Fix Derma Teenilicious shampoo & conditioner Review

Hello Readers, Today i am going to talk about a hair care product which is specially formulated for the teenage hair. Its a shampoo and conditioner from an Indian brand Fix Derma Teenilicious. Before heading further with the review let me tell you a bit about the brand as this the first time i am reviewing something from this brand 🙂

About the Brand: Fix Derma Teenilicious is founded by shaily Mehrotra. Fixderma India Pvt Ltd was formed in 2006 to serve the newly emerging skin care market of India. The company focuses on manufacturing, marketing and promoting innovative
dermatology products in India and exports to over 20 countries across the globe, this number would reach around 30 by 2017. Fixderma has made a mark by making quality and result oriented products that has brought a clear difference in the skin care range present in the market. Fixderma manufactures its products in line with pharmaceutical standards and are tested for quality resulting in the high-performance creams and lotions. You can check out more about the brand HERE

So last week i received the Teenilicious Joyful Jasmine shampoo and conditioner from the brand. Here have a look.


I absolutely love the pretty and girly packaging of the products with all that floral design on the bottle/tube. They look imported and eye catching. The shampoo bottle comes with a pump dispenser cap and the conditioner comes with a flip cap. All information ( Ingredient, price, expiry) has been mentioned on the bottle/tube.

Fix Derma Teenilicious Joyful Jasmine Shampoo:


What the brand says: Fixderma Teenilicious Shampoo Gently cleanses and hydrates your dry & damaged hair. Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo with Jasmine flower extract is enriched with organic coconut milk while pro vitamin B5 repair and strengthen your hair. Exotic fragrance is like an escape to the tropics.


Price : 325rs for 200ml

Fix derma Teenilicious Joyful jasmine Conditioner:


What the brand says: FixdermaTeenilicious Conditioner provides natural vitamins & antioxidants while renewing your hair’s cell structure, sealing in shine, and creating lush softness. A precious blend of Jasmine flower extract, organic coconut milk & pro vitamin B5  instantly penetrates the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening the hair. It protects from styling heat and UV damage while creating soft, seductive, silky perfection.


Price: 310rs for 150ml

My Experience: As soon as i opened the bottle i was welcomed to a smell of jasmine.The smell is not overpowering. I diluted a little qty of shampoo in water and applied to my hair. This is how i usually use my shampoo.  What i noticed is that i need large qty of shampoo to create more lather for that perfect cleaning of my hair. A little amount wont be enough especially if you have long hair. After washing, my hair did feel a little dry and therefore i used the conditioner. After using the conditioner my hair felt soft and wavy. So if you are just using the shampoo your hair may feel a little dry. My hair type is dry so may be thats why. Overall the shampoo and conditioner both are good. It cleanse the hair well and leaves it smelling awesome.They look lovely on my bathroom shelf & So eye- catchy that anybody will be tempted to use it. I always feel very lazy to wash my hair but after keeping these products on my bathroom shelf i feel like washing my  hair every now and then. I completely enjoy using these products. They can also make for a lovely gift hamper for your friend or sister.

Check out their website HERE for more of such cute pretty products.


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