Nature’s Destiny Pine Tar & Tea Tree Soap Review

Pine Tar and Tea Tea Soap sounds interesting. Right? While we all are familiar with tea tree oil…. Do you know what pine tar soap is and it’s benefits?

Pine tar is a sticky substance that results from burning the wood of pine trees. It has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties and is used to treat skin conditions such as itching, eczema…

This soap from Nature’s Destiny is handmade and natural.
The star ingredients in this soap are Pine Tar, tea tree essential oil, castor oil, shea butter, poongam oil with absolutely no nasties.

Priced at 130 rs for 130gms.
Available at

The bar is cream in colour & have aroma of tea tree oil. It lathers easily and cleanses the skin so well. Doesn’t dries out the skin excessively. I have back acne and i find this soap so good for it. The tea tree oil scent calms my mind and makes my bathing session so relaxing and refreshing.

Totally recommended.

If you have any questions or suggestions do comment below and i will reply asap.


Pavitra Bio Skincare Oil Review

Hello Readers,

I am back with a review and this time its a bio oil from brand PAVITRA.

About the brand – True to its name, pavitra aims to offer purest and best from mother nature to enhance overall well being. Most pavitra products have undergone long periods of research, trials and testings to ensure they are effective and fullfill the purpose.

Product Claims –

  • Rapid improvement in strech marks
  • Reduction in acne, blemishes itch or dry skin
  • Complete skincare routine for 24 hours
  • Natural, mild smelling oil
  • Natural colors derived from herbs
  • Non greasy

Packaging – The product comes in a plastic bottle with screw cap. It also has a stopper as well as pump dispenser. The bottle comes inside a cardboard box. All information has been mentioned both on the bottle and the box.

Ingredients / Directions of use –

Price – 425rs for 50ml

Best before 30 months from mfg date.

Texture/ Colour/ Smell – The oil is red in colour and has a faint oil smell. The oil is non greasy and gets absorbed easily into the skin.

I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and my current skin condition is dehydrated, acne prone and oily and so my views will be clearly based on that. I will clearly mention for what issues this oil has helped me. Read on to know my experience.

My Experience – I use it twice in a day (mostly at night)…. Thank god its non greasy, light weight and fast absorbing 🙂

The skin around my lips and chin is dry and due to this i get black patches there or you can say my skin turns black. I am applying this oil on that area daily at night and i have noticed a slight improvement. The black patch / mark has slightly reduced. And i love how my skin feels there when i wake up. So yes it does helps me with dehydrated skin and that black mark. And i can say its extremely moisturizing. So if you have dry skin go for it.

I also have black spots on my hands. I apply the oil on my hands after bath and no i will not say that it has deleted the spots but…but yes the spots are visibly reducing. Also, my hands don’t feel sticky or greasy what so ever. So i love using it after bath.

I also like to use it on my cuticles and love how immaculate my cuticles look.

I also have acne marks and i am applying it there too but haven’t seen any improvements there till now. I think may be after using it for a longer period i will get some result. So i will keep you guys posted on that for sure.

Honestly i cant comment on the stretch mark thing… all i can say is since it improves skin elasticity it will help to prevent the occurrence of new stretch marks 🙂

I personally feel it does helps to heal scars/mark if they are new.

In my case it helped me with dry skin and that black mark around my lip area is reducing slowly 🙂 I also didn’t notice any irritations.

Overall i think its a good product. It is suitable for all skin types. It also contains moroccan argan oil and sea buckthorn oil.

I am loving this product for a few more reasons….. No mineral oil, no animal testing, paraben free 🙂

If you are interested in buying this product here is a discount for you guys. Buy from HERE to get discount of 10%. Use code EKTA10. – Beauty Friends Potato Essence Mask & Luke Hyaluron Essence Mask Review

Hello Readers,

I know i have been MIA from the blog for quite some time now thats because i wasn’t keeping well. Now i am feeling a little better and its good to be back in action.I have a lot of posts pending so expect back to back blog posts from me. 

So after being back in action the first thing that i decided to review is sheet masks from I tried out 2 sheet masks, both from different brands. One from Luke and the other from Beauty FriendsII. 

Beauty Friends II potato essence mask- I decided to try the potato mask first since i wasnt familiar with the other one. This potato mask is from brand Beauty Friends II. Just so that you now there are 22 types of masks from Beauty friends. One of then being Potato Essence Mask.

This Potato Essence mask contains potato extracts that helps the skin absorb nutrients which in turn helps to deeply moisture the skin. It helps to repair damanged and rough skin. Also helps in getting rid of dark and puffy areas. 

My Experience: The pack contains a single sheet.Unlike other sheet masks that i have used this one wasn’t overloaded with essence. I applied on the face and kept it on for 15mintues. I did not notice and irritation while the mask sat on my face. After 15 minutes i decided to take off the mask. After taking off i massaged the excess essence into my face. You dont need to wash the dace after removing the mask. That’s the best part of these sheet masks. My skin felt softer and highly moisturised. My face was looking so fresh and bright. It helped me get rid of dullness. This sheet mask has now become one of my favourite. Apart from this  aloe soothing mask from Four seasons and Moisturising cucumber pack from purederm are my extreme favourite. 

You can buy this Potato Essence mask from HERE Trust me you are going to love this one. 

Luke Hyaluron Essence Mask- The next sheet mask that i tried is hyaluron essence mask from Luke. Honestly i had no idea what i was putting on my face. I dont know what hyaluron means. So before using i decided to google the same and what i read is that its a hyaluronic acid which is used as a ingredient in many facial creams. That it has great restoration properties & can boost skin’s moisture content. It also helps in lubricating skin layers making skin smoother and softer. 

 My Experience – As usual i cleaned my face and applied the mask. Did not feel any irritation. After 15minutes i removed the mask and massaged excess essence into my face. It refreshes the skin and improves its elasticity. It gives an Instant shot of moisturisation to my skin. At first i was a bit hesitant to use it but after using i simply like it. Though i am not going to try this again. You can buy and know more about the mask HERE

So thats all for now. If you ask me which mask you should go for i would definitely recommend the potato one. Mini Haul & Review: Cucumber pack, Eye patch, Nose strip

If you are a regular reader on my blog than you might know i had written a blog post on Skin18 before wherein i had reviewed Sheet Masks. If you haven’t checked it you can still read it HERE.  That post also contains introduction to Skin18 in case you dont know about skin18. In short Skin18 is a Korean Skincare website based in hongkong.

A few weeks back i received 6-7 face masks from skin18. In this post i am reviewing only half of those. Its the Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber pack, Luke hydrogel Eye patch and Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose cleansing strip.


Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack (Wash off mask)


The main ingredients in the cucumber pack are Collagen, olive oil, vitamin E, Cucumber extract. The cucumber extract helps in moisturising the skin and making it healthy. Olive oil present in it helps in skin brightening and softening.   The Cucumber mask is in a gel form which is transparent and smells of cucumber.
Packaging : The wash off cucumber mask comes in a mint green colour pouch. The pouch contains all information regarding Ingredients, Directions of use, Best Before etc. You can easily carry this while travelling.
My Experience : I opened the pouch and squeezed it a little to remove the gel and applied it with my fingers on my face. A little quantity was sufficient for the entire face. I applied and kept in on for 10-15minutes and then washed off with warm water. After patting my face dry i noticed that my skin was soft. I did not feel any dryness and the need to use a moisturizer. It does softens my skin and makes it appear clean and bright. I love this mask which gives an instant shot of moisturization. The effect lasted upto a good 5-6 hours. This pouch contains gel which can be used 4-5 times.
Buy it HERE
Rating 5/5

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkle(Red):


This type of eye patch is suggested for those with obvious lines under eye. Often usage can fade out lines and wrinkles. The eyepatch contains extract of kelp and chamomile which has anti aging functions,The hydrogel has moisturising functions, and Q10 present in it helps increase elasticity of skin.

The pack contains 2patches, one for each eye. The patches are not resuseable. So this is a one time use.
My Mom’s Experience
I dont have wrinkles under my eyes so i asked my mom to try it. She placed the patches under her eyes for 20minutes. She felt a cooling sensation throughout. After removing the patches i asked her how she felt. She said that her skin feels tight and clean. Regarding the wrinkles cant comment as of now. Because for that the product needs to be used often.
Rating 4/5
Buy it HERE

Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip:


Luke nose cleansing strip adheres to dirt and sebum in the pores, removes impurities and lifts away blackheads on nose. The bright yellow colour pack contains 1strip for a one time use. Lemon Tea Tree is good for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin.
Ingredients include Vitamin E & Aloe Vera extract to soothe skin,licorice root ectract to relieve irritation and hamamelis Virginiana to tighten pores after cleansing.

My Experience
When i removed the strip from the pack i was welcomed to a not so good smell. It was very strong and honestly i didn’t like it. After applying on the nose i felt so uncomfortable because of the smell. I kept the strip on for 15-20minutes. After removing what i noticed is that it removes blackheads and leaves the skin clean and soft. After removing i noticed brown impurities on the strip. It does the job of cleaning the nose well. Would definitely recommend this product. Times when you dont feel like going to the salon this strip will come to your rescue. Also while travelling this product is great to carry for instant cleaning as you dont need to wash off your nose after use.
Rating 5/5
Buy it HERE

These 3products will always come to your rescue you when you want to attend a party/wedding but dont have time to hit the salon. ♥
So thats all readers. Hope you enjoyed reading the post and find it helpful. Do share this with your friends.

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Birthday Giveaway !!~

Yay its my birthday week and to celebrate i  thought of organising a giveaway for all my lovely readers and followers. So this time there will be one winner who will get a hamper from Soap Factory. Teddy bear and Strawberry cube soaps. Sounds exciting …Right ? These soaps are natural and handmade and smells amazing.


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Thats it. Giveaway starts now and ends on 10th october. Winners will be announced thereafter shortly. If you have any queries you can email me. GoodLuck everyone 🙂

Aster Luxury Soaps Review

Hello Readers, how you all are doing ? Enjoying the Navratras? (Do leave your comments below☺)
So todays post is all about Luxury Soaps From Aster Every once in a while we all feel like indulging ourselves in some sort of luxury. Be it in the form of travel, beauty or anything luxurious. But due to our tight working schedules we dont always find time to indulge in luxury. You dont always get that luxury ‘Me Time’ like going to a spa to get yourself pampered. But now you can turn your bath into a spa like experience at your home with the Luxury Soaps from Aster.
Aster have a vast range of premium quality soaps both in transparent & opaque form. To name a few they have lavender , coconut, aloevera, coffee, strawberry and the list is endless. They have something for every mood. 😁 Aster claims their soaps to be handmade, natural , paraben free, preservative free, no animal testing, no harsh chemicals. These luxury soaps are skin healthy, soothing and provide natural protection to the skin. Aster Soaps use natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, Castor Oil, Myristic Acid etc. Even their packaging is luxurious.

So i got two variants of Aster soaps here today – Coconut & Turmeric


Aster Luxury Coconut Soap


I never thought even a coconut soap can be luxurious untill i used this one. Many of us think that only variants like strawberry and lavender are luxurious. But no,thats not true. Spa’s mostly use coconut oil for their spa sessions, for it is an excellent healer and health booster.


This coconut bar from Aster is white in colour and comes wrapped inside a butter paper. It has the brand name Aster carved on it. It smells purely of ‘khopra’. This 125g bar costs Rs 200.


If you could tap on the image you can read all the ingredients of the soap.

My Experience: Even without opening the Soap box i could smell that khopra smell. And that smell made me irresistible to use the soap. The soap lathers easily and it creates a creamy lather and the emitting coconut aroma which is surely going to make you feel calm and relaxed. It nourishes and soothes my skin. I did not feel any major dryness on my skin. This soap is great to use when you are tired due to physical activity. The coconut bar makes my skin feel fresh and clean all day long.

Aster Luxury Turmeric Soap


Well here i am not going to say that turmeric will give you a luxurious feeling. But turmeric has a number of skin benefits. It helps in treating skin diseases as dangerous as skin cancer. Its also effective in treating acne, eczema, rashes etc.


The Turmeric Bar is Yellow in Colour and smells purely of haldi when you smell the bar. It contains same ingredients as the coconut soap except that it contains Turmeric Fragrance. This is 125g Bar priced at 200rs.

My Experience The soap lathers easily but honestly i dont like the smell of this one. I did not enjoy using this soap as much as i did using coconut soap. Though it cleans and nourishes skin i dont get that refreshing feeling. I guess its because of the smell.

No harsh chemicals
Soothes and nourishes the skin
Good packaging
No animal testing
Smells good ( cococnut variant)
Decently Priced
Perfect for gifting options too

Smell of the Turmeric soap is ok types ( This may not be a con for everyone)
Contains Propylene Glycol and cocoamido propyl betaine.

Rating: 4/5 for Coconut soap
3/5 for Turmeric soap

You can check out Aster Luxury Soaps HERE

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to comment below and i will reply asap 🙂

The Vanca- Inside the Peach

Can you guess from the title what i am talking about ? No? Well its a Jumpsuit in a nice peach colour from the brand TheVanca.
For me jumpsuits are love. You can just put them on and you are good to go. You dont have to worry about matching your top and bottoms. Jumpsuits make me look taller and defines my body so perfect. They are comfortable and easy to carry except when you have to run to the toilet. LOL
So last week i got a jumpsuit in peach colour from TheVanca. Here have a look


This gorgeous full length jumpsuit is crafted from polyester. It features a Dark blue shade half collar overlapped pattern. It has a long chain opening at the back. Its light in weight and though its polyester the quality of the material is good. Its comfortable and at the same time doesn’t compromises on the style quotient. Wear it for a brunch , a picnic  or weekend trips. Pair it with heels or even flats would work with this.
I love this jumpsuit. The pattern and the colour everything makes it altogether so stylish.
Here are a few pictures of me Inside the Peach






A closer look of the pattern. Just look at the half collar overlapped pattern. Looks so sexy. Isnt it 😀

Some shots from far ♥



Thats all ♥
Hope you like the Jumpsuit. You can shop this from HERE