and they readily agreed and i got the eye liner replaced within 2 days. Thats kinda quick. The faces lipstick had mfg date Jan 2015 which disappointed me. The rest two products were fine. Aplava also sends free samples with order above 999 but i didnot get any samples with my order. Not that i am dying to get samples but what they promise should be fullfilled.

Let me tell you that Aplava is a great place to shop for some international brands that are not easily available in india. If you love trying new international brands that you are not aware of then Aplava is the place. They also have great discounts on their website.

Also i found some great hair tools on their website. You may want to check it out HERE



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