Glamego Box February 2018: Unboxing & Review

Hello Readers,

The love month is here and so is my February glamego box. I have, in the earlier blog posts, introduced you all to glamego box. You can check it HERE. So i will just skip the introduction part.

This months Glamego Box is a white box with alphabets written in red all over it.

At first i was confused as to why those alphabets, since its love month and i was expecting some hearts and flowers kinda design on the box. It was when i opened the box and found a pamphlet mentioning a contest ‘ mark your loved ones middle/last name on the box and tag us’ then i realised the purposes of those alphabets. I actually loved this idea of packaging.

The box came with 4 products.

  1. Mcaffeine choco face pack. 25ml for rs 359.
  2. Kronokare pollution stop face 30 ml for rs 495.
  3. The nature’s co radiance face cream. 25ml for rs 550.
  4. Natural Bath and Body body mist. 200ml for rs 325.

The box is priced at 399rs for 1 month. They also have subscription plans. You can check them in previous post HERE

M caffeine Choco Glow Face Pack: I was so tempted to eat this face pack. Yes it looks and smells that delicious and chocolaty. It was very hard to resist not eating this face pack. Feels very good on the skin. The best product in this months box.

Kronokare Pollution Stop Face: I haven’t used this product yet. Its a product to protect your face against pollution. It is suitable for all skin types.

The Nature’s Co Radiance Face Cream: This is a Saffron Radiance face cream. It gets absorbed easily into the skin. It is non sticky so i love using this.

Natural Bath & Body body mist: I dont usually use Body mists. But this one from NBB was quite good. It has a faint light smell which was a huge relief to me, as i am sensitive to strong fragrances.

My Experience : I was very much happy with this months Glamego Box. As always the products were amazing. I was asked my skin type and according to that i got the product. I was even asked the choice of makeup product and facepack selection. I had opted for Bella Voste chubby stick and M caffeine choco facepack for dry skin. However instead of bella voste chubby stick i got the natural bath & body (NBB) body mist. I am not very much a fan of body mists. But still i liked this one from NBB. Not only this, the body mist had mfg date of jan 2017 which means the product was a year old. I dont prefer a product that is a year old. So to be honest that disappointed me. All other products had mfg date of dec 2017. I tried all the products except the kronokare product. All the products were super amazing and my skin loves them.

Is the Glamego Box worth subscribing? Definitely YES

Why is it worth subscribing?

  • Easy on pocket
  • You get more then what you paid for
  • Products from premium beauty brands
  • The box lets you try different products and this way you get to know whether a product is worth purchasing or not.

So what are you waiting for. Go ahead and subscribe to GlamEgo Box

Contest Alert: As i told you earlier they have this contest ‘mark your loved ones middle/last name on the box and tag us’. You get to win Rs 10000 shoppers stop voucher. So hurry up get your box and participate in the contest.


GlamEgo Box January 2018 Review 

Hello Readers,

Happy new year everyone 🙂 I am happy to start my first blog post of the year 2018 with the Review of Indias top beauty subscription GlamEgo Box

Though i have tried a number of subscription beauty boxes, This is my first ever GlamEgo Box. Let me start with the introduction of the box 🙂 

What is GlamEgo Box?

GlamEgo box is India’s top online beauty subscription service. The Box allows you to explore a wide range of beauty products from both established luxury brands as well as flourishing niche brands. It lets you experience and single-out a product of your choice before you spend on pricey products that you are clueless about. The Box contains pre selected set of full sized and deluxe size beauty products from luxury brands. You can check more about the GlamEgo Box HERE

Subscription  plans

1 Month 399rs (includes shipping). Box will contain 4 products

3 Months 987rs  (includes shipping). Box will contain 4 products.

6 Months 1794rs (includes shipping). Box will contain 4 products.

12 Months 3468rs (includes shipping). Box will contain 4 products

You can subscribe for your box HERE

GlamEgo Box January 2018 

This months Box is a nice yellow and peach colour box titled as #noresolutions. 

The box contains 4 beauty products.

1) Face oil from Bio Bloom worth 1499rs for 15ml.

2) Shower Gel from M caffeine worth 189rs for 50ml

3) Face Cream from Natural bath & body. 20ml sample size. 

4) Lip gloss from bella voste worth 599rs for 3.2ml. 

My Experience – I totally love the january Glamego box. All the products inside the box are so useful and from popular brands. What i love the most is that the  skin care products are natural & paraben free. The box also contains a lip gloss where in you have a choice to choose the shade you like. Most of the subscription boxes don’t have this option of choice. But in Glamego box you can get shade of your choice. Another thing i loved is the products in the box are travel size products. I can easily carry them while travelling. I like that with glamego box i can try various products from different brands and will be able to keep myself updated with products from  popular beauty brands 🙂 If you love beauty on a budget or  if you love trying out new products then you should definitely subscribe to GlamEgo Box. 

Rating 5/5

August 2016 GloBox Review

Hello Readers,
Today i am introducing you guys to an all new Beauty Subscription Box called Glo BOX . Well i know you might be familiar with beauty subscription boxes but Glo BOX is something unique and created keeping in mind the needs of customer. Unlike other subscription boxes its not a random beauty box where you get random beauty products.


What is Glo Box?
Glo BOX is a personalised  Beauty Subscription Box…. PERSONALISED I’ll say it again…which contains beauty products carefully selected by beauty experts to suit your skin needs and hair type concerns, delivered at your door step each month. Its like a mystery box because you never know what you are going to receive. Globox does not guarantee any specific product to be present in any month’s Beauty Box .This means every box will contain different products as per the customers beauty profile. No products will be repeated in any future boxes.
Glo BOX aims to combine the customer’s wishes with expert’s advice and bring the combination of right products to them every month. This mystery box will let you try more brands and help you find the right product.



What it contains?
The box will contain 4-6 beauty products from all over the world selected by beauty experts as per your beauty profile. The products are all full sized. Surprise jewellery in selected boxes. It will also contain a Experts note in which they tell you why a particular product has been choosen and included in your box.



Value of the box
The value of the box is far less than the total value of all the products inside the box.
For eg- I got the monthly box priced at 799 and after discount at 699rs. It contained products worth 1892rs. Thus i saved 1193rs.
How cool is that 🙂 yaaaayy.


How it works?
1- Register/Create an account and Fill up your details ( Address, contact number ,email etc )
2- Fill up your beauty profile ( Here you have to just answer few questions about your skin type, hair type, any specific skin concern, your fav colour, they also ask you if you have any specific instructions for the beauty expert and so on )
3- Go to your cart and checkout  and fill up your billing address details and make the payment.And you are done.
Note- They have COD and PAY U payment option.
Watch the video on ‘how it works’ HERE

My Experience – i was jumping with joy when i opened the glo box filled with all the amazing beauty products. I got 2skin care products (Ethicare hydromax cream for face and body & Bio Bloom  honey,lemon juice ,olive oil Facepack),  1lip product ( Fuschia lip balm in black current) ,1 hair care product (Matrix biolage conditioner), 1makeup product ( Oriflame Very Me nailpaint in blue icing shade) , 1 Spiked neckpiece. I also got  2 samples of Tea Treasure Wellness Tea. All the products are from the best brands. I loved each and every product. None of the product i felt was useless to me. The fact that they were to suit my skin made me love them even more. I still cannot believe that i got products worth 2000 for just 699rs that too full sized. I even got a handwritten note from the founder and the beauty expert. I love handwritten notes. Because its specially written for me 🙂 Oh and i loved the cute packaging. The inside of the box is pink in colour which looked kinda cute. I can later use this box to store my makeup stuff :mrgreen: Everything was packed so carefully in the bubble wrap. The box is totally worth subscribing. You get best of the products at best prices and they have free shipping on the orders. What else do you expect. Its the best beauty subscription box i have ever came across.  I love brands that put customers satisfaction as their first priority. I am totally satisfied with Glo BOX. A big thumbs up for Glo BOX team. 🙂

Subscription Plans

Monthly 799rs
Billed every month.
One time Payment.

3 Months 2247rs
Rs.749/Per Month
One time Payment.
6% OFF on total price

6 Months 4194rs
Rs.699/Per Month
One time Payment.
13% OFF on total price

Yearly 7188rs
Rs.599/Per Month
One time Payment.
25% OFF on total price

Note– They currently have INR 100 OFF on the monthly box and the coupon code is “IN100” and 10% OFF on 3,6 & yearly subscription, Coupon code = “GLO10”. 

Contest Alert – Guys did you wonder why the Glo BOX is brown from outside?? Well Glo BOX team is running a ‘ Save the Brown Box’ contest.
All you have to do is Get your Brown Glo Box and design it the way you like with any materials. Click a picture of it and share on Glo BOXs fb page. For entire Rules please click HERE

Have fun Designing your box ♥
🔷Besides this they also have amazing Limited edition themed boxes which are pre curated.
● For the month of August they have a ‘Rakhi gift box’ which serves as a perfect gift for a sister. And ‘The 1947’ box to celebrate the Independence day, this box contains products worth Rs.1947. Both of these boxes are priced at Rs. 999.

Thats all. Hope you liked the GloBOX. Totally worth subscribing. You wont be disappointed. The Glo BOX also makes for a perfect gift for your friend/sister. So go ahead and subscribe to it:)


If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to comment below and i will reply asap 🙂

Think Frill : Princess Coffer (Period Subscription Box) Review

Hey Everyone i request you all to click HERE and read the introduction about the thinkfrill’s La Coffer period subscription box before you start reading the review of the princess Coffer box. i have written and explained everything in simple on the introduction post so that you dont get confused while placing an order for your La coffer subscription boxes

So i hope you have read the introduction. Now lemme start with the review.

~~~~  Princess Coffer ~~~~

The princess coffer is the second among the three subscription boxes.
Not the minimalist but not the overly fancy kinda either. This coffer is just right with all the bare necessities ,plus a little extra something once in a while.
Starting at  399rs per month.


The princess coffer box is violet in colour and has polka dots design on it. The box material is cartoon. Love the packaging. Its eye catchy.

As you open the box, you will see the contents of the box neatly packed with a butter paper.


Whats inside the box ?
√ Sanitary Supplies (As per your plan)
√ Frit -C Licorice Belts Candy worth 15rs
√ Avon Naturals lip balm worth 199rs
√ La plant Green Tea (one classic and two great flavours)
√ Pee safe Wet wipes worth 60rs
√ Cornitos Hot & Spicy
√ Discount coupons from Mac D, Dominoz, Pizza hut
√ Information Pamplets
√ Bonjour Mini Magazine


I totally love the contents of the box. Its worth subscribing.
You can place your order HERE


Think Frill: Duchess Coffer ( Period Subscription Box) Review

Hey Everyone i request you all to click HERE and read the introduction about the thinkfrill’s La Coffer period subscription box before you start reading the review of the Duchess Coffer box 🙂 i have written and explained everything in simple on the introduction post so that you dont get confused while placing an order for your La coffer subscription box 🙂

So i hope you have read the introduction. Now lemme start with the review.

           ~~~  Duchess Coffer ~~~
Duchess coffer is the first among the three subscription boxes.
This is the coffer for all the minimalists out there – no frills or overly fancy additions. Just the simple menstrual care box.



The Duchess Coffer box is pink in colour and has polka dots design on it.The box material is cartoon. The box looks very pretty and girly. Sure to drive away your period blues. Now as you open the box you can see the contents of the box neatly packed with a butter paper.


As soon as you open the butter paper ⬇


The Duchess coffer contains
• Sanitary Supplies (As per your plan)
• Kronokare Lavender body lotion worth 115rs
• Tempo Sanitizer worth 20rs
• Jolly Rancher Lollipop ( 2 pieces ) 2 different flavour Mango and Strawberry
• Typhoo Tea ( 3 pieces) 3 different flavours Classic, Jasmine & Moroccan mint
• Discount coupons from Mac D, pizza hut and domino’s
• Bonjour Mini Magazine
• Information Pamplet


Kronokare Lavender Lotion- Kronokare products are amazing. Being SLS and paraben free the lotion is going to make you look & feel great. Its floral scent will help you relax all throughout the day.

Typhoo Green Tea- Green Tea will help you stay active. It also helps with the cramps

Jolly Rancher Lollipops- Chocolates are always a better option. So while you are in pain just lie down and suck on this lollipops. You are going to feel much much better 😁 You will almost forget that you are on your period. I love the lollipops. Taste good 🙂

Tempo Sanitizer- Keeping your hands clean is very important not only during periods but other times also. This sanitizer can be of great use if you are travelling or heading out during your period. Hygiene first you know ! The small bottle of sanitizer will fit right into your wallet or pocket.

Discount Coupons from Mac D, Dominos, Pizza hut – If you feel like pampering yourself a little more.
However i really dont like this coupons. They have many restrictions.


Final Words ~~
Looking at the contents i think the box is not at all costly. Its worth subscribing. Go ahead and subscribe your box now.

Order your box HERE

Think Frill : La Coffer ( Period Subscription Box) Introduction & Review

Hey Girlies, i am back with something exciting for you all. Well its related to those days which we really hate. Yes i am talking about PERIODS. I know how much we all girls hate those days and what all we have to go through during those days. But there is no running from this awful thing 😦 But i have something for you all that can make your period FUN. Well its the La Coffer.

What is La Coffer?
Thinkfrill(dot)com has introduced a period subscription box known as La Coffer. Its a monthly, subscription-based, menstrual care package, which takes care of all your sanitary and hygiene needs. This also includes an assortment of goodies every month! These include body products, beauty supplies, snacks and some great deals every month to make your period happy and hassle-free! ☺

They have 3 boxes Duchess Coffer, Princess Coffer, Queen Coffer.

Duchess Coffer – This is the coffer for all the minimalists out there – no frills or overly fancy additions. Just the simple menstrual care box. It starts at 150rs per month. You get goodies worth 310rs for just 150rs

Princess Coffer – Not the minimalist, but not the overly fancy kind either? Don’t worry, this coffer is just right – with all the bare necessities, plus a little extra something every once in a while.
It starts at 300Rs per month. You get goodies worth 480rs for just 300rs

Queen Coffer – Two words – Treat yourself. Go overboard with the pampering with the most extravagant of our coffers, and be the Queen that you are. Starts at 600rs per month. You get goodies worth 1150rs for just 600rs.

How does this works?

Step 1– You will have to choose your sanitary supplies (Pads, pantyliners ,tampons) plan depending upon the heaviness of your flow ( For eg – Light –10 pads/PL/Tampons. Medium – 15, Heavy – 20).
You also get to choose brand and size of the pads/PL/Tampons which you can do in the 4th step.

Step 2– Choose the box you want. Duchess or Princess or the Queen coffer.

Step 3–  Choose your plan
(1Month, 3Months or 6Months)

Step 4– Customize your Sanitary supplies.
Here you get to choose the brand ( sofy, whisper , stayfree) of pad/pantyliner/Tampons and the size of pad/Pantyliner/tampon.
Also you have the option to choose the Number of Pad/PL/Tampon ( For eg: If you have choose Light plan ( 10sanitary suppiles) in step 1 then here in the 4th step you can select 5pads and 5tampons  OR 4 Pads ,2pantyliners and 4tampons and so on.)

Step 5- Choose Delivery Date

Thats it. Now sit back and relax and wait for your box 🙂

Note- Now let me tell you that the prices of the box is excluding the price of sanitary supplies.
For eg – If you want the duchess box for 1month you have to pay 150rs + price of sanitary supply plan  you choose ( 99, 149, 199)

—>So now if you are choosing Light plan (10 sanitary supplies for 99rs) and the duchess coffer for 1month subscription then you have to pay 150rs + 99rs = 249rs

Just mentioning all this so that you dont get confused 🙂
The box is totally worth subscribing. You get more and pay less.

I am reviewing the Duchess coffer and the princess coffer in my next blog post. So stay tuned for that 🙂

Whats More ??? (Apart from the box)
From ThinkFrill You can buy body products, beauty and grooming supplies from internationally recognized brands be it Maybelline or Urban Decay from the store. They also offer a wide selection of body products and grooming supplies for men including beard oils, shaving supplies, hair products and fragrances.