Aegte Complete Hair Defense Shampoo Review

It is said that one should keep changing their shampoo. I don’t know how much of this is true but i change my shampoo. I can’t stick to one shampoo because my hair never loves that and moreover i get bored using the same shampoo. Depending upon my hair condition i always keep changing my shampoo. So this time i switched to AEGTE Hair Defense Conditioning Shampoo.

About the product – It is a conditioning shampoo which refreshes hair without stripping natural oils from hair. It nourishes and strengthens the hair roots. It makes hair smooth, silky and healthy. The shampoo is silver in colour and has medium consistency. It has got a herbal smell.

Packaging – The shampoo comes in a red bottle with pump dispenser.

  • No Sulphate
  • No Paraben
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Vegan Friendly

Ingredients – Water, fenugreek seeds, onion extracts, methi extracts, amla oil, brahmi oil, vitamin E, sodium cocoyl isethionate, 10 in 1 complex coco glucoside, lauryl glucoside, CAPB, D panthenol, polyaorbate80, phenoxyethanol.

Price – 999rs for 250ml. ( available on discount at Amazon for 699)

Availability – Amazon.

Please Note – I have an oily scalp and my hair ends are dry. My review will be based on this. Also my hair is not chemically treated.

My Experience – I used it thrice in a week and noticed a visible difference in my hair. The shampoo lathers easily and cleanses the hair so well. My hair feels smooth and healthy. It also calms the frizz. The shampoo doesn’t feels luxurious but is totally worth it. The immaculate feeling you get after shampoo is so nice. The feeling afterwards is totally different from that i get after using chemical laden shampoos. Also, i didn’t feel the need to use a conditioner. The product stays true to its claims.

Ideal for – All hair types. (As per me)

Do i recommend it? Yes. The shampoo being so expensive one will think 10 times before buying. But i say don’t think. Just get it. Your hair will thank you for this.

If you have any questions please do comment below. Happy to help 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Aegte Complete Hair Defense Shampoo Review

  1. Great 👍👍 aapke hair type k liye bafiya shampoo mil gaya 😊
    Maine is brand k barey me pehli baar suna , accha laga 😊
    Mere baal chemically treat hai, dry n thin bhi hain to main kuch time baad iska dusra variant dekhungi 😊


  2. Which is better onion oil or onion shampoo? I am confused about it. Onion oil gives better result than onion shampoo or can we use both things. I read it on quora suggesting some brand name
    Positive onion oil, wow like that what you will recommend.


    1. Pout And Pose

      Both are better if you buy from the good brand. I would suggest you to try aegte brand. You can also try onion oil from chauth and nagsan brand. Dont go for positive global brand.


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