Cat Eye Effect Nails |Born Pretty Store – Dual ended magnetic nail stick & Cat eye gel polish review.

Hello Readers,

Have you heard about the cat eye effect nails using a magnetic stick? Well months ago i had seen it on YouTube channel of few nailart bloggers. I found it kinda interesting and decided to try it myself.

So first of all for Cat Eye Effect you need a base coat, magnetic nail stick, cat eye gel polish, black nail polish.

Since BORN PRETTY STORE has all kinds of nail art items i headed over to their website and got hold of Magnetic dual ended nail stick and Cat eye gel polish .

Born Pretty Store Dual Ended Magnetic Nail Stick – The Magnetic stick is 9.8cms long. It has magnet on both the ends. It can be used with any magnetic nail polish and gel polish.

Dual ended Magnetic Stick CHECK HERE on their website.
BORN PRETTY Chameleon Gel Nail Polish 3D Cat Eye Magnetic Gel Soak Off UV Gel Polish Nail Art – Shade 02

3D Chameleon Cat eye magnetic soak off gel polish CHECK HERE

So after i had these 2 items i began doing my cat eye nails.

Step 1- Apply a base coat. Let it dry.

Step 2- Apply Black nail paint. Let it dry.

Step 3- Apply Cat eye gel polish. Do not dry it.

Step 4- Put the Magnetic stick over the nail for 10 seconds. Do not touch the Magnetic stick on the nail. Just hold it extremely close to the nail. You will get the effect. ( you can hold the Magnetic stick in different angles to get different effects)

I totally enjoyed doing this and absolutely loving it. I wish i had long nails. Since it would have looked more beautiful on long nails.

So thats all for now 🙂

If you have any queries you can comment below and i will reply asap 🙂


BORNPRETTY Pearl Lustre series Nail Lacquer in shade ‘Lotus in Moonlight’ Review & Swatch

Hello Readers,

Today i am going to review a nailpaint from BornPretty store. Its the Pearl Lustre Series nailpaint in shade Lotus in Moonlight.

The shade name ‘Lotus in Moonlight’ is so apt for this nailpaint as it has pink undertones in it.

The nailpaint looks transparent on the nails and has a pink shine to it.

3 coats and the nailpaint still looks transparent on my nails.

This is after applying 3 coats. (please ignore the bad pic). The picture is without any filters and edit.

Even after applying 3 coats the nailpaint looked transparent. Honestly i didn’t like the shade. Also removing it was quite a task.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Rating – 2/5

BornPretty store has many more amazing nailpaints collections. You can check on their site HERE

ODIVA: Nail Enamel Remover Wipes Review

Hello Readers,

Few days back i had reviewed a Gel finish Nail paint from ODIVA and pretty much loved it. Today i am back with a review of yet another amazing product  also from ODIVA Its the Nail Enamel Remover wipes.

Removing nailpaints is quite a messy affair when you have to  grab the cotton ball and the nailpaint remover. As there are chances that the nailpaint remover might spill. Also removers containing acetone tend to dry out your nails. But with ODIVA nailpaint remover wipes you dont have to worry anymore. Why ?? Because ODIVA nail enamel remover wipes are easy to use , acetone free and can be used anywhere anytime 🙂 

What the brand claims?

Wipes away nail polish instantly, no mess, no spills ! On a flight, in a classroom, in the boardroom. Anytime Anywhere….Its nourishing. Vit E formula is gentle on nails, cuticles and skin. Acetone free. Lint free.

Packaging: The nailpaint remover wipe comes inside a white packet and the packets further comes enclosed in a black colour cardboard box. All information such as Ingredients, price, expiry, Direction of use has been mentioned on the cardboard box. The box contains 5 wipes. Each wipe is individually packed in a white packet. The wipe is like a small white cloth in rectangular shape. The wipes are folded into 2parts and slipped into white packet.

Here is a picture of a used wipe. The wipe is actully of white colour. You can see in the picture the size of the wipe.

The box of 5 wipes is priced at 65Rs.

Best Before 18months 

My Experience: I tore opened the White packet with my hand. You dont need a scissor, it can be easily torn with hand. What i noticed is that the wipe was not watery and did not leak. It is not like wet wipes. But it contains oil like thing. When i wiped out the nailpaint it leaves oil on the nails and doesnt makes the nails and areas around cuticles dry and the wipe did a pretty good job. It removes the nailpaint easily and you dont have to struggle with it. Though you might want to struggle a bit while removing glitter nailpaints since these wipes are free from acetone. Also while removing dark colours it wont stain your nails and skin around the nails. You might have noticed that when you use acetone removers they leave a white substance on your nails and make your nails dry and rough. ODIVA nail enamel remover wipes wont dry out your nails but it will leave your nails looking shiny and smooth. The best part of these wipes is that you can use it again n again. I used a wipe to remove nailpaint from both my hands and after i was done i folded the wipe and slipped it back into the white packet. Then after few days i used the same wipe again and it did pretty much the same job. It wont dry out so you can use one wipe like 6-7 times.

I would definitely recommend this product to all the ladies out there who love to pamper their nails often 🙂


  • Good Packaging
  • No leakage
  • Acetone free
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • No strong smell at all ( Unlike u find in other acetone nail polish removers)
  • Travel friendly
  • Doesn’t dry out nails
  • One wipe can be used 6-7 times


  • Some may find it a bit pricey
  • Available only on few online shopping sites

Rating 5/5

Buy from HERE

ODIVA – Gel Finish Nailpaint shade Cherry Pie Review 

Hello Everyone,

Introducing you all to a new brand ODIVA. Many of you might not be aware of this brand.ODIVA is an Indian brand & its range of cosmetics includes Nailpaints, Nailpolish remover wipes, After shave wipes. Odiva’s goal is to provide customers with outstanding personal service, while combining high quality and value. You can find ODIVA products on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Spencers retail. 

Last week i received a package from ODIVA which contained a Nailpaint, Nailpolish remover wipes & After shave wipes. 

Today i am reviewing a nailpaint from ODIVA in 001 cherry pie shade. 

Given my love for nailpaints i was very happy when ODIVA  sent me such a pretty red shade and i was kinda excited to try it. 

The nailpaint comes inside a cylindrical glass bottle with plastic black cap. Brand name, Price, mfg date, shade number, Volume has been mentioned on the bottle. The bottle further comes inside a white cardboard box. A good packaging indeed.

The Nail paint brush is long enough which enables easy and smooth application.

The texture of nailpaint is quite runny. Also as compared to other nailpaints the smell of the ODIVA nailpaint wasn’t too strong.

The nailpaint is free from any harmful ingredients.

Price: 300 rs for 11 ml

Best Before: 36 months from pkd.

My Experience: As i said given my love for nailpaints i couldn’t wait to try it. So as soon as i got the nailpaint i applied it. On applying the nailpaint gives a smooth shiny gel finish. The long brush makes the application easy and smooth. 2 coats are needed for that perfect finish.It gives the perfect cherry colour. Most of the Reds that i buy end up looking pinkish red types which i dont like. This is the perfect red nailpaint that i ever came across. I keep on touching and admiring my nails every now and then because they look that pretty. 

The nailpaint is such that even if you spread the nailpaint again and again with the brush it wont make the nailpaint sticky. Which happens in case of other normal nailpaints.Also I dont have to worry about my nailpaint getting messed up after applying because yes it dries off very quickly. The moment you start applying the nailpaint on your next nail the previous one dries off. Regarding the staying  power i say that it lasts upto a week after which it slowly starts chipping off. 

Rating-  4/5 

Overall the nailpaint is good. I dont find any such CONS except for the price. I find it a bit expensive. 

If you are looking for that perfect Red Nailpaint then this is the one. I bet you wont be disappointed. Go give a try to ODIVA 🙂 


Hello Pretty girls 🙂 Which nailpaint are you wearing on your nails today ? Well i am wearing a Angel pink shade from the brand MISS NAILS. All of my friends are having an intense politics debate and i am over here like ‘ ohhhh look at my new nail polish’ 😁 Plain nails makes me sad so i love doing my nails atleast once a week. Its said that a girl without beautiful nails is like a night without stars. So Keep calm and paint your Nails 😉
Miss Nails is an indian nailpaint brand based in delhi. Their products are available on sites like flipkart, amazon, & shopclues. Their own website is under construction. Their product ranges from 139 to 249. 
Recently i received two nailpaints in shadesTaxi Yellow & Angel Pink from MissNails.


The shades are indeed pretty. I have mixed feelings about these shades. The packaging is pretty awesome & classy. I love how the brand name is written in bold with shiny white beads like thing. The shade name is written at the bottom while net volume mentioned behind the bottle. The brush is fine too. It has a strong smell which i dont like.

Price -129rs for 16ml

My Experience
The name Angel Pink is so apt for this  pink shade. It reminds me of fairies in shiny pink dresses. It has got a little shine in it. While Taxi yellow is just like the plain yellow colour painted on the taxi. Both the nailpaints are 3 coaters. To get the perfect colour 3 coats are must. If you are applying just one/two coat your nails may be visible through it.  Angel pink shade is pretty good and makes my nails look cute. It gives a shiny smooth finish. I did not find any problem with the Angel Pink shade. However in case of taxi yellow shade while  doing 3 coats the nailpaint gets a lil sticky and messy if you are not very careful while applying. It wont give a smooth finish if you are doing it over & over. It takes a minute to dry out completely. I did mess my nails while applying the yellow colour and i had to re do my nails again. While re doing i first applied white nailpaint as a base and then applied Taxi yellow shade on it. This time i applied 2coats. I was not very happy with the taxi yellow shade. I found it  little sticky. The nailpaints stays on for a good 5 days without chipping off.

This is how the shade looks in sunlight
This is how the shade looks indoors without any filters


The first time when i applied the taxi yellow shade. It got sticky and messed up.⬆

This is how it looks in sunlight

When i applied the shade again using white nailpaint as the base.⬆

This is how the colour looks indoors without any filters

✔Good Packaging
✔Nice brush 
✔Decent price
✔lasts for 5 days without chipping

✖Does not gives full coverage in single coat
✖Strong Smell
✖Takes time to dry out completely
✖Might get a little sticky/messy

Find MissNails here⬇
Instagram – @missnailsforyou
Facebook – Miss Nails 
Twitter – @missnailsforyou

Stay Quirky Nailpaints Review

Hello Girls 🙋
Today’s blog post is all about nail paints. Its something that we all have been loving since childhood. Right? No matter how many shades you own, you always have an urge to buy another. I don’t need another nail paint said no women ever. 😁

I just came across this indian nail paint brand called Stay Quirky. They have a shade for every mood. Wide range of shades available at reasonable rates. Their price range starts from 80rs. In the world that is full of choices, ‘Stay Quirky’ gives you a world of choices to choose from. Literally! Gone are the days of not finding that particular colour that you really wanted and then having to make do with a similar colour. Buy Stay Quirky nail polish for all your moods. Go ahead, dazzle and sizzle by painting your nails with stay quirky nail laquer India with the shade that you can truly call ‘My Shade’. ☺

Last week i received two gorgeous nailpaints in shade mauve tbt 870 & Polish me sexy 886 from Stay Quirky.


The pinks and purple colour is shade mauve tbt 870…while the golden colour  is shade polish me sexy 886.

Packaging – The nailpaint comes in a see through glass bottle and has a screw cap in black colour. The brand name written on it. The shade number is written on the bottom. The brush is pretty small/thin which causes difficulty in applying.


Quantity & Price – 8ml for 110rs (both the nailpaints)

Availability –
Currently the nailpaints are available on
Buy them from here

My thoughts on these nail paints 🙂
The shade mauve tbt is a pretty pink colour which tries  to be purple. You can say a mixture of both pinks and the purple. This shade is a glittery shade and has a sand like texture. It has glitter particles in silver colour. If your nails are small then a single coat is enough to make your nails look pretty in pink 🙂 If you dont apply it properly the nailpaint might mess a bit. So be careful. Dont over do again & again. Apply single stroke. The nailpaint dries out easily within seconds. The nailcolour stays on for a good 6 days( without top coat) after which it slowly starts chipping off. Removing the nailpaint might be a task due to glitter. Also once you remove it you will find glitter particles sticking around your cuticles. You need to wash your hands properly to do away with glitter. At first i thought this shade wouldn’t suit my wheatish skin tone. But after applying it looked pretty, girly and eye catchy. ☺



The shade Polish Me Sexy is a golden colour. It gives a shiny metallic finish to the nails. Single coat doesnt gives full coverage to the nails. If you want the colour to look bold then double coat is must.  If you dont apply it properly the nailpaint might mess a bit. So be careful. Dont over do again & again. Apply single stroke. It dries out pretty fast. I am still on my 5th day with this nail colour on my nails without chipping.☺How cool is that.  It comes off easily with nail polish remover. If you dont like reds but still want to try bold colours then choose gold. 🙂



The above picture has been taken in sunlight. ⬆


This is how the colour looks indoors without sunlight and filter. ⬆

Overall Thoughts
I love the lasting power of these nailpaints, how fast they dry out and how reasonable they are 🙂

Also let me tell you that some shades look more than beautiful on long nails. My short nails just dont do full justice to these oh-so-pretty colours. :mrgreen:

Hope you like my review and find it helpful. If you have any question or suggestions please feel free to comment below 🙂

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