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Red Rose 100% natural Tulsi Powder Review & DIY Tulsi facepack for oily skin

Hey guys i am back with a review and facepack recipe for oily skin and also for pimples & acne marks.

I am going to share 2 facepack recipes using tulsi powder. Before that let me tell you about the tulsi powder that i have used.

Tulsi Powder from the brand red rose.

The tulsi powder is mehndi green in colour.

This packet of 100gms is priced at 165rs. It has a shelf life of 2 years.

We all know that tulsi has bundle of benefits for skin. It is commonly and widely used in herbal and cosmetic products for its purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties.

I have been using this tulsi powder for 2 weeks now. Like in 2 weeks i have used it 3-4 times on my face.

I tried using this with 2 different ingredients. One is multani mitti and the other is tomato juice.

Tulsi Powder and Multani Mitti facepack for oily skin-

1tbsp tulsi powder, 1tbsp multani mitti and little water or you can use rose water also. This facepack is beneficial for oily skin.

I have used multani mitti also from red rose brand. You can check it HERE

Tulsi Powder and tomato juice for fading acne marks –

1tbsp tulsi powder and tomato juice accordingly. Apply this paste and keep for 20 minutes. Then wash it off. It helps in reducing blemishes.

My Experience – When i used this powder At first i didn’t notice any results. But when i used 2-3 times i started loving it. I liked it more with tomato juice. My skin appears clean and fresh. But honestly i cant comment on the scar fading thing as of now. I have used just 3-4 times. May be prolonged use will help with fading marks. If in future i notice any results i will update about the same on this post.

While removing the facepack instead of washing i scrub it gently at first and then wash the rest with water. This way it feels more good on the skin.

Do i recommend it? Yes totally. Go for it. You wont be disappointed.

Tulsi powder can be used with so many other ingredients to make facepack that is suitable for your skin.

You can know about the brand and their products HERE

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Glamego Box February 2018: Unboxing & Review

Hello Readers,

The love month is here and so is my February glamego box. I have, in the earlier blog posts, introduced you all to glamego box. You can check it HERE. So i will just skip the introduction part.

This months Glamego Box is a white box with alphabets written in red all over it.

At first i was confused as to why those alphabets, since its love month and i was expecting some hearts and flowers kinda design on the box. It was when i opened the box and found a pamphlet mentioning a contest ‘ mark your loved ones middle/last name on the box and tag us’ then i realised the purposes of those alphabets. I actually loved this idea of packaging.

The box came with 4 products.

  1. Mcaffeine choco face pack. 25ml for rs 359.
  2. Kronokare pollution stop face 30 ml for rs 495.
  3. The nature’s co radiance face cream. 25ml for rs 550.
  4. Natural Bath and Body body mist. 200ml for rs 325.

The box is priced at 399rs for 1 month. They also have subscription plans. You can check them in previous post HERE

M caffeine Choco Glow Face Pack: I was so tempted to eat this face pack. Yes it looks and smells that delicious and chocolaty. It was very hard to resist not eating this face pack. Feels very good on the skin. The best product in this months box.

Kronokare Pollution Stop Face: I haven’t used this product yet. Its a product to protect your face against pollution. It is suitable for all skin types.

The Nature’s Co Radiance Face Cream: This is a Saffron Radiance face cream. It gets absorbed easily into the skin. It is non sticky so i love using this.

Natural Bath & Body body mist: I dont usually use Body mists. But this one from NBB was quite good. It has a faint light smell which was a huge relief to me, as i am sensitive to strong fragrances.

My Experience : I was very much happy with this months Glamego Box. As always the products were amazing. I was asked my skin type and according to that i got the product. I was even asked the choice of makeup product and facepack selection. I had opted for Bella Voste chubby stick and M caffeine choco facepack for dry skin. However instead of bella voste chubby stick i got the natural bath & body (NBB) body mist. I am not very much a fan of body mists. But still i liked this one from NBB. Not only this, the body mist had mfg date of jan 2017 which means the product was a year old. I dont prefer a product that is a year old. So to be honest that disappointed me. All other products had mfg date of dec 2017. I tried all the products except the kronokare product. All the products were super amazing and my skin loves them.

Is the Glamego Box worth subscribing? Definitely YES

Why is it worth subscribing?

  • Easy on pocket
  • You get more then what you paid for
  • Products from premium beauty brands
  • The box lets you try different products and this way you get to know whether a product is worth purchasing or not.

So what are you waiting for. Go ahead and subscribe to GlamEgo Box

Contest Alert: As i told you earlier they have this contest ‘mark your loved ones middle/last name on the box and tag us’. You get to win Rs 10000 shoppers stop voucher. So hurry up get your box and participate in the contest.

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Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Brightening Face Pack & Traditional Hair Oil Review 

Hello Readers,

Recently i was looking out for homemade beauty products and stumbled upon Yami Herbals which makes 100% Natural homemade products and that’s when i decided to try them.

You all may not be familiar with Yami Herbals, so i am going to tell you a little about the brand. Based in Tamilnadu, YAMI HERBALS makes and sells personal care products that are kind to your skin and the environment. Their skin and haircare recipes are inspired by traditions that are slowly being forgotten, but are presented with a modern twist. All their products are natural, vegetarian, affordable, and made with love and care.

Products include traditional herbal hair oil, hair pack, baby bath powder , skin polishing Scrubs, skin brightening facepack and Shikakaai hair wash powder.

Here i am going to talk about two products from Yami herbals – Skin Brightening Face pack and Traditional hair oil.

Currently my hair and face skin are going through a bad phase and hence my looking out for homemade products. Read on to know my experience with yami herbal products…

Yami Herbals Skin brightening face pack –

The face pack is in powder form and is a mixture of badam, pista, potato starch, whole green gram, cucumber seeds, orange peel, pudina leaves, cinnamon, oats, samba wheat and aavarampoo.

Suitable for all skin types

Priced at 200rs fir 100gms.

Best before 1 year from mfg date.

How to use – Mix the pack with curd or milk and make a thin paste. Apply and scrub gently all over the face. Wait for 10mins and then wash off with warm water and massage with ice cube.

My experience – To be honest, i always have to think twice before putting anything on my face but given that yami herbals face pack contains ingredients which are 100% natural i didn’t hesitate to use it. I am using this face pack twice in a week. And no i didn’t get brighter skin. But the face pack does benefits my skin. It sweeps away impurities and reveals a smoother skin. It doesn’t dries out my skin nor makes it oily. So whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin this face mask will definitely help you. Its not going to make your skin bright overnight but yes it does lifts up skin. My skin feels healthy and fresh. The ingredients present in the face pack are very beneficial for the skin.

Yami herbals traditional hair oil-

Priced at 460rs for 100gms.

Best before 1 year from mfg date

The hair oil is a blend of 12 herbals that are useful in strengthening and prevents greying of hair naturally.

My experienceLately my hair have been extremely dry and my hairfall has increased. I have tried a few solutions like changing my shampoo and hair oil. Currently using the yami herbals hair oil. I started using this hair oil 20 days ago and having applied twice in a week so far i noticed that my hairfall is a little less but it didn’t help with the ‘dry hair’ thing. It does helps with the dandruff problem. I cant comment on the greying thing. May be this hair oil will work excellent for those having oily hair. Being a herbal formulation the smell of the oil is bit turn off. I am going to give some more time to this product to see if it helps with my dry hair problem.

Overall i loved the Yami Herbal products since by using them i am giving my skin the treatment it deserves.

Find Yami Herbals HERE

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Himalaya Herbals: Pure Hands Hand Sanitizers Review

Do you travel often ?? Then a hand sanitizer is a must for you. I love travelling so a hand sanitizer is a constant staple of my bag ….One that smells good and is effective in cleaning. 

Recently Himalaya Herbals brand sent me 3 hand sanitizers in variants – Litchi, Green Apple and Lemon Fragrance. Today i am going to review these Hand Sanitizers. Read on to know my experience.

Pure Hands Hand Santizer Review

What the brand says about the product? 
The first of its kind, Himalaya’s PureHands is an effective, herbal, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs, prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene.

PureHands contains extracts of herbs like Coriander, which have potent antimicrobial properties and Lime, which is a natural bactericidal. In addition, the active ingredients of Neem, which are antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral, safely keep viruses, bacteria and fungi at bay.

Key Ingredients: Hrivera, Coriander, Lime, Ushira, Neem. 

Directions of use: Squeeze approximately 0.5 ml (coin-sized drop) of the gel on your palms. Rub well over the palms, back of hands, fingernails and grooves briskly, until dry. No water is required after use.

PureHands is absolutely safe for regular use. It contains moisturizers that prevent skin irritation. TheProduct has been clinically tested, and its safety and efficacy is proven.

Price: 80rs for 100ml.

Expiry: 2 years from mfg date

Packaging: It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap. All the information regarding the product is mentioned behind the bottle. 

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer in Litchi –

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Review – Litchi Variant

The litchi variant is pink in colour and smells purely of litchi. The smell is so juicy that i have an urge to smell it again and again. The smell lingers on my hand for quite some time which i love absolutely. Among all the 3 variants this has to be my favourite.

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer In Lemon Fragrance-

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Review – Lemon Fragrance

This one is transparent and smells of lemon. The fragrance is very light and mild. My mom quite liked this variant and decided to keep it for herself 🙂

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer In Green Apple:

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Review – Green Apple

This is green in colour and honestly i did not like its smell much. So this has to be my least favourite. I am going to pass it on to my sister. 😁 

The consistency of these hand sanitizers is medium. They are not gel type but a little watery. They do the job of cleaning hands very well without drying out them. They dont feel sticky on my hands and get absorbed quickly. You just need 2 peanut size amount for both the hands. All the 3 hand santizers have their respective colours as per the variants. I totally recommend these hand sanitizers. 


  • Maximum Protection
  • Effective
  • Does not dries out hand
  • Safe for regular use
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Non sticky
  • Herbal
  • Decently Priced
  • Travel friendly

Rating 5/5

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Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Review & Swatches

Hey Sassy Ladies, Today i am going to do a quick review of lip moisturizers from ISLAND KISS . Winter or not lip care products are a must.There’s not a day when i dont apply a lip moisturizer. Its a must for me and i am sure for you too. Lips being the ‘center of attraction’ of your face its very important that you keep them moisturised. Nobody likes dry &  chapped lips. Also… Having a lip balm is not enough but having a good lip balm that instantly moisturizes your lips is a must.

Well let me tell you that Island Kiss is an indian brand that had already launched back in 2015 with 3 variants of Lip Moisturizers. I have reviewed them on my blog. You can read it HERE

Recently Island kiss launched 2 new variants of lip moisturizers – 1) Black Rose & Grenade Rouge. 2) Flamingo Pink & Peonies. 

The lip moisturizer comes in a tube with a screw cap and has a slant applicator which enables easy application. The tube comes inside a cardboard box. The packaging looks so Inviting and Sexy such that it will tempt you to buy it. And just like the packaging the names of the lip moisturizers are pretty alluring.

The Lip Moisturizers are

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Pure
  • Organic
  • Cruelty free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Petroleum Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Safe
  • Provides Sun Protection

Price – 499Rs (Price is same for both the variants)

Size – 14gms

Best Before – 36 months 

Ingredients – 

  • Tropical kokum
  • Avocado & Mango Butter
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Stevia
  • Organic carrot seed oil
  • Pure castor oil
  • Rich vitamin E oil
  • Macadama nut oil
  • Black rose essential rose (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Pomegranate seed oil (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Citrus essential oil ( Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Peony Essential oil  (Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Natural Organic colour

The Black Rose & Grenade Rouge  gives a nice pinkish red  tint and smells purely of rose. I love the smell since its soothing & not strong but also stays on for a longer time.

The Flamingo Pink & Peonies gives a baby pink tint making your lips look like they are naturally pink. I can’t really make out what it smells like but the smell is good for sure. Not strong but soothing. Since it contains Peony essential oil i guess the smell must be of that. 

My Experience – The Lip Moisturizers glides easily on the lips and gives them an instant shot of hydration making lips super soft.Its smooth on the lips and not sticky at all. I love touching my lips again and again because they appear that soft. It keeps my lips hydrated for a good 4-5 hours without drinking or eating anything. I love how it instantly revives badly chapped lips…..Also that it contains natural ingredients that are good enough to eat 😁The smell is also soothing and not strong. The way it feels on my lips i feel like applying it often.

Rating 5/5

I totally recommend these Lip Moisturizers from Island Kiss ♥

Discount Alert – Island kiss is launching on Amazon and Theres a 50% off on Island Kiss Lip Moisturizers from 3rd to 10thfeb only on Amazon. So this is a pretty good chance to grab your Island Kiss at half the original price. Dont miss it out girls. Its a once in a lifetime offer. ☺

Find Island kiss on –

Instagram – @myislandkiss

Facebook – Island Kiss

Twitter –  myislandkiss


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Duft Refreshing Wet Wipes Review

We all are aware of wet wipes. They are a common things now-a-days. They are used not just on the face but for many other purposes such as household cleaning, at workplace, personal care, even while travelling these wet wipes come handy. Earlier they were just a summer need but now they are used in day to day life.Yes there are many companies out there selling wet wipes but what matters is the quality. Today i am reviewing one such wet wipes.

Recently i came across wet wipes of an  Indian Brand called DUFT. Duft has 2Variants in wet wipes –
Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Cucumber

Duft- Aloevera & Cucumber wet wipes review

About: Cucumber which keeps the skin cool and refreshing. It helps remove dirt and impurities from the face and neck. Cucumber nourishes the skin from deep pores and leaves the skin breathing and gives a freshening feel.

Size: 200mm × 150mm
Price: 75rs for 25wipes
Best Before: 2years from mfg date
Material: Spun Lace Non Woven fabric

How did i find it? Used it on my face and found it pretty good. It doesn’t irritates my skin nor does it dries out my skin. Neither did it make my skin oily. No iritation nothing. It gently cleans the skin. Since these are alcohol free and paraben free it wont harm your skin. It has a nice scented smell which some of you might find strong. I also used this to clean my desk and it cleans pretty well. The packaging is good too since its resealable. You can easily carry this in your bag.

Rejuvenating Aqua Facial Wet Wipes

Duft: Aqua Facial Wet Wipes review

About: This one is loaded with Vit E which is the key ingredient for soft and smooth and glowing skin. It helps remove dirt and impurities from the face and neck. Vitamin E clears the skin and leaves it smooth, subtle and free flowing.

Size: 200mm × 150mm
Price: 75rs for 25wipes
Best Before: 2years from mfg date
Material: Spun Lace Non Woven fabric

My experience: Just like the Aloevera and cucumber this one is also gentle on the skin. I also used it to wipe out my makeup and it did the job well. This one is less scented as compared to aloevera & cucumber. For those who dont like strong scents should go for this. I also used this to clean my desk and it cleans easily. I dont have to struggle with it. The packaging is good too since its resealable. You can easily carry this in your bag.

✔ Alcohol free
✔ Paraben free
✔ Gentle on skin
✔ Resealable Pack
✔ Decently priced
✔ Multipurpose
✔ For all skin types (both variants)
✔ Mild scented (Aqua Variant)

Cons (not really a con for everyone)
❌I find the scent of Aloevera & Cucumber a bit overpowering. (Con only for those who dont like strong fragrance).
❌I wish they had packets of lesser wipes,say pack of 10 (for those who want to try at first) I only found pack of 25wipes on their website.

PLEASE NOTE: These wet wipes are not for personal hygiene ( As stated on the pack)

PNP Rating: 4/5

Buy from HERE
Also Available at – Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Shopclues


Hope you find this review helpful and enjoyed reading it.

If you use wet wipes do let me know of which brand do you use. Comment below. I would love to read your commmets. ♥☺


Bloomsberry Minute Manicure Jar Review

Not everyone has the time to hit the salon every now and then in this so called busy life and for a thing like manicure a busy person will never ever think of going to a salon at least not me.  Trust me i haven’t got a manicure done in my entire life. Poor me 😦 But we all do sometimes feel  like getting a manicure done when you want to attend a party, wedding or going on a date. After all your hands says a lot about your personal hygiene to those around you. I have got a quick fix to this issue. Now you can get manicure done at your home instantly in one minute flat with the Bloomsberry Minute manicure jar.
Read about Bloomsberry HERE
Bloomsberry has launched a new spa range of manicure & pedicure jars. They were kind enough to send me these products for reviewing them on my blog.
Today i am reviewing the Minute Manicure jar. Its a instant manicure hand scrub with sugar.


The Instant manicure hand scrub comes in a transparent white plastic jar with a screw cap. On opening you will find that the jar is sealed with foil paper


Only on tearing the foil is when you can smell the product. It smells like a bubblegum to me. I wish the smell was something slight strong & refreshing. The product is candy pink in colour and looks yummy. It has a sand like texture and has medium consistency (not very thick & not very runny).




It is priced at 549rs for 150g.

Best before wasn’t mentioned on the jar only the mfg date was mentioned.

How to use ? Massage it into wet hands for full one minute paying special attention to dry & rough areas and cuticles. Rinse clean to reveal hands that look baby soft. Finish off by applying  hand cream or lotion & reveal hands that look as they have spent whole day at spa.

Availability: Bloomsberry products are available on Flipkart and Amazon and other sites like , shopo.inin

All Bloomsberry product are available at discounted rates and combo offers on AMAZON & FLIPKART

My Experience: I start by taking a little product on my palm and massage it gently on my hands paying special attention to my fingers and cuticles. It feels like melted sugar. Not sticky at all. A little amount is sufficient for both the hands. After massaging i wash my hands (only with water) and feel them so soft and ofcourse cleaner than before. I love my hands a little more after using this product. It does makes my hands look cleaner in first use.I then pat dry my hands with the towel & apply hand lotion. The hand scrub doesn’t leaves behind any smell on my hands.
What i feel is the product doesnt provide long term benefits/results. But its a super quick fix to your ugly hands when you have no time to hit the salon. Also i wish the brand should have provided a mini scoop. I have to dip my fingers inside the jar which is kind of unhygienic and creates a mess.

Makes hand soft and smooth.
Makes hands look cleaner on first use.
Gives instant results.
Right price as per the product.

Contains SLS
No scoop for removing the product
Smell is ok types
Best before not mentioned on the jar

Rating: 3/5

Overall its a good product to use when you have no time for salon.

That’s all. Hope you guys find my review helpful. I have been totally honest while presenting my views on this product. If you have any queries or suggestion please comment below and i will reply asap. ☺💜

For any kind of collaborations feel free to mail me on


Moha Anti Dandruff oil Review

All of us at some point in life face dandruff problems & try numerous anti dandruff shampoos, creams ,oils etc. But many of these products fail to give desired results, some may not suit your skin, others are too pricey. As far as possible one must always avoid  chemical ladened products because that only worsens the problem. Switch to products that are chemical free. Today i am reviewing one such Hair oil which is chemical free, affordable & effective. Its the Moha Anti Dandruff Oil.
Moha is a range of herbal skin care products enriched with rich concentration of natural, skinfriendly herbal actives. I had already introduced you guys to the brand moha in my previous blog posts where i had reviewed their footcare cream & soap. Both the products are amazing & gave desired results. I am so happy with the brand Moha, so far it hasnt disappointed me and here i am again with another review of their product.


What the brand says about the oil?
Get soft, shiny, healthy hair with this non sticky Anti dandruff hair oil. A delightful infusion of Neem, Hibiscus & rusmari oils. It effectively fights dandruff while nourishing hair naturally, strengthening the roots & preventing spilts end.

Packaging: It comes in a thick light yellow plastic bottle and has a pump dispenser. The bottle cap is very tight. This makes the entire packaging hygenic & travel friendly. The images on the bottle are that of active ingredients in the oil. The bottle comes inside a cardboard box. Everything from ingredients to price and expiry is mentioned on the bottle as well the cardboard box. The pump dispenser packaging makes it easy for even small children to use it. A big thumbs up for this kinda packaging



Colour & Smell :
Its transparent green in colour & smells of rusmari oil. Some may find the smell strong. But its not over powering.

Price: 105rs for 100ml.

Best Before- 2years from mfg date.

My Experience- I have been using this oil for a month now and find it good for my dry hair. It does not makes my scalp oily, greasy or sticky. It gets thoroughly absorbed into the hair leaving it shiny & soft. On using it regularly i did find a reduction in my dandruff. Early i use to have small white thing all over my hair which made my scalp itchy. After using this oil the condition has improved. I am not saying my hair is dandruff free but yes as compared to before i notice less dandruff. This is because the oil doesn’t makes my hair sticky & hence it attracts less dirt.

Final Words- Its a good hair oil for daily use & can be used by both men & women. Even if you dont have dandruff you can use this oil. Its affordable and easily available on Moha website. The best thing is its chemical free. I totally recommend this product.

My Personal Rating- 5/5

Find Moha online :
Check out their websiteHERE

Facebook: Facebook page

For any kind of collaborations you can email me at

Food & Beverages

Paper boat drinks: A se Anar flavour review

Hello Readers, hope you all are doing good. Today i bring you my first food blog post in collaboration with Paper Boat Drinks. We all are familiar with paper boat drinks. And they are easily available at almost all grocery stores. Neeraj kakkar, James nutall, Suhas Misra & Neeraj Biyani are the four people behind paper boat drinks. Paper boat drinks are available in 11 flavours Anar, chilled rasam, ginger, lemon tea, tulsi tea, aamras, jaljeera, kokum, jamun, aam paana, golgappe.
A few weeks ago i received Paper Boat Drink in Anar flavour for reviewing it on my blog. I got the drinks neatly packed in a cute pink tin box filled with hay. How i love this cute pink box. Girls and pink things know 😛 Here have a look at the box of drinks & memories 🙂


You can see from the pic above there are pictures printed on the top of the box which reminds me of my childhood days.
A half – moon button from my school uniform, An earring that misses it twin, My first tooth to fall, Ma’s photo when she was 10, A butterfly’s wing, A marble that almost ran away, The stub of my lucky pencil, Stamps from yesterday. In a box, I saved My riches, bit by precious bit.
I totally love the idea behind this packaging. Aptly named Paperboat – drinks & memories. Which means these are not just drinks but also which brings back the memories of childhood days☺


Pomegranate. Loved by all. Misspelled by all. Precious rubies of respite on a hot day. Powerhouse of nutrients. Ma’s best friend. And your white shirts’ worst enemy. Originally from Iran, this princely fruit descended the Silk Route to our short break’s tiffin dabbas. And today, its nectar has been painstakingly collected and presented to you without fuss, frills, pollutants or preservatives.
It would be disservice to call it a mere drink. Anar, is elixir.

Whats Inside the Anar Juice?
Pomegranate juice, A little bit of sugar, A little bit of Water, Ginger powder, Pepper Black powder & Black Salt and Natural & Nature identical flavouring substances.
No preservatives & No Added Colours …Just the Good Old Goodness.

Packaging: The drink comes inside a tetra white and red pack with a screw cap. Which means you can sip a lil and the rest you can store it. No need of finishing the drink in one go. Also no need of using a straw. You can sip on the drink just like you drink water from a bottle. Its a travel friendly packaging.


Priced at 35 rs for 250ml.
Best Before four months from mfg date.
My Experience: After shaking the pouch well i tasted the drink & it tasted exactly like the pomegranate fruit. What i mean to say is that the taste was nothing artificial. The taste was perfect and the drink was refreshing. After having a sip i just felt like finishing the entire pouch in one go. The colour of the juice is deep dark red. Forgot to take a picture of the drink in hurry to drink it.😜 The best thing about this drink is that its not harmful like other drinks such as pepsi & coke. You can have it Kahin bhi & kabhi bhi. Also if you are too Lazy to make juice at home  just store this paper boat drinks in your fridge.

Everything about the paper boat drinks is amazing right from price to packaging to taste.

Rating: 5/5

Find PaperBoat Drinks online at:

Twitter Handle: @paperboatdrinks

Hope you enjoyed reading my very first food blog post. I will be coming up with many more food reviews. Stay tuned for it.


Sara Herbals – Radiance D-Tan facewash Review

Recently i came across a new brand Sara Herbals through one of the contests held by them on instagram & also got a chance to win a product from their range. If you are not familiar with the brand Sara Herbals then let me tell you a little about the brand.
Sara Herbals provide a wide range of D-Tan & skin brightening products derived from purest natural sources. Sara believes in the mother nature, which knows the best when it comes to skincare, it is been formulated with natural extracts and skin brightening ingredients that nature has to offer. The formulations used in Sara helps in delivering the real benefits to the beauticians and retailers who are looking quality at a reasonable price. Their tagline is “Get #salonlikeglow at home”.

Ok so the product that i won from Sara Herbals is Radiance D-tan face wash for all skin types and today i am going to present my views on it.



It comes inside a red colour squeeze tube with a flipcap.

Directions of use & Ingredients:


Price: 195rs for 100g
Colour/ texture/consistencey:
Its transparent gel like. Its consistency is very runny.



My experience:
At first i thought that the facewash would be red in colour just like the packaging & i was kinda over excited to use it. But its a transparent gel like. I took a peanut size amount of facewash on my palm  & gently massaged in circular motions on my face for 1-2 minutes. It creates medium lather(see above pic). After washing my face i felt a little dryness on my face. My skin is dry in winters & this facewash made it more dry.  But when my sister who has combination skin, used it she did not experience any dryness. What i feel is this facewash would be perfect for normal to oily skin. And also during summer season when we mostly have oily skin and tan.  It does cleanse the skin well leaving it clean & fresh looking. However regarding even skin tone i cant comment as of now. For that a product needs to be used daily for a longer period. No product is going to give you even skin tone or the desired results overnight.
I have read many good reviews regarding this product so i aint going to say this product is bad. Its just that it did not suit my skin. Oily skin types people can give it a try. May be i will try using this product during summers and see if it does any magic on my skin 🙂

Ok and one more important thing which i want to mention is There are many products labelled as organic, natural , herbal and are yet ladened with sulphates. This particular facewash contains SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). We all know sls is a very common chemical and is used widely throughout the cosmetic industry. As far as possible one must avoid products containing sls n parabens. You can read the entire thing about SLS on this link

Final Thoughts: Overall a good facewash. However it May not suit dry skin type & it contains SLS.

Find Sara Herbals here—>
Website –
Instagram- @saraherbals_india

Have you used this or any other product from sara herbals then share your experience by commenting below. I would love to know.