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Red Rose Orange Peel Powder Review & DIY orange facepack

Hello Readers

Making your own facepack is so much fun and good to use on your skin. You know what you are going to feed your skin with. No matter what imported facepack you are using but the feeling of using a homemade one is entirely different. A natural one free from all that nasty stuff!

We use ingredients like multani mitti, neem powder, tulsi powder, etc to make facepacks. But many a times we find it difficult to make such powder at home. Well you need not worry as RED ROSE has got you covered. At red rose you will such powders which are 100% natural and also pocket friendly.

I recently got a orange peel powder from brand RED ROSE to make orange facepack. The orange peel powder from Red Rose is made from 100% Pure and Natural Dried orange peel. It has nothing added to it.

This 100gms pack is priced at 50rs.

Orange peel has anti bacterial properties which is great for oily skin. It also helps with marks and pigmentation and works as a skin lightening agent.

Orange Face Pack – This facepack is good for oily and acne prone skin.

I made my orange face pack using 3 ingredients – Orange peel powder from red rose brand, multani mitti also from red rose brand and lemon.

Mix 1tbsp multani mitti and 1tbsp orange peel powder. Add 3 4 drops of lemon to it. Add a little water ( you can also use rose water). Mix properly and your face pack is ready to be used. Apply and keep for 15 minutes then wash off gently with water.

I love using this. The orange peel powder from Red Rose brand is simply amazing. I can use it with so many different ingredients and make my own facepack. It feels very refreshing on the skin. I didn’t notice any irritation on my skin. Neither any major dryness. The results depends on what ingredients you are using in your facepack. I just dont like the packaging of the product. I wish it had come in some container and not in a sachet.

You can check about the brand and their products HERE

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Bornpretty Tinted Top Coat in shade Ultra volet Review

Hello Readers,

Today i am going to review a Top Coat from Born Pretty Store. Its a Tinted top coat from their Dreamy Heaven Series in shade Ultra Volet.

Born Pretty Dreamy Heaven Series Top Coat comes in 4 vivid hues red, orange, green and violet.

The violet one is the Ultra Volet Shade that i am reviewing.

The top coat comes in a small glass bottle with black cap.

Qty – 6ml

Price – $2.99 (on discount) / 194.81rs

Buy it from HERE

The texture of this top coat is similar to ordinary Top Coat.
It needs to apply separately at least 3 layers to show its color.
It is recommended to be used with sequins or color nail polish.
Can be also applied to do gradient effect and stamping nail art.

In the picture above i have applied a single coat. It gives a nice transparent violet colour even on a single coat. On days when you don’t feel like applying full on colour you can simply try these tinted top coats.

What do you think of this tinted top coat? Leave your comments below 🙂

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Book Review – Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia

Hello Readers,

I am back with a new post. This time its a book review. Last week Author Moshank Relia sent me a copy of his book ‘Adventures in Farland’ for a review. The book was released on October 19, 2017. The book is a children’s fiction. Apt for age group 6-10 years.

What the book is about- Its about a story of a 7 year old girl Mira Rawat who have heard stories about farland from her mother and one day gets invited to the farland to attend a New Moon party. But on her way she comes across Queen of witches whose intention is to destroy farland. Mira herself and with the help of people of farland defeats the Queen of witches and saves farland.

My Views – The book is written in a simple language, easy for children to understand. The story is quite engaging such that it holds your interest in the book till the very end. With imaginative, exciting & surprising elements at evey turn the book is extremely gripping. There are illustrations at some places in the book which i like the most. I wish there were more illustrations. You can even colour those illustrations. The coverpage of the book is also very well designed. This book makes for a perfect bed time story. I completed the book in one go and was left wanting for more. ☺️

Do i recommend this book? Yes, totally 🙂 

Price 150rs

Grab your copies to know how the Queen of witches intents to destroy farland and how Mira Rawat bravely saves the farland.☺️


Bekind Bodycare: Hibiscus Flower Raw & Dry ( for hair care) review

Hello Readers,

Recently i treated my hair with something new – Raw & Dry Hibiscus flower from BEKIND (to make my own hair oil).

This raw and dry hibiscus flower from BeKind Bodycare was sent to me by JasNaturals. Jas Naturals provide 100% Prime Natural and Vegan Cosmetics, Beauty Care, Bath Care, Hand Crafts and Snacks curated for the benefits of the customer and the nature in the best eco-friendly way possible.
About the product & how to prepare the hair oil: 

Price: 58rs for 20gms

Best Before: Mentioned on the pack is just expiry date ie 30/4/2017. Date of packing is not mentioned. I got this product in mid march.

The product is dry hibiscus flower and it looks like this. It has smell that of dried leaves.

Some Benefits of Hibiscus flower for hair: 

  • Boosts hair growth
  • Rich in vitamin C that boosts collagen 
  • Anti dandruff
  • Does away with itchiness
  • Prevents premature greying
  • Has cleansing and moisturising properties

My Experience: I have come across a number of products that are enriched with hibiscus but always hesitated to use them. Since many products are laddened with chemicals. So when JasNaturals sent me this Raw & Dry hibiscus flowers for #doityourself hair oil, i was very excited to use it. I prepared the oil as directed and applied it at night twice a week. After using it for almost 3 weeks i find my hair healthier and bouncy. Also it does helps with the dandruff too. You may not notice the results in a single use. But using repeatedly will definitely give you good results. It is also said to be effective for hair loss. But i cant comment on the hairfall thing as i dont have hairfall issues. All i can say is it does makes my hair look healthier and does away with dandruff.

A good product overall and the best way to treat your hair with hibiscus.

The product is

  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy on pocket
  • Free from chemicals

Do give it a try. You are definately going to love it 🙂 

FASHION : Dignified Statement Long Necklace

When it comes to bold and big necklaces i am a big sucker for it and BLINGLANE has always been my favourite destination to shop for such pieces. Thats because Blinglane accessories are Unique, High Quality, Long Lasting, Affordable, Classy , Luxurious and words are just not enough to describe blinglane accessories.
A week ago Blinglane sent me this Dignified Statement Long Necklace.

As always blinglane won my heart and i was very happy with the necklace. I love the unique style of this neckpiece. Though big, the necklace is not heavy at all. Its light in weight and therefore can be carried with ease. Pairing it up with your casual outfit will spice up the entire look and its definitely going to make you noticeable. You can also pair this up with your One Piece dresses. One neckpiece goes with all your outfits how cool is that.I also love the colour of this neckpiece which goes well with outfit of any colour. Also the pendant of the necklace is detachable. You can use the pendant with any other chain of your choice. This also makes the storage of neckpiece easy.

Blinglane surely knows how to make bold pieces with simplicity.

This is also one reason why i love their accessories to the core….Simple yet stylish and you will never feel like you have wasted your money on a particular accessory just to match it on a particular outfit. Because their pieces are wearable with any kind of outfit. ♥

If you are also into big bold necklaces then you should get your hands on this.
You can buy the necklace from HERE 

Here i have styled this neckpiece with a casual outfit – A green top from AND and black jeans. I love how the neckpiece spices up the entire look. 

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Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Review & Swatches

Hey Sassy Ladies, Today i am going to do a quick review of lip moisturizers from ISLAND KISS . Winter or not lip care products are a must.There’s not a day when i dont apply a lip moisturizer. Its a must for me and i am sure for you too. Lips being the ‘center of attraction’ of your face its very important that you keep them moisturised. Nobody likes dry &  chapped lips. Also… Having a lip balm is not enough but having a good lip balm that instantly moisturizes your lips is a must.

Well let me tell you that Island Kiss is an indian brand that had already launched back in 2015 with 3 variants of Lip Moisturizers. I have reviewed them on my blog. You can read it HERE

Recently Island kiss launched 2 new variants of lip moisturizers – 1) Black Rose & Grenade Rouge. 2) Flamingo Pink & Peonies. 

The lip moisturizer comes in a tube with a screw cap and has a slant applicator which enables easy application. The tube comes inside a cardboard box. The packaging looks so Inviting and Sexy such that it will tempt you to buy it. And just like the packaging the names of the lip moisturizers are pretty alluring.

The Lip Moisturizers are

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Pure
  • Organic
  • Cruelty free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Petroleum Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Safe
  • Provides Sun Protection

Price – 499Rs (Price is same for both the variants)

Size – 14gms

Best Before – 36 months 

Ingredients – 

  • Tropical kokum
  • Avocado & Mango Butter
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Stevia
  • Organic carrot seed oil
  • Pure castor oil
  • Rich vitamin E oil
  • Macadama nut oil
  • Black rose essential rose (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Pomegranate seed oil (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Citrus essential oil ( Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Peony Essential oil  (Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Natural Organic colour

The Black Rose & Grenade Rouge  gives a nice pinkish red  tint and smells purely of rose. I love the smell since its soothing & not strong but also stays on for a longer time.

The Flamingo Pink & Peonies gives a baby pink tint making your lips look like they are naturally pink. I can’t really make out what it smells like but the smell is good for sure. Not strong but soothing. Since it contains Peony essential oil i guess the smell must be of that. 

My Experience – The Lip Moisturizers glides easily on the lips and gives them an instant shot of hydration making lips super soft.Its smooth on the lips and not sticky at all. I love touching my lips again and again because they appear that soft. It keeps my lips hydrated for a good 4-5 hours without drinking or eating anything. I love how it instantly revives badly chapped lips…..Also that it contains natural ingredients that are good enough to eat 😁The smell is also soothing and not strong. The way it feels on my lips i feel like applying it often.

Rating 5/5

I totally recommend these Lip Moisturizers from Island Kiss ♥

Discount Alert – Island kiss is launching on Amazon and Theres a 50% off on Island Kiss Lip Moisturizers from 3rd to 10thfeb only on Amazon. So this is a pretty good chance to grab your Island Kiss at half the original price. Dont miss it out girls. Its a once in a lifetime offer. ☺

Find Island kiss on –

Instagram – @myislandkiss

Facebook – Island Kiss

Twitter –  myislandkiss



Making A Statement

Hello Readers,

Wishing you all a very happy and bright new year 2017 🙂

Its the new year already so i thought of starting off with something  BOLD. This new year let us all be bold and fearless. Let us all be brave. Let us stand out from the crowd.

Be Bold & Beautiful 🙂

This post is all about Bold Gold Statement Necklace from 

Recently i got this bold gold necklace from Blinglane. As always i got the necklace neatly packed in a white box filled with thermocol balls. But this time the box had a red ribbon tied on it.It was like a Christmas present and i was so happy. 

Regarding the necklace i have no words. As soon as i opened the box and took out the necklace all i could say was ‘omg waaaaaaaoooo’. Blinglane pieces never disappoint me 🙂

I have always had a thing for big statement necklaces. This bold gold statement necklace from blinglane is the perfect piece to glam up any basic look in a flash. It looks so classy and every bit of luxurious. When you look at the necklace it appears bold & daring but its light in weight and not heavy which makes it comfortable to wear. This is a simple but unique piece that will take your look from plain to note worthy. Statement necklace like this one goes well with any kind of outfit. You just need to make sure your outfit is simple. This will let the necklace make a statement. I have paired this necklace with a plain Blue Dress from Femella. 

Details about the  Necklace 

  • Yellow Gold Plated
  • Metal – Copper
  • Closure – Lobster lock
  • Size – 22″- 24″
  • Adjustable length
  • Non allergic nickel free
  • Price – 754rs 

Buy the necklace HERE

Thats all 🙂 You can leave your suggestions and queries below 🙂 


Fix Derma Teenilicious shampoo & conditioner Review

Hello Readers, Today i am going to talk about a hair care product which is specially formulated for the teenage hair. Its a shampoo and conditioner from an Indian brand Fix Derma Teenilicious. Before heading further with the review let me tell you a bit about the brand as this the first time i am reviewing something from this brand 🙂

About the Brand: Fix Derma Teenilicious is founded by shaily Mehrotra. Fixderma India Pvt Ltd was formed in 2006 to serve the newly emerging skin care market of India. The company focuses on manufacturing, marketing and promoting innovative
dermatology products in India and exports to over 20 countries across the globe, this number would reach around 30 by 2017. Fixderma has made a mark by making quality and result oriented products that has brought a clear difference in the skin care range present in the market. Fixderma manufactures its products in line with pharmaceutical standards and are tested for quality resulting in the high-performance creams and lotions. You can check out more about the brand HERE

So last week i received the Teenilicious Joyful Jasmine shampoo and conditioner from the brand. Here have a look.


I absolutely love the pretty and girly packaging of the products with all that floral design on the bottle/tube. They look imported and eye catching. The shampoo bottle comes with a pump dispenser cap and the conditioner comes with a flip cap. All information ( Ingredient, price, expiry) has been mentioned on the bottle/tube.

Fix Derma Teenilicious Joyful Jasmine Shampoo:


What the brand says: Fixderma Teenilicious Shampoo Gently cleanses and hydrates your dry & damaged hair. Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo with Jasmine flower extract is enriched with organic coconut milk while pro vitamin B5 repair and strengthen your hair. Exotic fragrance is like an escape to the tropics.


Price : 325rs for 200ml

Fix derma Teenilicious Joyful jasmine Conditioner:


What the brand says: FixdermaTeenilicious Conditioner provides natural vitamins & antioxidants while renewing your hair’s cell structure, sealing in shine, and creating lush softness. A precious blend of Jasmine flower extract, organic coconut milk & pro vitamin B5  instantly penetrates the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening the hair. It protects from styling heat and UV damage while creating soft, seductive, silky perfection.


Price: 310rs for 150ml

My Experience: As soon as i opened the bottle i was welcomed to a smell of jasmine.The smell is not overpowering. I diluted a little qty of shampoo in water and applied to my hair. This is how i usually use my shampoo.  What i noticed is that i need large qty of shampoo to create more lather for that perfect cleaning of my hair. A little amount wont be enough especially if you have long hair. After washing, my hair did feel a little dry and therefore i used the conditioner. After using the conditioner my hair felt soft and wavy. So if you are just using the shampoo your hair may feel a little dry. My hair type is dry so may be thats why. Overall the shampoo and conditioner both are good. It cleanse the hair well and leaves it smelling awesome.They look lovely on my bathroom shelf & So eye- catchy that anybody will be tempted to use it. I always feel very lazy to wash my hair but after keeping these products on my bathroom shelf i feel like washing my  hair every now and then. I completely enjoy using these products. They can also make for a lovely gift hamper for your friend or sister.

Check out their website HERE for more of such cute pretty products.

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Duft Refreshing Wet Wipes Review

We all are aware of wet wipes. They are a common things now-a-days. They are used not just on the face but for many other purposes such as household cleaning, at workplace, personal care, even while travelling these wet wipes come handy. Earlier they were just a summer need but now they are used in day to day life.Yes there are many companies out there selling wet wipes but what matters is the quality. Today i am reviewing one such wet wipes.

Recently i came across wet wipes of an  Indian Brand called DUFT. Duft has 2Variants in wet wipes –
Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Cucumber

Duft- Aloevera & Cucumber wet wipes review

About: Cucumber which keeps the skin cool and refreshing. It helps remove dirt and impurities from the face and neck. Cucumber nourishes the skin from deep pores and leaves the skin breathing and gives a freshening feel.

Size: 200mm × 150mm
Price: 75rs for 25wipes
Best Before: 2years from mfg date
Material: Spun Lace Non Woven fabric

How did i find it? Used it on my face and found it pretty good. It doesn’t irritates my skin nor does it dries out my skin. Neither did it make my skin oily. No iritation nothing. It gently cleans the skin. Since these are alcohol free and paraben free it wont harm your skin. It has a nice scented smell which some of you might find strong. I also used this to clean my desk and it cleans pretty well. The packaging is good too since its resealable. You can easily carry this in your bag.

Rejuvenating Aqua Facial Wet Wipes

Duft: Aqua Facial Wet Wipes review

About: This one is loaded with Vit E which is the key ingredient for soft and smooth and glowing skin. It helps remove dirt and impurities from the face and neck. Vitamin E clears the skin and leaves it smooth, subtle and free flowing.

Size: 200mm × 150mm
Price: 75rs for 25wipes
Best Before: 2years from mfg date
Material: Spun Lace Non Woven fabric

My experience: Just like the Aloevera and cucumber this one is also gentle on the skin. I also used it to wipe out my makeup and it did the job well. This one is less scented as compared to aloevera & cucumber. For those who dont like strong scents should go for this. I also used this to clean my desk and it cleans easily. I dont have to struggle with it. The packaging is good too since its resealable. You can easily carry this in your bag.

✔ Alcohol free
✔ Paraben free
✔ Gentle on skin
✔ Resealable Pack
✔ Decently priced
✔ Multipurpose
✔ For all skin types (both variants)
✔ Mild scented (Aqua Variant)

Cons (not really a con for everyone)
❌I find the scent of Aloevera & Cucumber a bit overpowering. (Con only for those who dont like strong fragrance).
❌I wish they had packets of lesser wipes,say pack of 10 (for those who want to try at first) I only found pack of 25wipes on their website.

PLEASE NOTE: These wet wipes are not for personal hygiene ( As stated on the pack)

PNP Rating: 4/5

Buy from HERE
Also Available at – Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Shopclues


Hope you find this review helpful and enjoyed reading it.

If you use wet wipes do let me know of which brand do you use. Comment below. I would love to read your commmets. ♥☺

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But First Coffee with Beanstalk and Leaves

It is said that give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Well in my case its Coffee or should i say But First Coffee….
Coffee in my hand
Sparkle in my eye
Smile on my face…. Yep i’m ready for the day…Bring it on.
Whether i am working, studying or just chilling coffee is my constant companion.

Recently i came across a coffee brand called Beanstalk and Leaves.

Beanstalk and Leaves Review

They have these 3 Variants of coffee Powder – Shotgun, Velvet dew & Smooth operator.
The coffee powder comes in a black resealable pouch. It is in powder form and has dark brown colour and smells really strong. These are filtered coffee. Different from the everyday ones. You need to have a coffee filter to prepare it. What really tempted me to try out these coffee is their names😁 Such cool names. No? The name shot gun literally reminded me of vodka shots lol. I think i am going crazy, i need my coffee right now 😁 Well this is what happens when i dont have my coffee 😜

Shot Gun Coffee Powder

Beanstalk and Leaves: Shot Gun Review

This one is aptly named Shot Gun. Because a single shot wakes you up with a bang & will help you to Get Shit Done. Like if you need that extra dose of kick in the butt then have shot gun. This one is Strong and Slightly bitter too. I would call it The energising Stuff. This is perfect for Morning’s when you like to have something strong ♥
Price : 335rs for 250g

Smooth Operator Coffee Powder


Just like its name this one is on the mild side.
When you just want to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee then make Smooth Operator your chilling partner :mrgreen:
Price: 295rs for 250g

Velvet Dew Coffee Powder


The taste of this one is like the everyday coffee you have at home. Its also on the mild side just like smooth operator.
Price: 355rs for 250g


I really enjoyed trying all the three variants and i just cant decide which one is my favourite. Each Variant has its own uniquness. ♥
If you are passionate about your coffee then you must try out these variants from Beanstalk and Leaves

Buy the coffee Powder from their website  HERE or you can even buy these from

Find Beanstalk & Leaves on facebook HERE

Did you ever think that maybe coffee is addicted to you ? 😁 Well let me know in the comments below what do you think 😜
Hope yoy enjoyed reading this post. Dont forget to share it with your coffee lover friends.