Peel Off Nail paint Review – Born Pretty Store

Recently i came across PEEL OFF nail paints on BORN PRETTY STORE website.

Peel Off as in you don’t need a nail paint remover to remove it. You can just peel them off. Sounds interesting. Right?

In PEEL OFF there are few series. Such as –

  • Glitter temptation series,
  • Green/Love Joy Series,
  • Pink/sweet bubble series,
  • Red series.

Each series has a number of nail paints. For eg – in red series there were 5-6 nail paint with different shades of red and so on.

I got 3 peel off nail paints from series – glitter, green and pink. It was really hard for me to choose the shades as all the shades were so amazing. Let’s see which shades i got.

The shades i got are-

  • Blooming Plum (glitter series),
  • Mistletoe (green/love joy series),
  • Ms Style (pink/sweet bubble series).

Check Glitter Series HERE

Check Green Series HERE

Check Pink Series HERE

The nail paints claims are-

  • Long Lasting (7-14 days)
  • Fast Drying (45 secs)
  • Good Shine
  • Odorless
  • Super Bright
  • Peel off

The Nail paints are priced at 177rs. (after discount). Price may change depending on offers on Born Pretty Store website.

Green /Love Joy series peel off nail paint in shade MISTLETOE – Its a dark green colour which looks really royal. Both the pictures are taken indoors. But the first picture is taken directly under sunlight.

Glitter temptation series peel off nail paint in shade BLOOMING PLUM– Its a silver colour with purple undertones to it. All three pictures are taken indoors. First two are taken directly under sunlight.

Pink / Sweet bubble gum series peel off nail paint in shade Ms STYLE – Its a nice peachy pink colour. All three pictures are taken indoors. The first two under direct sunlight.

My Experience – The nail paints indeed are long lasting. It stays on for more than 2 weeks without chipping. The colour and finishing is up to point. You just need one coat for that perfect colour. The applicator brush is excellent. Spreads easily on the big nails. The nail paint is non sticky and spreads like butter on your nails. To make the nail paint sound even better – its odorless. Oh and it dries super fast.

Now coming to the peel off part. Yes it does peels off. If you have short nails peeling off is easy and quick. If your nails are big then you have to struggle a bit with peeling. It doesn’t peels off entirely in one go. Also i noticed that when i applied base coat i wasn’t able to peel it off. Without base coat i was able to peel it. (Also depends on what quality/type base coat you using). These are personally my views.

Below is the video of peeling off.

If you have used peel off nail paints do share your experience with me in the comments below. I would love to know. Also in case of any queries you can comment below. I will reply asap.