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But First Coffee with Beanstalk and Leaves

It is said that give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Well in my case its Coffee or should i say But First Coffee….
Coffee in my hand
Sparkle in my eye
Smile on my face…. Yep i’m ready for the day…Bring it on.
Whether i am working, studying or just chilling coffee is my constant companion.

Recently i came across a coffee brand called Beanstalk and Leaves.

Beanstalk and Leaves Review

They have these 3 Variants of coffee Powder – Shotgun, Velvet dew & Smooth operator.
The coffee powder comes in a black resealable pouch. It is in powder form and has dark brown colour and smells really strong. These are filtered coffee. Different from the everyday ones. You need to have a coffee filter to prepare it. What really tempted me to try out these coffee is their names😁 Such cool names. No? The name shot gun literally reminded me of vodka shots lol. I think i am going crazy, i need my coffee right now 😁 Well this is what happens when i dont have my coffee 😜

Shot Gun Coffee Powder

Beanstalk and Leaves: Shot Gun Review

This one is aptly named Shot Gun. Because a single shot wakes you up with a bang & will help you to Get Shit Done. Like if you need that extra dose of kick in the butt then have shot gun. This one is Strong and Slightly bitter too. I would call it The energising Stuff. This is perfect for Morning’s when you like to have something strong ♥
Price : 335rs for 250g

Smooth Operator Coffee Powder


Just like its name this one is on the mild side.
When you just want to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee then make Smooth Operator your chilling partner :mrgreen:
Price: 295rs for 250g

Velvet Dew Coffee Powder


The taste of this one is like the everyday coffee you have at home. Its also on the mild side just like smooth operator.
Price: 355rs for 250g


I really enjoyed trying all the three variants and i just cant decide which one is my favourite. Each Variant has its own uniquness. ♥
If you are passionate about your coffee then you must try out these variants from Beanstalk and Leaves

Buy the coffee Powder from their website  HERE or you can even buy these from

Find Beanstalk & Leaves on facebook HERE

Did you ever think that maybe coffee is addicted to you ? 😁 Well let me know in the comments below what do you think 😜
Hope yoy enjoyed reading this post. Dont forget to share it with your coffee lover friends.


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