OrganicMill: Lip Gloss in Raspberry shade Review 

Hello Readers,

Today’s post is all about Lip Product from ORGANICMILL. Before starting of with the review let me tell you a little about the brand…Since this is the first time i am reviewing a product from Organic Mill. 

About the Brand: OrganicMill  is a 2 year old brand based in Greater Noida. OrganicMill provides 100% organic daily skin care products without any chemicals and preservatives. All raw material are organic USDA certified. Products are made from finest and select herbs,oils and butters. They make fresh products on order basis as the shelf life of products is less. OrganicMill also customises fragrance for a few of their products. 

List of Products Provided by OrganicMill: 

Lip balm- 250/- 10gm

Lip scrub- 250/- 10gm

Salve- 400/ – 30gm

Body scrub- 400/- 100gm

Face lep- 400/- 70gm

Toner – 300/- 100ml

Hair oil- 300/- 100ml

Night cream- 450/- 30gm

Under eye cream- 350 /- 10gm

Bath salt- 350/-  100gm

Glycerin soaps- 100/- 100gm

Hand and foot mask- 400/- 70 gm

Aloe day gel- 350/- 30 gm

Body sunscreen- 500/- 70gm

Bug me Not- 350/- 30gm

Detox Clay Mask – 400/- gm

Compact powder –  500/- 20gm

Face and Body Cream – 400/- 70 gm

Body Polisher- 400/- 100

Eye Liner- 10 gm 300.

Coming back to the review part….Last week organicmill sent me a lip gloss in raspberry shade.

The lip gloss comes in a round plastic container with a screw cap and has a protection lid inside. All the information regarding the product is mentioned behind the container.

To be honest i don’t like the tub packaging. Its unhygienic and Since you need a seperate lip brush to apply it, everytime there will be a need to wash it (brush) again and again and carry it(brush) along with you in case you are carrying the lip gloss while travelling. I would prefer a squeezable tube. 

Price 300rs for 10gms

Best Before 6 months from mfg date.

For Ingredients, Direction of use, Instructions please refer the above picture.

My Experience – The Raspberry lip gloss is a dark pink shade. It gives a nice pink tint to the lips. But since i have darker lips the shade isn’t visible much. It will look better on fair lips is what i feel. The lip gloss glides smoothly and doesn’t feels heavy on the lips. It makes my lips soft and keeps it hydrated for a good 2-3 hours without eating or drinking. Its a nice shade for daily wear as its not very dark and at the same time keeps the lips hydrated.

Rating 3/5


  • Organic
  • Made Fresh
  • Hydrating
  • No chemicals


  • Packaging could have been better

You can buy the lip gloss from HERE


Customize Your Imagination with CRAFTY CAT

Now a days , we all wish we could get our things customised…Even when it comes to gifting we prefer customised gifts. But in the markets you will not always find things as per your choice. But with this online store CRAFTY CAT you can now easily get a lot of things customised.
Crafty Cat is a Ludhiana based online store on instagram/facebook owned by two cat and craft lovers Harsimran & Diksha. Their collection includes –
♥Customised/personalised handmade Gifts, jewellery, home decor, handmade phone covers and much more  party and birthday things. They ship their creations in India and worldwide too.

Recently CraftyCats send me a Handmade Phone Case.
Yes this is handmade. Looks so perfect.  I love their work. It’s so neat with superb finishing and evrything is just so perfect about this Phone Case. The fact that it is handmade for me makes it so much more special. This phone cover costs 499 along with shipping. You can also get such phone covers customised from CraftyCat.
Here are few more pictures of me posing with the Phone Cover.




Hope you like the phone cover from Crafty Cats.
You can see their entire collection on instagram over HERE and place your order with them in case you want to shop. You can even contact them on FACEBOOK

One more thing readers, Crafty cat also has a youtube channel where they show you how to make handmade things, they also post about diy beauty tips and much more. So do check them out on YOUTUBE and please subscribe to their channel.

If you sell handmade things do mention your store name below. I would love to check it out 🙂 handmade things are love ♥


HandMadeHope – Happiness is Handmade

Hello Readers,
Recently i came across an online store HandMade Hope
Well i wont call it a store exactly but  HandMadeHope is a social startup providing livelihood opportunities to the economically underprivileged individuals. At handmadehope all things are purely handmade and made with love by people who are economically underprivileged.
At HandMadeHope you will find handmade things such as Notebooks, Diaries, Pouches, Paperbags, gadgets sleeves, incense and many more things.
The notebooks and diaries are made of recycled paper and the designs on them are handpainted. The pouches are made of jute. You will find incense sticks which are biodegradable and made from natural ingredients. In this way HandMadeHope also contributes to environment . Not only this but they also customize things as per your needs.
You can check out their entire collection HERE They have a vast collection of handmade happiness.

When it comes to handmade i am a big sucker for it. Because handmade things are made with so much love and care. And handmade things are always the cutest because there is something special in handmade things.  I support handmade 🙂
Recently i got few handmade paperbags and a Notebook from HandMadeHope. Here have a look


I was so happy when i received these stuffs from handmadehope.

Brown Paper Bag (Small)


This bag is handmade from recycled brown paper and has a lovely quote on it. This looks so perfect and unique. This paper bag also makes for a gifting option.



This is a hand bound notebook and has soft brown cover and  the design/quote on it is screenprinted. It has ruled pages inside. If you are a college going person such notebooks would be perfect. Also being light in weight you can carry it easily all the time without worrying of weight in your bag 🙂 Instead of buying from shops buy from handmadehope because such things will give you a feeling of uniqueness & happiness 🙂 There are many more varieties in notebooks and diaries on their site.

Paper Bag (big)



These are paper bags in large size made from tinted paper material. Now you will think that these are just ordinary paper bags. But the fact that they are handmade makes them altogether special. The fact that they were specially made for you 🙂 i totally love the bright colours of the bags.  You will find many more varieties in paper bags on their site.

So thats all 🙂 i hope you loved this post as much as i loved writing this. Readers please do support handmade. When you buy something handmade you are not just buying a thing but you are buying a piece of heart, a part of soul, a moment of someone’s life. Also please never bargain while you buy handmade. If you support handmade do check out and shop from them.

Use coupon code PNPB to get a discount on their site. The code is valid till 30th August.


Handcrafted soaps from Soap Factory- Introduction & Review

Recently i came across a brand called SOAP FACTORY on facebook which sells handcrafted soaps. I am very fond of handmade soaps especially when they look extra cute and smells wonderful. Soap Factory is a brand based in Mumbai and owned by jayshree Rukhana. They have the cutest handmade soaps in different sizes, shapes and colours. The soaps are totally free from parabens & sles. So there is less of foam. They use a lot of olive oil..castor oil…coconut oil..grapeseed oil…along with Shea butter n cocoa butter. Colors are either cosmetic colors which are skin safe…but mostly edible colors are used…due to which they turn duller if kept for long. Fragrances as well as essential oils are used wherever possible. Their price range starts from 50rs for a bar of 75gms. However prices may vary depending upon the size and shape of soaps. They also make customised soap hampers for baby showers, return gifts, wedding favours etc.

I received few soaps from Soap Factory in different variants like strawberry, lavender, green apple, neem, almond, peach, orange, lime and few more. All of the soaps smells just amazing. The smell is not overpowering. Each of the soaps have their own unique smell & colour. Have a look

Out of all these the soaps i have used Green Apple, lavender, orange & Strawberry. I am yet to use the remaining soaps.

Green Apple soap

Lavender, strawberry, orange soaps

These soaps comes wrapped inside intact paper and has the brand name and the soap name written on it. No other information regarding price, weight, ingredients, expiry has been mentioned.

My Experience These soap feels extremely smooth on my skin and doesn’t lathers much as it is free from chemicals. It cleanse the skin very well. It did not dry out my skin & is very gentle on skin.
I kept these soaps near my bedside table and whenever i sat there i could smell their amazing fragrance all the time. Totally loving these soaps.

You can place your order on their facebook page


Sheer Care : Carbon & Clay Facial Soap

Not many of you might be aware of Sheer Care. They are established around 2014s. Sheer Care sells handmade soaps, shampoos, creams, lotions, lip balms. But these are not officially out on website. They  would soon add them one at a time. At present they offer only soaps- cold processed and hot processed. Their products are natural and prepared from scratch in india.They use natural colorants, skin safe fragrance, essentials oils, herbs, clays, fruits, flowers etc in correct proportion to make their products & provide safe and healthy care and toxin free  skincare experience. Sheer care says that if you eat properly, work out daily, do not stress then you wont need any 7days magic potion , you will shine each day.

Coming back to the review.
I received a carbon clay facial soap from sheer care 2-3 weeks before . This is how it looks



It comes wrapped in an intact paper. The soap name written on one side and the ingredients ,price ,weight are mentioned on the other side. While some of you may not like the packaging i find it cute. The soap is black in colour and round in shape. Has a natural and gentle smell.


How to use?
Wet your face and apply the soap. Leave it for 1 minute and then rinse off. Use only at Morning & Night. Avoid washing your face with the soap too much.

For ingredients, price and weight please refer to the above picture.

What the product claims?


My Experience
After washing my face with this soap what i felt is that it doesnt dries out my skin nor leaves it oily & strechy. Nor does it causes any irritation. It eliminates the excess oil from the face thus helps in preventing acne. Since it contains neem oil which is very good in treating acne prone oily skin. After using it for a week i now see my skin less oily. Even when i wake up,my face doesnt feels oily as it use to before.The soap helps in controlling oil secretion & reduces blemishes. The soap lathers pretty well and has a natural smell. I would highly recommend this soap for those with oily acne prone skin. My skin  loves this soap for its free from toxins and harsh chemicals. ☺

Rating 5/5
I dont find any cons in it.

How to buy?
You can also message them on their facebook page Sheer Care