Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Review & Swatches

Hey Sassy Ladies, Today i am going to do a quick review of lip moisturizers from ISLAND KISS . Winter or not lip care products are a must.There’s not a day when i dont apply a lip moisturizer. Its a must for me and i am sure for you too. Lips being the ‘center of attraction’ of your face its very important that you keep them moisturised. Nobody likes dry &  chapped lips. Also… Having a lip balm is not enough but having a good lip balm that instantly moisturizes your lips is a must.

Well let me tell you that Island Kiss is an indian brand that had already launched back in 2015 with 3 variants of Lip Moisturizers. I have reviewed them on my blog. You can read it HERE

Recently Island kiss launched 2 new variants of lip moisturizers – 1) Black Rose & Grenade Rouge. 2) Flamingo Pink & Peonies. 

The lip moisturizer comes in a tube with a screw cap and has a slant applicator which enables easy application. The tube comes inside a cardboard box. The packaging looks so Inviting and Sexy such that it will tempt you to buy it. And just like the packaging the names of the lip moisturizers are pretty alluring.

The Lip Moisturizers are

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Pure
  • Organic
  • Cruelty free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Petroleum Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Safe
  • Provides Sun Protection

Price – 499Rs (Price is same for both the variants)

Size – 14gms

Best Before – 36 months 

Ingredients – 

  • Tropical kokum
  • Avocado & Mango Butter
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Stevia
  • Organic carrot seed oil
  • Pure castor oil
  • Rich vitamin E oil
  • Macadama nut oil
  • Black rose essential rose (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Pomegranate seed oil (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Citrus essential oil ( Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Peony Essential oil  (Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Natural Organic colour

The Black Rose & Grenade Rouge  gives a nice pinkish red  tint and smells purely of rose. I love the smell since its soothing & not strong but also stays on for a longer time.

The Flamingo Pink & Peonies gives a baby pink tint making your lips look like they are naturally pink. I can’t really make out what it smells like but the smell is good for sure. Not strong but soothing. Since it contains Peony essential oil i guess the smell must be of that. 

My Experience – The Lip Moisturizers glides easily on the lips and gives them an instant shot of hydration making lips super soft.Its smooth on the lips and not sticky at all. I love touching my lips again and again because they appear that soft. It keeps my lips hydrated for a good 4-5 hours without drinking or eating anything. I love how it instantly revives badly chapped lips…..Also that it contains natural ingredients that are good enough to eat 😁The smell is also soothing and not strong. The way it feels on my lips i feel like applying it often.

Rating 5/5

I totally recommend these Lip Moisturizers from Island Kiss ♥

Discount Alert – Island kiss is launching on Amazon and Theres a 50% off on Island Kiss Lip Moisturizers from 3rd to 10thfeb only on Amazon. So this is a pretty good chance to grab your Island Kiss at half the original price. Dont miss it out girls. Its a once in a lifetime offer. ☺

Find Island kiss on –

Instagram – @myislandkiss

Facebook – Island Kiss

Twitter –  myislandkiss



Inoface Modeling Cup Pack (Acerola) :

Hello Everyone,

I am back with another product review. This time something different and fun. What i am reviewing today is something that i have tried for the first time- A modeling cup pack from SKIN18. This cup pack is of INOFACE brand. Whenever i get something from Skin18 its always new to me thats because Skin18 has thousands of skincare brands that i haven’t even heard of and i am always as excited as hell to try the products 🙂 So when i got this Modeling cup pack i was confused and excited both at the same time.

The Modeling Cup Pack is a peel off face mask in Acerola variant which is effective for skin moisturisation and skin soothing. The packaging is that of like a thick plastic icecream cup with a screw cap. The packaging looks pretty for sure. The details mentioned on the cup are in korean language so i had to hop on to their website to check out the details. The face mask is in a powder form in baby pink colour. It doesn’t comes ready, you have to prepare it. Also inside the cup is a spatula/stirrer to be used while preparing the face mask.

About the product:-

INOFACE has around 10 types of Modeling cup packs and one of them is the ACEROLA variant that i am reviewing today. 

Directions of use:-

My Experience: So when i used it i did not take the entire powder of the cup. What i did is poured the powder using spatula 4-5 times in a plastic container and added water accordingly And stirred it. For me this was enough for my entire face for one time use. You need not use the entire powder in the cup. You can use it later on. The cup contains powder which can last upto a month. So after preparing the mask i immediately applied it on my face. As directed i kept it on for 15mins. During this period i did not notice any such irritation.The mask does not have any kind of fragrance. Once the mask dried i  washed it water as i wasn’t able to peel it off. This is no sort of peel of mask as the brand claims. What i noticed is that it makes the skin clean. It takes away the oilyness from the skin and leaves it looking fresh. It doesn’t dries out the skin. So its good for both oily and dry skin. Overall a good product but it wont peel off. This is where the product fails for me. 
Currently on sale at- 367.87INR for 15gm

Buy from HERE

Vedic Collection: Tatha Clay Mask Normal Review

Hello Readers,
Recently i came across a brand Vedic Collection and after visiting their website i was eager to try their products. So today i am going to review a Clay Mask from Vedic Collection. Before starting off with the review let me tell you all a little about the brand.

About The Brand The Vedic Collection is totally committed to provide pure, natural, safe and effective products, thereby, enhancing and enriching the lives of all those we touch.
All products are handmade under strict quality supervision and are paraben, sulphate and chemical free and are not tested on animals. They use, only recyclable glass bottles for storing  products to maintain its purity, as plastic containers react with the essential ingredients used in aromatherapy and loses its potency.
At Vedic Collection, it’s all about co-creating value with customers. There is a continuous innovation involved in making products, developing new ideas and providing solutions which satisfy customer’s needs.
Read More about the brand HERE

So last week i received the Tatha Clay Mask Normal from the brand. Here have a look


What the Product Claims?
This clay mask is soft and silky for sensitive skin and is the most gentle of all the clays. It is very mild, nurturing, and is particularly good for all skin types exfoliating and cleaning gently.


Packaging The Mask comes inside a glass tub container with a black plastic screw cap. It also has a white plastic lid inside which covers the mouth of the tub. The glass tub packaging is not at all travel friendly. But according to the brand plastic containers react with the essential ingredients used in aromatherapy and loses its potency and hence the glass tub packaging. The glass tub comes inside a cardboard box which contains all the information regarding price, best before, ingredients, directions of use etc

Price 525 Rs for 50gms
Best Before 18 months from mfg date


Ingredients & Direction of use (refer pic)



My Experience The mask is a pink creamy paste which spreads easily on the face and it smells of rose water. I applied the mask on my face and kept it on for 10-15 mins. It did not feel heavy. Even after drying the mask did not give any stretchy feeling to my face. After 10-15 mins i decided to remove the mask. I wiped it out with a warm wet wash cloth as directed. What i noticed is that it gives an instant glow to the face without making it dry and oily. Its just perfect. It very gentle on the face as said by the brand. It cleanse the skin well leaving it fresh and new. Also since the mask is more like a calamine lotion it will work good on acne prone skin also. I love everything about this mask and it works great on my combination skin.

You can buy the mask from HERE

Hope you find my review helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this you can comment below. I will reply asap 🙂

Review of Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip & Luke hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness from Skin18

Hello Readers 🙂 As promised i am back with a review. Remember i had reviewed few sheet masks from in my previous blog posts? Check it HERE if you haven’t. This time i am back with something exciting from Skin18. Its the LUKE Charcoal Nose cleansing strip & hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness. I got this as samples from Skin18 🙂

Review of Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip & Luke hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness from Skin18

Eye puffiness & blackheads can be pesky but with Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip & Luke hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness they can be a thing of the past. The nose strip comes in a black colour small plastic pouch & eye patch comes in a pink colour plastic pouch. I totally love their packaging….its girly and fun. Most of the time Its the pretty packaging that drives us to use the products.. Isn’t it? The first thing that i used was the hydrogel eye patch because i kinda loved the pink packaging. LOL.  Girls and pink things You know 😝

Luke hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness:

Luke hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness review

The luke hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness comes in a pink plastic pouch. It has two white patch inside it which are stuck on a plastic liner. One each for both the eyes.


Ingredients: Extracts of mugwort & green tea, Vit A, C & E , and hydrogel.

Price: Rs 93.39 BUY HERE

How to use:
1) Clean your face and dry with a towel
2) You can apply a little under eye cream before pasting the patch. If you dont apply that is also fine
3) Peel off the patch from the plastic liner and apply to the desired area
4)Leave on for 20-25mins and then remove the patch. No rinsing is necessary.

My Experience: i applied the patch and kept it on for around 20mins. After removing it what i noticed is that it tightens the skin under my eyes. It moisturises the skin making it appear soft that’s because mugwort, green tea &  hydrogel has great moisturising properties and my eyes does feel a little bit relaxed. Its easy and a fun way to deal with eye puffiness. I totally love this eye patch for they are easy to use. No mess nothing and You can easily carry them while travelling and use whenevr needed.

Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing strip:

Luke charcoal nose cleansing strip review

The luke charcoal nose cleansing strip comes inside a black plastic pouch. It has one black strip inside it.

Luke charcoal nose cleansing strip review

Ingredients: Vit E and aloe vera extracts, licorice root extract & hamamelis Virginiana.

Price: Rs 43.36 BUY HERE

How to use:
1) Clean your face & dry with towel
2) Now wet your nose with water  ( strip will not stick on dry nose)
3) Now peel the nose strip out from the plastic liner and apply it on the nose smooth side down , pressing down to ensure good contact with skin
4) leave it for 10-20mins. The strip will begin feeling stiff when it is ready to remove
5) Slowly & carefully peel off starting at edges pulling towards centre.

My Experience: I applied the strip and kept it on for 15mins. After removing what i noticed is that my nose appeared cleaner and i could see whiteheads on the strip. Its like waxing the nose which removes dirt and impurities. Aloe vera present in it helps soothe the skin. This strip is a great product especially when you dont have time to hit the salon. Also this procedure is not painful. The strip is easy to use. I totally recommend this product.

Thats all 🙂 Hope you find my review helpful. If you have any queries do comment below.

Aroma Essentials: D-Tan Mask Review

Summer is here and its time to have some outdoor fun in the sun wearing that favourite shorts 😀 As much as you might want to hit the beach and have all the fun you gotta take care of your skin. While summer fun may give you lotta memories it will also give you Tan 😝. I am sure nobody would want that ugly looking tanned skin. Tanning is the most common problem during summers and is caused due to over exposure to the sun. Though there are many remedies to treat the tan its always better to opt for natural remedies.
Today i am reviewing one such Natural & chemical free product called D-Tan Mask from the brand Aroma Essentials. Aroma Essentials is a brand which makes natural handmade skin & hair care products. They provide completely natural solutions for  your hair & skin problems. All their products are dermatologically tested. None are tested on animals. None of the products contains artificial fragrances. All products are made freshly in small batches using finest natural ingredients and therefore they have short shelf life.

Coming back to the review
   The D-Tan mask  comes in a small plastic round container with a screw cap and is priced at 250rs.

Aroma Essentials D-Tan Mask Review

It has a shelf life of 6 months and needs to be stored in a refrigerator. It is loaded with Bentonite clay, potato fermentated aha.

Aroma Essentials D-Tan Mask Review
Aroma Essentials D-Tan Mask Review

My Experience
The D-Tan mask reminds me of Multani Mitti. Thats because it smells like that. This product is a great natural de- tanner. I applied it and kept for 10-15mins and then washed off with cold water. It gave an instant glow to my skin without causing any irritation or breakouts. It doesnt dries out the skin nor streches it out. Its very light in weight and i did not feel any heaviness on my face when i applied the mask. It helps soothes the skin which is exposed to sun all the day. I store it in refrigerator so when i apply it gives a cooling & relaxing feel to the skin.

Conclusion/Final Words:
This product  makes for a perfect summer buy. This is what your skin needs this summer. Moreover the mask is natural and free from chemicals so in no way its going to harm your skin. Without giving it a thought you should buy it. I am sure you are going to love this product as much as i do and i think its suitable for all skin types.

Ratings 4/5

Where to buy Aroma Essential products?
You can buy it from their Facebook Page

You may also want to check out Aroma Essentials Green Tea FaceWash Review

NELFusa – Fabulash Mascara (Black) Review

Heyyy Girlies 🙂 Recently i came across a makeup brand called NELFusa. They sell quality cosmetics at affordable prices & this has made them the fastest growing cosmetic company in india. Many of you might not be aware of this brand. Even i am new to it. You can read more about the brand HERE

I am pretty bad when it comes to exploring new mascaras & kajal. That’s because when i find the right product for me i stick to it & pretty much wear the same thing. But a few days back the guys at NELFusa sent me a Mascara from their collection. I have been using this mascara since then and here i am reviewing it today.


The Mascara is called Fabulash Mascara. It has a cylindrical body which is black in colour and screw cap wand which is silver in colour. I love the simple yet classy packaging. The Mascara is priced at 375rs for 7ml.



What the product claims?
• Smudge Proof
• Dramatic Length
• Blackest Black

My Experience
I applied two coats of it on my eyelashes. The brush wand is pretty good. It makes the lashes look longer, separating & defining  each lash. It brings out the length of eyelashes but not as much as i expect it to be. The mascara dries out quickly when applied & doesn’t cause any irritation but i noticed a little clumping. But i have experienced this with almost all the damn mascaras i have used so far. The mascara stays true to its smudge proof claims but its not waterproof. It gets easily washed off with water. Also i dont agree with their blackest black claims. Its a normal black. This mascara is a good option for everyday wear  if you want  little/ decent coverage without making a big show of it.

My Personal Rating  3/5

Aroma Essentials: Pomegranate Soap Review

Hello People. How you all are doing ? Remember i had introduced you guys to the brand Aroma Essentials in my previous blogposts wherein i had reviewed a face wash from their range. If not then please click HEREto know everything about the brand Aroma Essentials. (Do read about the brand)

Today i am reviewing a Pomegranate Soap from their range. Let me start with the packaging.


The soap comes wrapped inside an intact paper. It has the brand name, soap name written on it. Other information like price, wt, mfg date, Ingredients were not mentioned. However i asked the brand about ingredients and price and they told me the soap has pomegranate seed powder n pomegranate pulp and is priced at 250rs. The soap is brown in colour and has a cubic shape. It looks like a chocolate. 😀 It has a nice soothing smell.Not at all overpowering.


My Experience: The soap Doesn’t lathers much on the skin since its free from  chemicals. Which means it wont dry out your skin. It cleanse the skin well giving it a soft n smooth feel.I love this soap since its free from chemicals and feels good on my skin. Its long lasting and doesn’t melts much. The soap is good.

You can buy the soap by contacting the brand on their Facebook page