Bornpretty Tinted Top Coat in shade Ultra volet Review

Hello Readers,

Today i am going to review a Top Coat from Born Pretty Store. Its a Tinted top coat from their Dreamy Heaven Series in shade Ultra Volet.

Born Pretty Dreamy Heaven Series Top Coat comes in 4 vivid hues red, orange, green and violet.

The violet one is the Ultra Volet Shade that i am reviewing.

The top coat comes in a small glass bottle with black cap.

Qty – 6ml

Price – $2.99 (on discount) / 194.81rs

Buy it from HERE

The texture of this top coat is similar to ordinary Top Coat.
It needs to apply separately at least 3 layers to show its color.
It is recommended to be used with sequins or color nail polish.
Can be also applied to do gradient effect and stamping nail art.

In the picture above i have applied a single coat. It gives a nice transparent violet colour even on a single coat. On days when you don’t feel like applying full on colour you can simply try these tinted top coats.

What do you think of this tinted top coat? Leave your comments below 🙂


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