Chauth and Nagsan 6 in 1 hair oil with goodness of dead sea salt Review

Presenting FacetyFirst’s Chauth and Nagsan 6 in 1 hair oil with the goodness of Dead sea salts.

Do you know whats special about salt from dead sea?
Its rich in minerals like magnesium, iodine, potassium, calcium….which are very beneficial to the body.

Apart from dead sea salt it also contains sunflower oil, bhringraj oil, amla oil, green tea oil, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, dead sea mineral oil.

It is paraben free, crueltyfree , vegan.

The product comes in a plastic transparent bottle with pump dispenser. It has 2 caps for safety which makes it travel friendly (see in the above pic). All my thumbs are up for the packaging.

The oil is light weight and non sticky. It smells so good of green tea oil i guess and nothing over powering. The smell kinda relaxes my mind which helps me have a good night sleep. The hair oil provides nourishment and moisture to the hair. It helps to get rid of dandruff. After using it my hair feels healthy. I love that it contains one of my fav ingredient ‘green tea’. Green tea oil helps in maintaining a healthy scalp thereby promoting hair growth.

Totally recommended.

Price- 399rs.
Availability – Amazon.


Fizzy Fern Charcoal Face Scrub Review.

Hello Readers,

Introducing you all to a gritty black product from Fizzy Fern. It’s the Charcoal face scrub.

Charcoal is been used more and more now a days in beauty products for it has amazing detoxifying powers. It’s like a magnet for toxins.

About the product, Ingredients – Please see below picture.

Its free from parabens, sulfates and cruelty.

Price – 350rs for 100gm.

Availability – Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Smytten, Paytm.

Packaging – It comes in a white tube with a flip cap. I sure love the simple white packaging. The packaging is travel friendly, non messy and It looks classy on my bathroom shelf.

Its a cream based scrub and has tiny black scrub beads in it. The scent is of charcoal but not over powering. In fact its more like subtle. You wont even know while using it.

My Experience – I have combination skin which is also acne prone. It’s very hard to keep a balance that way. I am glad this worked on my skin. It doesn’t over dries my skin and does the job of cleaning the skin very well. It really does away with dull skin. I use this as a mask sometimes. I keep it on for 5 mins and then gently massage and wash it off. That way i find it more effective. It sucks dirt out of the pores making them less visible. And all of this without irritating my skin. I don’t find the scrub beads harsh but in case you have sensitive skin just be careful to massage very gently. Overall i am really happy with the product.

Ideal for – All skin types.

FIZZY FERN is an indian brand. Do show some love to them 🙂

Born Pretty store stamping nail polish review.

I have started loving stamping nail art so much. So i went ahead and bought 2 stamping polishes from BornPretty store.

The shades are –

1. Earth tone series – Misty grey / Product Id – 42855.
( Buy from HERE)

2. Illusion series – Pink lotus / Product Id – 42853. (Buy from HERE)

The grey one is simple stamping polish and the pink one is thermal stamping polish. Thermal means it changes colors as per external temperature sensitively. You can also use this stamping polishes as regular nail polishes.

Born Pretty Stamping Polish in shade misty grey from earth tone stamping series –

Qty – 6ml.

Price – 108.98 (Current discounted price).

The nail paint is pigmented enough. One coat is needed for that perfect colour. And it works great while stamping too.

Born Pretty store thermal stamping polish in shade pink lotus from illusion series –

Qty – 6ml.

Price – 136.39 (Current discounted price).

This one is thermal stamping polish. It changes color according to external temperature. It has matte finish.

The above picture is taken in sunlight. Which means in hot temperature the color looks like this. A light neon pink color. As i said it changes color according to external temperature.

This is how it looks when i dipped my nails in cold water. (see below picture)

I am attaching a short video for you all to see the colour changes. In the below video the left side is hot water and right side is cold water.

In cold water the color looks like peach. With hot temperature it turns to neon light pink.

Thats all for now. I hope you guys like the nailart and my review 🙂

Valentine’s Day Nail Art ft- Born Pretty Store.

Hello Readers,

Happy Valentines day to all 🙂

In this post i am going to review Valentine’s Day stamping plate by BornPretty store.

Product Id – 45515.

Specifications –

Size – 12cm × 6cm.

Material – Stainless steel.

Price – 108.98rs (Current discounted price).

Buy from HERE

I absolutely love the quality of the stamping plate. The designs got easily picked up by the stamper. I didn’t have to struggle much. I love each and every design. The stamping plate is just purrrfect.

Check out my nail art that i did using this stamping plate.

Totally recommended. 💯

Pee safe toilet seat Sanitizer spray in lavender.

We all know how dirty public toilets are and how bad they smell. These things sometimes stop us from using the public toilets while traveling. But for how long will you stop your urge to pee?
Public toilets are used by hundreds of people everyday and many times people do not flush the Public toilets. So chances of spreading germs are higher.

With pee safe toilet seat Sanitizer spray you don’t have to worry anymore.

What it is? Pee Safe Toilet seat sanitizer spray is a spray which is used to disinfect the toilet seat. It eradicates harmful germs in just few sprays and also deodorizes the toilet seat. The spray comes in light weight tin bottle as you can see in the picture above. Its easy to use and carry. The spray has a nice pleasant smell which is not at all overpowering. You can even use it at home not only in public toilets.

How to use the Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray?
The Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray is easy to use.
•Shake the bottle
•Spray on toilet seat keeping a distance of 25cms
•Wait for 10 seconds
•The toilet seat is now germ free and ready to use.

Price – 180rs for 75ml.

Availability – Amazon or HERE

My experience – Pee safe toilet seat Sanitizer spray is such a relief for me while traveling. The bottle is light weight and hence easy to carry. The smell is also mild and not overpowering. I am glad i came across this product. Because i just cant stand the dirty toilets and the smell in the toilets.

Aegte 24k gold glass skin oil review

The glass skin trend is taking over the social media. In case you don’t know what does glass skin means then..It means skin which is immaculate, transparent, radiant and shiny. A complexion which is crystal clear as glass. Having a glass skin is only a dream for majority of us. But today i have got a product for you all that will help you get healthy and immaculate skin if not entirely glass skin.

The product i got here today is Aegte 24k gold glass skin oil with glow boosters.

Packaging – It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with golden cap. It has a spray pump dispenser which i don’t like. Because the oil gets splashed. I think a dropper would have been good. I have to be very careful while dispensing the oil.

Priced at – 2999rs for 50ml.

You can buy from amazon at discount.

Product claims – illuminates skin colour, lightens complexion, removes blemishes and scars, improves skin colour, repairs signs of aeging.

My experience – i am using this every single day starting from the day i got it. I just can’t do without it. First of all i love its scent. It smells of kesar. The oil is non sticky and light weight and gets absorbed fast into the skin. It improves the overall appearance of my skin. My skin looks healthy and immaculate. It does away with dull dry skin. The product stays true to its claims. I haven’t noticed any irritations or breakouts after using this. So far from all the face oils that i have used this is the best i must say.

Totally recommended.

The only con is the packaging. I hope the brand takes care of that.

That’s all 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions you can comment below.

Born Pretty Store Christmas Stamping Plate Review

Hello Readers,

By now you all must know how much i love Born Pretty Store.

I had purchased a Christmas stamping plate from BornPretty store back in December but didn’t get a chance to use it then. I thought of using it now.

Christmas Stamping Plate / BP – R003. Check it Here.

Priced at 108rs.

Size – 5.5cm × 5.5cm.

It is not necessary that a certain stamping plate can be used on certain given occasion only. So i did a simple design using the Christmas stamping plate. Have a look below. I hope you guys like it.

If you guys are looking for stamping plates look no where but at Born Pretty Store. They have many choices and best quality.

Thats all for now 🙂

I will be back with more #notd posts very soon.