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Today i am going to review another product from Brihans Natural. This time its a foot care cream with the goodness of aloe vera.

Many of us do not take proper care of our feet. We ignore that part of our body just because we think who is going to notice. But one must always maintain a healthy feet in order to avoid infections and rough skin because Dry, rough and cracked heels can get painful at times so make sure to take care of  your feet properly. Above all that one must make sure to use the right foot care cream with the ingredients that will actually help you to get better feet skin.  So today i am sharing  my experience of a foot care cream from Brihans Natural. Read on to know whether this is the one for you.

About the product – Green Leaf Aloe Foot Care Cream contains natural ingredients renowned for their moisturizing and healing properties on dry and damaged skin. Green Leaf Aloe Foot Care Cream rehydrate the skin, removes the dead tissue and repairs the basal skin layer, even as it guards against excessive itching and inflammation.

Active ingredient: Aloe Vera extract, Tea tree oil, Kokum butter.
Price 80rs for 50gms.

The cream comes in a white plastic tub with a screw cap. The tub comes sealed with foil paper. All the information regrading the product has been mentioned on the tub. The tub comes inside a cardboard box.

The foot care cream is white in colour and has a medium consistency. The smell is flowery and not at all strong.

My  Experience

I was really excited to test this cream since it contains my favourite ingredients, aloe vera and tea tree oil.My mom has major dry and cracked heels  so i decided to test this on my mom’s feet and find out whether aloe vera and tea tree oil really does its magic. The first thing she did was to smell the cream and thanked that it did not smell strong. My mom says the cream is really good and the way it feels on her feet.The cream is not oily and greasy and makes the feet skin soft. The skin on her heels was quite thick and rough but after using this cream for around 1 month she has seen a lot of improvement. The skin now appears much soft and her heels doesn’t pain like it use to do before. She is also happy that the product does not contain any harmful chemicals and therefore enjoys using this cream a lot more. I also asked my mom whether she liked the packaging and she said she would prefer a tube over tub. 

Aloe Vera present in the cream helps soothes the skin and can also help get rid of dry skin. So Pamper your feet with Green Leaf Aloe foot cream and say bye to cracked heels and dry ,rough skin. Make sure you use it daily in order to see the results. I am reviewing this after my mom used it for almost a month.

You can buy this from Amazon, flipkart, medical stores  , supermarkets.

Select Outlets of : Wellness Forever

– Religare

– Reliance Fresh

– Health & Glow

( Available in select cities only)

Thats all for now. I hope you like the review and find it helpful 🙂


Bloomsberry Smoothing Pedicure Jar

How often do we pamper our feets? Very rarely …..Majority of us wont pay much attention to our feet. We always think nobodys going to see my feet so who’s cares. But No… Even your feet requires timely care and that little pampering to keep them soft and preventing them from getting dry and rough. Now a days there are many  home made pedicure remedies also. But that also requires few procedures to be followed. So if you are too lazy to follow those procedures or visit a salon just like me then grab the Bloomsberry Smoothing Pedicure Jar. It is called cucumber foot scrub.

Read about Bloomsberry HERE

What the brand says about the product?
Treat rough heels and elbows with a spoonful of this sugar scrub. This scrub slough away dry skin and hydrate skin. Skin feels softer with every use. Rub into heels daily to heal cracked dry skin. Cool cucumber fragrance helps to make feet feel fresh. Apply your favorite foot cream after washing off to revel soft smooth feet.


It comes inside a transparent plastic jar with a screw cap. All the information such as ingredients, directions of use, price, mfg date is mentioned on the jar.


The jar comes sealed with foil paper.


This is how the scrub looks. It has a sand like texture.


It is Priced at 595 for 200g.
As an introductory price this pedicure jar is available  at Amazon & Flipkart at various offers and combos. Go grab it fast before the offers are gone.

Availability: All bloomberry products are available on flipkart & amazon and other sites like shopclues.

How to Use? Masaage the scrub into wet foot paying special attention to rough and dry areas. Rinse, pat dry & admire newly soft smoother feet. Finish off by applying your favourite foot cream or lotion.

My mom’s Experience: i made my mom use this product because she has dark and rough skin on her feet. I wanted to know whether this product really works on major dry and rough feet. As per the instructions given on the jar i used this product on my mom’s feet. I massaged it nicely for a good 2-3 minutes. After washing & moisturising the feet my mom was so pleased with the results. Her feet looked cleaner & felt oh so soft.  However she did not like the smell. But the product is great which gives instant results. It cleans the feet well. Removes all the dirt making the feet look clean & refreshed. My mom has already started recommending this product  to her friends 😁

Rating 4/5
I wish the smell was better. Overall the product is good.

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Moha: Foot Care Cream Review

Cracked heels are a common problem and we often ignore it. Due to which the skin around the heels becomes dry, thick & rough. It is therefore very important to keep your heels moisturized especially during winters as direct exposure to cold weather can cause more dryness. Using a footcream daily can help you prevent dry & cracked heels. One must give equal attention to foot skin as much as one gives to face skin. If you want to have instant results on your cracked heels then this post is for you.
Today i bring a review of one such foot care cream which is effective as well as affordable. Its the Moha’s foot care cream. I had already introduced you guys to the brand moha in my previous post where i had reviewed a soap from their range. Today i am reviewing a foot care cream from their range. Now get Happy Feet with Moha’s foot care cream☺



Packaging: The cream comes inside a squeeze tube with a flip cap. The tube comes inside a cardboard box. The design on the cardboard box and that on the tube is of images of active ingredients in the cream. i.e papaya, aloe, peppermint. The packaging is beautiful & decent.

Ingredients & Direction of use:



Price: 163rs For 100g
Best before: 3 years from mfg date.

What the product claims?
Endowed with papaya & aloe gel, it luscious, creamy formula soothes away calluses & cracks, leaving your feet smooth & soft.


Papaya & aloe join hands to give your feet the soft texture you crave with moha’s luxurious foot cream.

My experience:
The cream is off white in colour & has a thick consistency & creamy texture. It gets absorbed into the skin on massaging and does not makes the feet greasy. It has a mint kinda smell which some of you may not like. The smell of this cream stays on my fingers for sometime even after washing my hands which i dont like. However the smell is not over powering. I wanted to know whether this cream works on major cracked & dry heels therefore I first made my mom use this cream since she had ugly cracks & tough skin on her heels. Within two days of using it she noticed the difference. Her foot skin felt soft & smooth and the cracks were less visible as compared to before. The tough skin on her heels soften and became less dry. Due to which her heels now doesnt hurts while walking as it use to before. She applies the cream once daily during bedtime and is quite happy with the reults. It also makes her feet look clean and new.
Its a soothing footcream which nourishses & softens hard dry skin. Also its good for daily use and priced decently and from such an excellent brand Moha. I totally recommend it.

Buy the cream from here